Car gross revenues, near to 8 hundred thousands units a twelvemonth, are turning at an mean rate of 10 per cent while two-wheeled gross revenues at 5 million are expected to turn 14-15 per cent. In order to suit the big volume of vehicles, little metropoliss and towns must develop their substructure – roads, overpasss, auto Parkss and other installations. Otherwise their arterias are most likely to acquire clogged like they do in large and mini metros.A

One solution may be a multi-level auto parking system to maximize auto parking capacity by using perpendicular infinite, instead than spread out horizontally. Although at a nascent phase in India, it is one of the options to decongest roads and work out parking problems.A

However, with land in tubes and ‘A ‘ class metropoliss going scarce and dearer, and secret plans acquiring smaller, conventional parking is turn outing impracticable. Sometimes soil conditions rule out digging for multiple cellars, or multiple RCC parking slabs take entire edifice height beyond allowable bounds. Sometimes it is found that the incline or auto lifts eat up much parking country that no addition in parking capacity is possible. In such instance, mechanised auto parking systems make creative activity of excess parking capacity executable. So far three types of mechanized auto parking systems — mystifier, tower and mini — have been runing in India. In each of these, the auto is ever parked or retrieved at one degree merely, and the stationary vehicle is carried to different degrees in steel pallets.A

The figure of vehicles in tube is nearing one million grade. Mumbai has over 13 lakh vehicles, and up to 200 are added mundane. Suburbia Mall, Kalptaru Builders, and Evershine Builders in Mumbai are equipped with multi-level auto parking system. Even towns like Chittorgarh and Jaipur are interested in multi-level auto parking ( besides called elevated auto parking system ) .A

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The mystifier system is configurable and module capacity can change. For case, auto parking infinite meant for two autos can suit three autos. The optimal capacity of the tower type system is 50 meant for three. Fully automatic systems by and large cater to higher capacities per unit. Since conventional multi-level auto Parkss have a clear tallness of 9 ft. to 10 ft. above each degree, they can suit Small Utility Vehicles also.A

The mechanized system does non provide to these. It is possible to custom-make systems to suit SUVs, but it has non been done so far. “ Any nice capacity parking program constantly has land parking slots ( where no mechanised system can suit ) , and these normally suffice for the proportion of SUVs, ” says Rajeev Goel, CEO, Kinetic Escalator & A ; Elevator Ltd.

Depending on the type of system and order size, the mechanized parking systems installed by Kinetic cost from Rs 2 to 3.5 hundred thousands per auto. A semi-mechanised ( valet parking ) option is besides available per auto cost under one hundred thousand. Depending on the type, its constellation and place of the palette, it takes half to two-and-half proceedingss from the imperativeness of a button to an nearing auto to the drive manner degree to park a auto on it or drive away the auto parked on it.A

Parking charges depend on what the user is wiling to pay, and whether he has an option to park nearby without paying. A parking slot may be for good allotted/sold/leased to the built-up country buyer/lessee. Where an proprietor can bear down parking fees by the hr, the fee depends on demand and supply of parking infinite, non on the parking system. It can change from Rs 2 a twenty-four hours to Rs 25 an hour.A

Many province authoritiess and civic organic structures, and some Cardinal authorities sections are cognizant of these systems and are expected to give them push. Some civic organic structures have liberalised bylaws to enable builders to maximize parking capacity in their undertakings. Some civic organic structures have besides floated BoT or like stamps ask foring private investing in maximizing public parking capacity, harmonizing to Goel. “ The authorities should n’t let parking on roads, ”states Shree Gopal Kabra, President, Ram Ratna Group.A

Goel is rather confident that the demand for auto Parks is an built-in portion of a residential or commercial composite, instead than an independent commercial venture. However, it may take old ages before parking fees in India reach a degree at which the investing in these systems and their care cost can be recovered from parking fees entirely. Kabra says that a multi-level auto parking system will be a success in commercial layouts. One has to club towers with ad grosss or with some other options like commercial activities so that the gross keeps fluxing to the proprietors who implement auto parking systems.


Image of the interior of a multi-storey auto park

Motion of vehicles between floors can be effected by:

interior inclines – the most common type

exterior inclines – which may take the signifier of a round incline ( conversationally known as a ‘whirley-gig ‘ in America )

vehicle lifts – the least common

In locations where the auto park is built on inclining land, the auto park may be split-level.

