The road starts straight and narrow there is an anxious feeling twisting in your gut as you go on it, but being so small you dont realise what the feeling is yet. Premature. In danger. The wheels have slipped to close to the edge. It could all end before it has even begun. The car was so close to being no more as it goes down hill on the wrong side of the fence. The fight has only just started, the struggle to keep the car on the road. you know you need to fight the edge is swerved with such skill. eight out of nine lives still yet to be used.Going further you grow. Toddler. The leaves come tumbling down, dancing as they go, lightly falling hard. They don’t have enough time to cry on the ground as the wind comes along and picks them up, with a gentle light breeze as if it were nothing. The wind holds them in a warm embrace, placing then down with the caring touch it has like a parent with a child. Glancing out the car window to take in the surroundings you think. The little things the leaves do remind you of your younger self.As the road being to get a bit wider and seems more safe it makes you think more of when you where a child. As a child you think nothing will go wrong in your perfect life as you are young and naive like how when you start to go up the country road it seems fine, every is great and nothing could possibly go wrong as when you are a child there is very little to worry about. The thing you worry about most when young mean very little as you grow older. You give your parents more worries than you have worries yourself. You are made to feel safe, secure and loved. Your comfort blanket that you had when you were younger is still intact and is draped over the backseats of your car. your comfort on the easy growing road is then lost.You need to overcome the bumps, which is easier now in your than what is was as a child. Getting taught to ride a bike was such an excitement at the start, spending time with you parents as you have all the safety gear on that would protect you like they would too. You manage to build up enough confidence that you no longer need the stable support that is you parents and the protective pads. you come up to one of those burly bumps along the bike trail, unsure whether to speed up or to slow down. Adrenaline overcomes you, speeding up you lose balance toppling to the ground. Getting up with your own strength as your parents aren’t there to pick you up, you dust yourself down like how you dusted down that experience for so many years.Now with a car, which your parents also taught you how to use like the bike when you where four it is a lot easier to overcome some of those small petite size bumps. When as others you need the people around you to help overcome the struggles you would never of thought of as a child. The bumps can cause miniscule damage to your car – too many can cause a lot of work to be done.Bends become apparent, terrible twists in the road of life. A sudden change in the road is like the sudden change in the road of life, it is always when you least expect it nearly jolting you into pure ghostly pale shock.. Your safe security is then gone. Everything in life is going great and seems stable then your life comes crumbling down like an avalanche that blocks yourpath. You hit an age where everything seems to go wrong. Nothing looks the same the familiarity goes behind you as the miles go up. Your views on everything become narrow. You never know what to believe. With the wind making the leaves dance around, the pelting of rain coming from the clouds, which represent the same colour as the gritty tar under the wheel slips down the windows that once were easily see out of, it feels as the the world is against you. The way the leaves dance around remind you of those happier times in which you would dance around happily. Those days feel as though they are gone now.You go around one narrow bend and everything has changed the scenery is all different, but more joyful. it a nervous time now. changing on to a different road of moving out and going to a completely new faces with unrecognizable, unknown people. The nerves of going on to this new road soon vanish into the concrete under the tyre as it is now a familiar place begins to get better as the wheels turn, the worries from before have vanished. Neared the to top of the road gives you the sense of achievement that you have made it out alive. Once again that feeling of being on top of the world.


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