Everybody had their happy. sad. bad and even exciting clip. But as for me. the most scared clip of my life is when I got my PMR consequence. Before the PMR consequence came out. everybody maintain inquiring and texting me stating when is the twenty-four hours of the consequence. I keep stating them I don’t know. This inquiry ne’er ends about a month. A few hebdomads subsequently. there was an proclamation on the telecasting about the twenty-four hours of the PMR consequence. I was acquiring a small nervous when its say the twenty-four hours of the consequence is at the 22nd of December 2011 which is tomorrow. A few proceedingss after the proclamation. I was traveling to look into my message on the phone when all of a sudden one of my bestfriend called and inquire me look on the Facebook. I was so surprised because on the Facebook. all of my friends are speaking about the PMR consequence. On that dark. I had a bad dream that I fail my full topic. When I woke up the following forenoon. I felt sad and my face looks like I haven’t have adequate slumber at all. I take a bath so pray to Allah imploring. allow that be merely a dream. After I had my breakfast about 9. 30. my parent was ready to direct me to school. On the manner to school. I have a unusual felling that I felt like I want to throw up.

When we arrived. the school was crowded with pupils and their parents. My female parent said she will bring me subsequently after I get my consequence. Everyone was like bit the front place to progress to the instructor tabular array. It was a ferocious conflict and everyone supports strike harding each other. I was lucky. when Riha allow me in forepart of her because she was excessively nervous. It was a really long line. Finally it was my bend. the instructor inquire me to happen my certification foremost. But that alright at least I don’t have to cognize my consequence for another few more seconds. I was declaiming my alfatihah so many times right in forepart of my instructor. When the instructor handover my consequence. I take a deep breath and easy expression at expression at it. I was so relief that I pass the full topic even though I merely got one A.


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