Dubai is a member state of the Middle East part. The whole of this part by and large attracts few tourers thanks to political convulsion which over the decennaries have generated tensenesss and uncertainnesss non merely in the part but besides in the whole universe. Some other hinderances to effectual touristry development in the part include deficiency of hapless province of infrastructural development, limited publicity and deficiency of attractive forces. In malice of all these reverses, Dubai has nevertheless managed to see a booming touristry industry save for its touristry policies. The governments in the state have managed to implement sound economic variegation programmes which together with extended selling have resulted in a flourishing touristry industry. Dubai has to a great extent invested in expensive province of the art installations, undertaken deep selling and these has resulted in the growing of her touristry. Her future outlooks are really high as reflected by the scene of sky rocketing arrival marks. Actually Dubai has demonstrated a capableness to get the better of the challenges faced by the touristry industry and has established itself as an authorization in the industry with a really high growing rate. This therefore makes Dubai an interesting illustration of a flourishing Middle East Centre for touristry that is fast making new and more chances and recognizing its full potency.

This notwithstanding, there are some restraints that which may suppress the potency of Dubai ‘s touristry industry to be achieved. These factors call for reappraisal of policies and schemes.

Destination development is a cardinal factor in touristry literature and research attacks this subject from assorted subjects and positions. These positions are ;

Government policies.

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Finish ‘s spacial development

Business schemes and selling

Development impacts

A critical analysis of these factors helps bespeak whether a topographic point considered for resort is likely to turn into a major touristry hub or non. For the instance of Dubai, touristry has progressed really good over the last three decennaries and the figures below affirm to this:

Foreign tourer sing Dubai

Year Foreign Tourists Arrivals

1991 716642

1992 944350

1993 1088000

1994 1239000

1995 1601000

1996 1768000

1997 1792000

1998 2184000

1999 2481000

2000 3027000

2001 3626625

2002 4756280

2003 4980228

2004 5420000

These figures confirm Dubai ‘s laterality as a major tourer ‘s hub with the capableness to avoid touristry inhibitors runing in other topographic points in the Middle East.

Factors cardinal to tourism development in Dubai

Socio- Political Stability

Unlike most of its neighbours Dubai has enjoyed comparative composure over the centuries. Bing stable in footings of economic sciences, political and societal spheres is really of import in guaranting smooth development of touristry. This is because perturbations scare off investors every bit good as tourers and the whole industry as circuit operators and agents are discouraged. Dubai being one of the federations of the United Arabian Emirates has lived to the true spirit of the federation. Returns from sale of oil have enabled Abu Dhabi to finance the federation

Thereby bettering the criterions of life and supplying security. The remainder of the emirates, in return provide Abu Dhabi with some strength both geographically and demographically. Over the old ages at that place has been an uninterrupted political stableness in Dubai together with economic prosperity. Dubai enjoys liberty in doing of economic policies although it has to back up other emirates in such affairs as defence and foreign dealingss.

Regionally, Dubai acts as an transshipment center and promotes herself as the Gulf ‘s fiscal link.

Globally, Dubai is viewed as a broad cosmopolite society with about nil menaces of offenses and civil agitation. Dubai is a Muslim province in which adult females are traditionally inferior to work forces yet other faiths are tolerated. More than 80 % of her population is wholly made up of exiles.

Government touristry policy

Tourism can merely boom in countries where the political systems clearly define the economic policies in a mode that is consistent with the radical demands of the of all time turning touristry industry. The semi- independent authorities of Dubai has been actively involved in originating sound policies geared towards bettering its touristry industry.

The federal governments have identified touristry as a major economic pillar. Consequently, the authorities has to a great extent invested in substructure. Pressured by the spirit of the federation policies, Dubai has made important betterment in her investing in touristry.

Interest in touristry grew against a background of lessening in oil production and the demand for variegation of economic activities. Dubai positioned touristry at the Centre of this variegation programme together with building, existent estate, media and fiscal trading.

Dubai has besides engaged the services of international advisors and external advisers to assist in readying of schemes to be adopted in bettering the growing of the industry. All these steps have seen Dubai earn a repute of being a touristry hub in the Middle East.


Tourism development in Dubai is closely linked to its progresss in the conveyance sector and its handiness to the outside universe. Dubai has clear aspirations of being a major focal point in the air conveyance in the whole part and to this consequence the Dubai governments are seting in topographic point the necessary infrastructural installations. Dubai ‘s civil air power has progressed rather good and its airdrome is among the top 20 busiest in the universe as measured by the rider volume. Between 1990 and 2004, approximately 20 million riders were carried by 100 air hoses functioning operating between 145 different finishs.

The Dubai airdrome is expected to manage about one 40 million riders in the following few old ages. In add-on the Dubai authorities is fixing for a new airdrome so as to carter for increased cargos. The Emirates air hose is internationally reputed to offer the most first-class services in the part. Some of her planes are the most technologically sophisticated in the universe and has won awards and acknowledgment for good client services. Dubai boasts of the universe ‘s longest to the full automated railroad system stretching a distance of 43 stat mis and functioning 47 Stationss. This undertaking is made up of 12 elevated Stationss, nine kilometres of an belowground truck, and an overground truck stretching 15 kilometers. An approaching undertaking is on the manner to build a 1500 railroad line. This proposed line will link Dubai to Oman, Saudi Arabia Qatar and the other emirates. Again Dubai is one of the emirates that provide a hub for big sail ships.


Dubai has a rich attractive force Centre on its 64 kilometers long seashore line. This brilliant coastline self-praises of several high ranking tourer resort centres touting of such of import tourer activities as seafaring, skiing, surfing, fishing, bird observation and golfing.