Many auto Parkss are independent edifices that are dedicated entirely to that usage. The design loads for auto Parkss are frequently less than the office edifice they serve ( 50 Popular Struggle Front versus 80 Popular Struggle Front ) , taking to long floor spans of 55-60 pess that license autos to park in rows without back uping columns in between. The most common structural systems in the United States for these constructions are either prestressed concrete concrete dual tee floor systems or post-tensioned cast-in-place concrete floor systems. In recent times, auto Parkss built to function residential and some concern belongingss are built as portion of a larger edifice, and frequently are built underground as portion of the cellar.

Motorcycle parking inside a multi-storey auto park

Car Parkss which serve shopping Centres can sometimes be built next to the shopping Centre so as to consequence easier entree at each floor between stores and parking. One illustration is the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, which has two big auto Parkss attached to the edifice at the eastern and western terminals of the promenade. Another common place for auto Parkss within shopping Centres in the UK is on the roof, around the assorted public-service corporation systems, enabling clients to take lifts directly down into the Centre. Examples of such are The Oracle in Reading and Festival Place in Basingstoke.

Automated parking

Automatic multi-storey auto Parkss provide lower edifice cost per parking slot, as they typically require less edifice volume and less land country than a conventional installation with the same capacity. However, the cost of the mechanical equipment within the edifice that is needed to transport autos internally needs to be added to the lower edifice cost to find the entire costs. Other costs are normally lower excessively, for illustration there is no demand for an energy intensive air outing system, since autos are non driven indoors and human tellers or security forces may non be needed.

Automated auto Parkss rely on similar engineering that is used for mechanical handling and papers retrieval. The driver leaves the auto in an entryway faculty. It is so transported to a parking slot by a automaton streetcar. For the driver, the procedure of parking is reduced to go forthing the auto inside an entryway faculty.

At extremum periods a delay may be involved before come ining or go forthing. The delay is due to the fact that lading riders and baggage occurs at the entryway and issue location instead than at the parked stall. This burden blocks the entryway or issue from being available to others. Whether the retrieval of vehicles is faster in an automatic auto park or a ego park auto park depends on the layout and figure of issues.


The advantages of this can be seen instantly: there is no room to construct conventional multi-storey auto Parkss above land in the countries they are required, and under-street parking is really more cost effectual than other strategies on a per parking infinite footing. In add-on, an automatic system brings important nest eggs in technology because lifts, inclines, staircases, illuming and airing do non necessitate to be provided to the same extent. The building, nevertheless, besides means the transportation of cloaca, storm drains and H2O services from beneath the Centre of the route to conduits at the side of the roads.

Parking Procedure

Cars ( maximal dimension 5.25m long, 2.2m broad and 1.7m high ) must be driven to one of four having Stationss ( marked A to D ) , the entry to which is actuated by a control device which responds to a transponder bit held in the auto by the user.

On deriving entry the driver returns to correctly place / park the auto on a transportation incline and so locks and leaves the vehicle. A combination of optical maser scanners and light barriers will so analyze the auto for its placement and dimensions. The lift incline is so actuated and the auto is raised to its parking degree and stored ( autos are parked side by side ) .

“ In July 2007 the Wohr Multiparker 740 equipped garage was given the ADAC Award ( German Automobile Association ) for the best usage of infinite, security and dependability. ”

On returning, the driver comes to the same transportation station ( they may pay by recognition card at an machine-controlled paying station ) and the auto will be retrieved from its storage degree harmonizing to the transponder bit still held by the driver. The auto is retrieved on its transportation palette and the driver merely drives off through automated issue Gatess. The palette has a lighting system which illuminates the country for two proceedingss while the driver gets into the auto.

Customer aid is available via an intercom system 24 hours per twenty-four hours in instance of dislocations or unanticipated jobs. If a auto is non retrieved for its proprietor within two hours so the proprietor receives compensation from the parking operator.

Undertaking 1: Technology TYPE SIMPARK ( Completed in November, 2001 ) CALCUTTA, INDIA

We make Calcuttans proud by presenting the “ World ‘s First Fully Automatic Mechanized Public Multi-Level Car Parking System on a Curve ” , at the intersection of Park Street-Rawdon Street crossing, in a Joint Venture with the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. The land plus two-storied computing machine based system, accommodates upto three times more than conventional parking. The system at Rawdon Street has been constructed to supply car-parking installation for around 210 autos on a land country of 1260 Sq. Mtrs. Each row can separately keep on mean 73 Numberss of autos. The system is operated from both the terminals of the construction. Each lift anteroom holding its ain separately control panel and fining system. However, one can park and recover his/ her auto from either stop and frailty versa.

