Experiences: High School and College I am looking forward to describing my most memorable high school and college experiences. I would really love for my teachers to appreciate me for all the hard work Vive done. For those people that didn’t know about my ambition and what It really meant to sacrifice, It meant a lot to my family. Vive gotten Involved In school activities, community service, and school events and a lot more.

I felt that once I radiated from school I would be able to get involved with continuing education even more. By graduating it helped me with my self-esteem, confidence, dependability, perseverance and to be super happy person. It is a proven fact college graduates that are more involved with their community activities, academics, and resources especially from counselors have a better chance at being successful in the future. After finishing high school and graduating, I made plans on attending a medical institute.

I attended Impedance institute for a year; to take up medical billing and coding and graduated with honors. After graduating from the Ultimate Medical Academy with an associates degree In medical records; I am planning to continue my education towards a bachelor’s degree program within the state of Florida. I am a retired Veteran and my mentor work at the Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center in West Palm Beach as director of medical records.

I was always looking for helpful information on upcoming job opportunities, events and things that will be going on throughout my days in high school and after graduating from college. I felt the distant learning enrollment program at MUM-online will make me a more successful medical records clerk after graduating. With or without a diploma or degree I will reach my dream because of my life’s experiences. My plans while at MUM-online are to do my internship at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in West Palm Beach. In Conclusion,

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