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The Consequences of a Lead Migraine

He looked as his ticker, a bead of perspiration dripping from his brow, his bosom crushing 20 to the twelve. McNeill was scared as snake pit. It wasn? t his first mission for the LAPD SWAT squad, but it was perchance one of the most chilling. Set in a cramped house, with nil but darkness all around ( The LAPD Don? T? negociate? with terrorists, they said ) he crawled by another darkened room, his MP5 invariably raised in readying for a gunplay. The fact that he felt sick didn? T aid either, and McNeill tried to set it down as the grippe that had been traveling round the precinct.

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He checked his ticker once more. 3 proceedingss until the terrorists execute another surety.

? Damn? ? he muttered under his breath.

? Russian extremists, clump of saps. Why can? t they merely acquire JOBS! ? McNeill angrily thought to himself. Madly, he checked his ticker once more.

? Good, ? he thought? 30 seconds till rendezvous?

He rounded the corner and spotted the remainder of his squad. They were crouched around a locked door, with Agent Johanssen puting up fictile explosives on the door.

? Stand back, it? s gon na blow? Johanssen & # 8217 ; s voice crackled down the Comm system.

The soft hushing of the fuse got faster and faster, McNeill held his breath. Any 2nd now?

And so he felt a manus on his shoulder. McNeill turned his caput, merely to hear the door blow unfastened behind him. As he turned, he saw an baleful figure standing with a toothpick in between his dentition. The face, was? was about skull like?

? Morning boy, how? s you? ? Death said pleasantly

McNeill stood in silence. All sorts of random ideas rushed into his caput, but the first 1 was to run off. As he spun unit of ammunition to run, a little ruddy visible radiation centred on his caput. He looked up, merely to hear the chink and shut of the fire mechanism in the gun, and a silenced slug get awaying a barrel someplace in the room. He closed his eyes tightly shut?

A sudden esthesis of being caught in a blast of air current hit McNeill. He felt as though he was being thrust upward, toward the sky. He opened his eyes to see what was traveling on. He wished he hadn? T. Because were he was didn & # 8217 ; Ts make him excessively happy.

As he looked about, he realised he was in some sort of lift -a glass lift to be precise- and was hurtling towards the sky at 100s of stat mis per hr. He turned around to see Death tilting against the walls of the lift, cussing profanely under his breath at something or other. Death looked up, embarrassed.

Death began what appeared to be a address that had been said over and over until it rather literally bled from Death? s oral cavity.

? Behold ye, ye dead spirit. For thoust are dead. Thy hath been chosen by God to fall in him in his ground forcess of Eden. May thoust hold a good infinity? Death appeared to state this with such lackluster entreaty, that McNeill wondered if this was for existent.

? So in other words I? m? ? McNeill began

Death cut in,

? Yes. You snuffed it, you? re dead, you hit the large one, you caught the last cab, you? re forcing up the daisies, you? re siting the last train. You. Are. DEAD. ?

? Oh, and I think you owe me a new tooth pick. ? Death added.

McNeill slumped against the walls of the lift, trying to set these things in position in his encephalon.

? This? this is all so? so shortly? McNeill stuttered

? Ah good? hapless you. At least you didn? Ts have to crucify Jesus Christ. ? Death quipped sardonically.

The lift slowed to hold, and with a loud? Ding! ? it stopped. The doors opened, and hissed Star Trek manner.

They stepped out of the lift and onto a silver route. The skyline was dotted with clouds, and the air was fresh and alleviating. McNeill breathed a suspiration of alleviation ; being in a lift with Death wasn? t his ideal holiday. As he

began to believe of his ideal holiday, he felt a pat on his shoulder. Death pointed towards a bright visible radiation in the distance. Somewhere near the skyline, a big aureate arch reached out of the Ag route. Angels adorned the aureate pillars, and choirs American ginseng in the daiss at the underside.

McNeill turned and gazed at the Gatess. Awe-struck and staring excessively far up towards the Gatess, he fell level on his dorsum.

Death sighed.

? Since this is your first clip in Eden, I have to give you compulsory circuit of the curst topographic point. ?

He let the sentence dribble off as a he winced at the idea of God and? his Heaven? .

He continued,

? Since you haven? T reached famous person position, you don? t get to travel to the existent Pearly Gates? ?

With his arm outstretched, Death? s pointed to the left, towards a tacky plastic reproduction

? And even at that place, at the confab show hosts Gatess, no, non even at that place. ?

McNeill was get downing to inquire where he would really be remaining. He started to open his oral cavity to talk, when Death cut in once more.

? I know, I know, I can read your ideas and I know that you want to cognize where you are really remaining, yes? ?

McNeill nodded yieldingly.

? Well, ? Death trudged on, ? over to your right, yes, you see the little hole? ?

McNeill turned easy around, and stood caput on, confronting the hole.

? Yeah, so? ?

McNeill said this with a instead disquieted tone in his voice.

? Well, that would be the staircase to hell, ? Death said ominously, ? And the topographic point where most people who don? Ts have any existent societal position travel?

With the last sentence, a iciness in Death? s voice was evident.

? You see, Mr McNeill, we don? Ts like to joke much up here in Heaven, and when a occupation has to be done, it will acquire done? ?

Death was fast going a less humourous character, and the warm freshness that he seemed to hold about him disappeared. The bumbling sap that McNeill had met down at that LA flat was fast disappearing, and a cooling, cold and awful character was emerging.

In the distance, the downy white clouds dispersed and deafening black clouds rolled in. The air current started up, and the Angel? s retreated. McNeill was sudating whilst mumbling hurried supplications and expletives under his breath.

Death rose from the land, weaponries outstretched in a airs of sheer power. His face deforming to that of a lunatic. He began expressing loud expletives in a foreign linguistic communication.

McNeill sat quaking, fright pickings over his full organic structure. His head said? Run! ? but his organic structure refused. He was unmindful to what was traveling behind him?

He turned unit of ammunition, the hole goggling unfastened once more, but this clip a position of a infirmary ward, his childs and married woman weeping. He turned, jumped and ran.

McNeill shot bolt vertical. He looked about, perspiration pouring down his face. It took a short piece for his eyes to set, but when they eventually did, he realised that he was in a infirmary. Not any infirmary, but the 1 he saw through the black hole. He looked about, hiting glimpses at kiping patients. He looked at the infirmary clock ;

? 11pm, Damn, ? He thought to himself, ? sing hours will be long over. ?

? Man, what a unusual dream, I wonder what the snake pit truly happened. ? His caput was whirling and it hurt. He needed to acquire some more medicine or something, he thought.

A nurse stood turn uping bed sheets a few pess off ; her dorsum turned to McNeill. He decided to shout on her, but as to non wake the patients, he softly whispered? Excuse me? to the nurse.

The nurse turned unit of ammunition.

? Thought you could get away, did you? ?

The nurse? s face was replaced by the monstrous image of Death, his voice repeating throughout the infirmary ward.

Death began to express joy maniacally.

McNeill began to shout?



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