The Cuban Missile Crisis on October 14. 1962. marked one of the highpoints of the Kennedy disposal. The dirt caused widespread terror and outrage to the American people due to the environing environmental factors brought approximately by the cold war. It revolved around the edifice of Russian bases on Cuban dirt and the theatrical production of atomic arms from these said constructions. One such word picture of this event is the film Thirteen Days which is a most ample gold mine of organisational communications attractively recreated on the Ag screen.

The crisis is viewed from the eyes of one Kenny O’Donnell. a Particular Assistant to the President. who begs. swaps and steals the information he needs to maintain his friend and superior abreast of the volatile state of affairs while non selling out his ain moralss in the procedure. This movie depicts an first-class show of organisational communications in one of the most of import and influential societal groups during a clip of test and trial which brings out the best and worst in people.

Organizational communications stems from the fact that big companies need to organize expeditiously in order to accomplish the ends set out. For illustration. if a house with 10. 000 employees had to travel to the president for each of their issues with work. he or she would ne’er be able to make the undertakings set out on the establishment of the company. The president’s home base would ever be full and it would maintain stacking up with the new jobs which jumping up during operations. The key to work outing this job is deputation. The leader gets people he can swear to acquire the occupation done and specifies which fields to concentrate on. This paper will demo illustrations as based on the film Thirteen Days and will supply an illustration in today’s modern scene.

Communicationss can be defined as the meaningful interaction of people interchanging cognition. Good communications in concern is the flow of information from the lowest employee to the individual with the highest place in order to accomplish aims and frailty versa. The caput can turn to the company as a whole but non all the information from each worker goes directly to the top otherwise there would be an information overload.

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Information garnering techniques can be in the signifier of feedback or focused group treatments. The film showed this as a U2 undercover agent plane winging over Cuba taking reconnaissance exposures as portion of America’s regular monitoring of the part.

In the movie. when Russian projectiles are discovered in Cuba. the information is sent up the grapevine because it was deemed of import plenty. If the intelligence was about how the Russian premier curate drank his tea or whether he lights a cigar the proper manner. it would be filed under assorted information which would be pulled up merely when the demand arose. The CIA analysts forwarded the images and readings to their subdivision heads who make the determination whether the vaulting horse stops with them or non who so forwards it to the Director of the CIA who makes the call if it should be sent up the concatenation of bid. This signifies efficient leader-member exchanges.

To happen a solution. both cognitive and affectional struggles frequently come into drama. Cognitive strugglefocal points attending on premises that may underlie a peculiar issueand which are frequently ignored.1It was done by Adlai Stevenson. embassador to the United Nations. when he voiced an option to the president which all of them as advisers were believing but would non voice out since it would be political self-destruction. This type of struggle allows the determination shapers to weigh all their options before coming to a determination. Affectional struggle on the other manus trades with input which is damaging to the solution procedure. It lowers effectiveness with the input of misgiving and contention.

The joint heads of the military acted as such towards the president since he would non give permission to put to death the action they deemed to be the “only” option. Even when the generals knew that the commander-in-chief would ne’er hold with them. they tried to package him in by worsening the state of affairs. For illustration. they ordered a low degree intelligence garnering mission which would pull an armed response from the Russians. JFK could non impede them without a valid ground but he did work around them by acquiring in contact with the pilot who was winging the mission and inquiring him to non make anything or study cases which would coerce America to a atomic war.

The contradiction to this crisis was that the US stationed Jupiter missiles in Turkey near the Soviet boundary line. If this had non been done. they could hold prevented the quandary they were in. There was besides a batch of dickering traveling on from the president inquiring his advisers for other options to the ultimate solution which was the via media reached by both world powers to stop the intensifying struggle.

In my sentiment this film is a gold mine of organisational communications mention. It concretely depicts what to make and what non to make when determinations need to be made during “crunch time” . It might non qualify every scenario but with a small stretch of the imaginativeness. we can acquire and elaborate new thoughts which we can use in our day-to-day operations.

We can larn a batch from this film and use it to any organisation particularly an technology services house. As an illustration let’s use the solid waste disposal section and that the shit trucks did non come on clip. The work forces lading the trucks or the foreman even notices this and decides to kick it to upper direction since the whole timetable for the undertaking was delayed. Now the director has to make up one’s mind where to acquire the trucks. He or she could either. name another company so punish the contractors with the cost of engaging another house plus amendss and ne’er work with them once more or be indulgent with the house and merely subtract the punishment from what was supposed to be paid out for the use of the vehicles.

Advisers are called in to weigh options before a determination can be made. Now if the trucks were delayed within an allowable sum of clip. this information can be sent up the ladder depending on the foreman’s judgement. If it is still within his range of duty. he can give a warning to the hauling company that tardiness would non be tolerated or direct it to one of the manager’s advisers or his corresponding supervisor.

The concatenation of bid ideally should work this manner to accomplish ends but other factors come into drama. In some instances the information does non travel to the right individual or nil is being done. We may non hold the perfect construction for organisational communications but we can endeavor and larn from past mistakes in order to do determinations which the organisation can number every clip.


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