The desert provides tourers with brilliant jaunts for camel equitation, sand skiing, dune drive, geographic expedition of wadis and visits to selected oases and garrisons. Dubai metropolis besides has an extended web of shopping promenades where universe assortments are readily stocked. The industrial development of the metropolis has in the recent yesteryear attracted big hosts of investors who besides double as tourers. Elegant sky combatants are a common position in Dubai which has greatly added to the scenic beauty of the metropolis.

Well designed route webs with belowground tunnels every bit good as over land webs have gone a long manner in eliminating traffic jams which is a common threat in several states thereby guaranting smooth flow of traffic. Tourists no longer hold to pass excessively much clip in the metropolis waiting for traffic jams to withdraw as was the instance a few old ages ago.


The indispensable comfortss required by tourers are chiefly the adjustment. In Dubai the development of hotel industry is a top authorities docket. Hotel suites have more than doubled in the past decennary and the figure is fast increasing. Presently there are about three hundred hotels with good equipped recreational installations. Development of cordial reception is mostly due to the relaxation of land leasing regulations and several five-star belongingss are expected really shortly. Among this is a hydropolis hotel constructed up to twenty metres under H2O.


Potential challenges.

The outgrowth of Dubai as a major tourer Centre is mostly due to the prevalent economic, socio-cultural, political and historical constructions which have shaped the touristry growing. This development has been driven by strong authorities policies which are geared towards reshaping of economic policies for sound development. Dubai really has pursued a scheme of heavy outgo and intercession geared towards attainment of touristry ‘s future ends. Internal peace and stableness prevailing in Dubai and the adjacent states has helped a batch to hike touristry activity. This is because the political stableness has enabled foreign investors to see embarking in Dubai in such countries as conveyance, adjustment and attractive force. Vigorous selling of the touristry industry has assisted in riddance of original inefficiencies and barriers to effectual touristry development.

By set abouting proper strategic policies, Dubai has been able to overcome the reverses which are haltering new approaching touristry finishs. Given the possible reverses, there are some uncertainties as to whether Dubai ‘s long term vision of going the universe ‘s main touristry hub will be met.

One major reverse is lack of political stableness in the Middle East part. Political convulsion in such states as Iraq and Afghanistan have reportedly spilled over to adjacent states and Dubai is ne’er immune to these. Terrorists have of late found flesh evidences for unveiling panic against the West in moderate states such as Dubai.

Elimination of touristry from the Middle East is a cardinal measure towards the realisation of Dubai ‘s touristry vision. Any act of terrorist act will hold far making effects in Dubai ‘s economic system and the touristry industry in peculiar.

Another hindrance to touristry development is deficiency of adequate land for enlargement. Dubai ‘s geographical size is a natural restriction to its development. Progressive growing of the metropolis requires more and more land for enlargement. However, this can non be achieved in Dubai where land monetary values are skyrocketing while the available installations are non plenty to run into the demands of modern touristry as necessitated by big Numberss of tourers sing Dubai yearly.

Another challenge to growing of touristry in Dubai lies in her attractive forces and publicity. Dubai ‘s touristry stock list is bare compared to its rivals in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Far East. Dubai has an highly narrow aggregation of natural and cultural heritage. Concentration on beach activities and expansive shopping promenades has non done plenty to procure the much envied pride.

For a period of less than 50 old ages Dubai has undergone a batch of industrial advancement which has seen it lift to the position of an industrial power in the Middle East. This alteration is clearly evidenced in the economic, cultural and societal development of Dubai. Contrary to major western states where the industrialisation procedure took a really long clip, Dubai has undergone it in merely comparatively short clip.

Tourism development in Dubai is still turning and it is of import to bear in head that there are several strategies that are non yet completed. The fulfilment of these strategies and the realisation of their visions is the purpose of the Dubai governments. However these will depend on the handiness of a favourable and dependable environment clear of uncertainnesss. Doubts have besides been expressed refering the feasibleness of some of these visions. The demands of modern touristry have non yet been met in Dubai.


The survey of touristry in Dubai shows how a little and comparatively distant state with small natural attractive forces can go an internationally reputed tourer attractive force Centre. In Dubai possible failings and menaces have been turned into strengths and chances. The all twelvemonth unit of ammunition hot conditions and ugly desert landscape have been changed to supply modern demands of touristry. Technology has really enabled the touristry industry to predominate regardless of the rough conditions conditions and some other geographic hindrances. Economic prosperity has provided financess to back up the enlargement of the substructure upon which the touristry industry is pillared. This has seen velocity growing of the air conveyance, modern railroad lines and good developed communicating substructure. The munificent metro-politan province founded on economic prosperity is a natural attractive force for tourers. All these characteristics have been tactfully marketed in such a mode that they have been able to entice tourers from all over the universe to this little state which was until late unknown to the outside universe. All this has been achieved in malice of the general perceptual experience that the Middle East is a unsafe topographic point unfit for tourers and investors. Dubai has well achieved some advancement in negociating the barriers that have for long impaired the development of touristry in the Middle East and countries beyond.

The accomplishments in Dubai are of involvement to non merely the remainder of the emirates but besides other tourer finish which purpose at achieving the planetary acknowledgment. However touristry development in Dubai is still on-going and research is being done to supervise Dubai ‘s touristry development.

Important lessons can so be learnt from Dubai ‘s experience with touristry and the relevancy of its touristry theoretical account can be assessed to determine their suitableness in the context of other approaching tourer finishs. The consequences of this will no doubt contribute to an increased apprehension of the touristry industry which has mostly been neglected in the Middle East due to misconceptions.


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