A steel palette is designated for every auto slot in the system. Whenever a auto needs to be parked, the fining button is pressed and the entryway gate opens merely after a palette has been delivered. The driver parks his auto on the palette, engages a cogwheel, locks his auto ( optional as cipher can travel inside the system and your auto is safe as in a vault ) , and walks out of the system. The tickets to the system is a simple the magnetic strip cards, which the ticket attendant swipes. From herein onwards, the computing machine takes over. One must retrieve non to lose the magnetic card as it contains information on the parked vehicle.

Technologies: Simpark

The beauty of this Parking system is built-in in its intrinsic simpleness.

It is a modular Lego like system and hence can be adapted to suit any size or form of secret plan. Each grid has an independent lift and each floor or array of autos has its independent bearer. For every auto to be parked in the system, there is a steel palette designated when a auto is to be parked, on a button being punched the entryway gate opens. The driver parks his auto on the palette, engages a cogwheel, locks his auto ( optional ) , and walks out of the system. From herein onwards, the computing machine takes over.

Uniquely designed lift, enables bearers to go through through lift shaft, when lift is non in the specific floor. More than one lift can be placed in each row at either terminal, or in the in-between as required.


The PLC system computing machine decides, which floor, which and slot the palette with the auto is to be placed is to be parked on. Consequently, the palette with the auto placed on it is taken up with the aid of the perpendicular lift system to the coveted floor.

The following measure is that on making the peculiar floor the bearer system picking up choices up the palette along with the auto, and traveling it horizontally along the construction over the other vehicles to the topographic point assigned by the computerit easy lowers it into the slot assigned by the system. It should be made rather clear here, that the tallness of each floor, is a little more than twodouble the autos height, so that the bearer transports the auto above the already parked autos.

Retrieval of parked autos is exactly the same operation, but in the contrary order. When the driver comes to roll up his auto, he gives the ticket/magnetic card, which was given to him on parking. The card is swiped and ; automatically the measure for parking is generated for payment. Simultaneously the computing machine has issued the order for retrieval. Carrier picks up the relevant palette, transports it over other autos and topographic points it on the lift. The lift brings down the palette. On retrieval retrieval, through a turntable, the palette takes a bend and keeps the auto is in a drive-out place. The Main Gatess opens automatically, driver walks in and drives out in his carfor the driver to drive out his auto. The Gate stopping point automatically and the system is on standby for the following petitions.

The full system can run, with merely one ticket attender in each anteroom. In instance of the distant contingency of any job, the same shall be reflected instantly in the maestro computing machine in the control room and the mistake rectified within proceedingss.

Services OFFERED

1. Night parking.

2. Multiple Entry and Exit installations.

3. Provision for long term engagement of parking slots.

4. ATM and Vending Machine.

5. Public Call Booth.

6. Front / Backlit show windows for corporate and merchandise advertisement

Construction DETAILS

We have used RCC grid of Concrete Column and Beam merely for the parking tower. There are no slabs for the parking tower. Top Roof is done with coated G.I. Sheets merely supported by Crush Structures.

The construction has been designed for required dead burden & A ; lift burden as per I.S. Standard. Necessary building instructions as per I.S. Construction have been provided.

Elevators have been placed at both the terminal of the constructions. The Control Panel with P.L.Cs will command the motion of the lift and Electronic devices.

Fire contending with sprinklers system has been provided. The fire combat system has been divided into assorted zones. Wet risers have besides been provided. Other inside informations have been met as per fire Torahs and by-laws.

Round the clock, security cameras have been provided for entering the vehicles come ining and go outing the system. These security cameras would besides be utilized for entering the motion of people in the full compound.

“ Managing of a Multilevel Parking Lot utilizing IPv6 ”

Problem with multilevel parking batch now

To happen a parking infinite in a crowded multilevel parking installation now, the driver must be

skulking about while driving. Even if non rushing, this is really unsafe. The

possibility that a accident ensuing in hurt or decease could go on is really high here.

To work out this job

If a parking infinite at a multilevel parking batch can be found without the driver lurking

about, the figure of accidents can be decreased. So, I thought of attaching each kerb

at the parking infinite with a detector utilizing IPv6. And the unfastened infinite can be checked at

the entryway of the parking batch, and reach at that place without the driver skulking about.

