The Crucible Begins with all the towns people impeaching each other of being in commitment with the Satan. an action that society considers worthy of hanging. To salvage themselves from hanging. one could squeal to the charge and accuse others of larking with the Satan. or cone could hang to forbear from lying and go againsting one’s rules. When the tribunal prompts John to squeal. he pleads guilty to his ain “crime” . nevertheless when they ask him to describe others. he refuses. It is unknown at this point whether John believes it is right of incorrect to non squeal. nevertheless he publically announces that he will non impeach others because people “think to travel like saints. I like non to botch their names” ( Miller 130 ) . He thinks people. who plead guiltless and will non lie to salvage their lives. die like saints. Rebecca Nurse is charged for enchantress trade. John thinks that those like her will make what she will because even she will decease like a saint.

After John Proctor orally confesses to the charge. the tribunal asks him to subscribe a paper for cogent evidence. They tell him it is a necessity for it to be signed for his confession. in order to put an illustration for others non to cover with the Devil. However. ne’er has an accused individual been asked to subscribe a confession which will later go public for everyone to see. The tribunal explains to John to subscribe it already if he wishes to populate after dawn. John reacts crying there is a immense difference between the two and “what others say and what I sign to is non the same! ” ( Miller 132 ) . Procter sets with the idea that when one orally confesses. the effects wholly differ than when a signed confession is put up publically. When people talk about it. each will alter the narrative. because of hearing it otherwise. Proof will ever populate. while gossip dies. In add-on. because the narrative will maintain altering possibly if he chooses non to subscribe it. and that would be allowed. so his family’s repute would non be as discredited.


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