How to utilize IPv6

1 ) Each kerb at the parking infinite is attached with a detector by IPv6.

First, each kerb is attached with a detector so the place and floor of the topographic point unfastened

can be known.

2 ) The unfastened infinite can be known by the screen placed at the entryway of the parking batch,

utilizing a detector.

Another job

If a auto in front of you parks at the topographic point you were believe of parking, this system will be


To work out this job

When make up one’s minding where to park at the entryway of the parking batch, a simple reserve is

made, so the following individual knows that the topographic point is taken.

By making so, the driver does non hold to skulk around when a individual in front of you parks

at the topographic point he/she was believing of parking.

Image of Screen at Parking Entrance

R e d- – -The detector shows that there is a auto.

B cubic decimeter u e- – -It is unfastened now, but the individual in front of you is seeking to park at that place.

White- – -The infinite is unfastened.

The screen is a touch panel, and reserve can be done by pressing the

screen, and the position of the 3rd, 4th, and all floors can be checked

By doing this installation, accidents at parking tonss will diminish

In the spotlight

Kolkata ‘s first resistance automated auto parking system was now moving as a collector’s item pulling municipal corporations from around the state.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has already signed an understanding with Simpark for such undertakings at more than one station.

High-tech bay: Cars at the belowground parking batch built by Simpark Infrastructure at the New Market composite in Kolkata. The installation will be opened to the populace on April 20.

Kolkata April 15 Simpark Infrastructure ( P ) Ltd, a entirely owned subordinate of Simplex Projects Ltd, weathering several odds has merely completed an belowground modern automated auto parking system at one of the most engorged countries of the metropolis – the New Market composite, a relic of the Raj to which all Kolkatans are emotionally attached.

A trip to the Market for pre-Christmas shopping is a must for both immature and old.

The technology wonder 30 foot below the land has been achieved without upseting the ruddy brick-stoned heritage New Market construction confronting the southern facade, including the fabulous clock tower to the left.

Initially planned as a multi-level auto park above land, the BOT undertaking, confronting stiff opposition from the market store constitutions, was shifted below with a shopping promenade at the subtraction one degree and the existent gauntry system auto parking at the subtraction two degree. Sheet stacking over a period of 18 months was done to safeguard the old edifices confronting the market composite.

Top down building method has been adopted ( no cannibalisation of the top surface ) , and the gauntry system can be accessed through five entry points ( Gatess ) for autos to be placed on palettes, which will take them down to the designated parking slot. Fully computerised, there will be merely one individual each at the entry point to run the system, and auto recovery is said to take merely 90 seconds.

Collector’s item

Cited as Kolkata ‘s first resistance automated auto parking system, the undertaking, commissioned by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation ( KMC ) , harmonizing to Mr B.K. Mundhra, Chairman and Managing Director of Simplex Projects, was now moving as a collector’s item pulling municipal corporations from around the state. He said the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has already signed an understanding with Simpark for such undertakings at more than one Stationss.

Talking to Business Line on the assorted challenges faced during the four-year building period of the Rs 34-crore BOT undertaking ( with a 20-year grant period ) by the Simpark technology squad, Mr Mundhra said the company has been able to merely about break-even.

“ The addition for us is the huge satisfaction of holding completed such a hard undertaking in a little stretch ( merely 40,000 sq foot ) , capable of suiting some 280 autos. ”

He said the KMC would acquire 5 per cent of the parking fees, which is projected to be around Rs 2.5 hundred thousand yearly. The chief earning for KMC will be through secondary basic rent from store proprietors in the place.

This is expected to give yearly around Rs 10 hundred thousand for KMC while supplying hassle-free parking for Kolkatans. Some 150 store proprietors are said to hold booked infinite at the place.

Asked on Simpark ‘s future programs, Mr Mundhra said the company was be aftering to come in the semi-automatic private “ retail parking ” section with the “ Intelligent Cell Skiding ” system, for which it has entered into a strategic affiliation with a Korean company.

He said orders for paradigms of the compact system, which can be installed easy at constructing sites to carry through private parking demands, have already been placed.

A basal degree theoretical account, for keeping some 8-10 autos, may be anything between Rs 1.75 hundred thousand and Rs 2.5 hundred thousand.


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