The purpose of the research will be to detect if Poland can be successful plastic surgery medical touristry finish. This probe should function directors and investors as a usher on how to make successful medical touristry hotel that meet Polish concern aims. Concentrating on a individual market portion which will be surgery hotel will move as a lens contracting the range of research therefore taking to decisions which can be supported with concrete grounds particularly happening if in Poland there is a market demand for medical touristry.

First, the paper will carry on a PEST analysis to demo the attraction of the Polish medical touristry market. This will supply us with a theoretical model proposing what could go on.

Second, this research will exemplify how the other medical touristry finish are developing and will compare their growing with Polish market, by comparing the rate of surgery monetary values, hotel room monetary values, tenancy rates and alterations in figure of tourers coming. It will so analyse the peculiar factors which led to such turnout: alterations in medical quality in Poland, investing by foreign private persons, increased internal demand for fictile surgeries, due to disposable income and growing of domestic concerns.

The consequences based on quantitative analysis will be used to reflect back on the premises fluxing from the theoretical model. The paper will therefore bring forth decisions rebuting or turn outing a hypothesis that Poland can run into concern aims and be a following successful plastic surgery medical touristry finish. The research will utilize quantitative analysis and graphical informations representation doing its executable to cover the full range within the word bound and let

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the organic structure to concentrate on deductions of informations analysis for scheme preparation.

3. Justification: intent of survey

Since the 1980 ‘s going for medical grounds has been recognized as a developing planetary market, now medical touristry is turning really fast and it is playing an progressively of import function in touristry market. States such as Poland are holding an tremendous growing potency and opportunity to develop new tendencies. This paper will assist measure the existent opportunity of possible development of medical touristry in Poland based on observation and probe of a individual market portion – plastic surgery medical touristry and by doing mentions to peculiar houses runing within the sector of fictile surgery. The greatest value-added for an individual/manager/investor with an involvement in the Polish touristry market development, such as myself, will be to give an indicant of where Poland is in footings of development of its medical touristry market and assist analyze the entry chance.

For more general audience, it will supply insight into possible attraction of investing in Polish touristry. Furthermore significance of this survey is to function as a usher by uniting the theoretical model with quantitative industry analyst research. This paper will give us a opportunity to measure the utility of academic theory in foretelling and explicating possible development of medical touristry in Poland.

5. Methodology

First, a PEST analysis of the Polish touristry market will demo how demand has increased, its attraction to foreign and domestic investors.

Second, the paper will include quantitative analysis calculating and comparing the growing rate for plastic surgeries ( information set will include 3 last old ages ) and the demand for fictile surgery hotel. While there are some restrictions to such position, most of the difference before economic crisis and after. The information will be assembled utilizing analyst research studies from research houses and statistical publications from the authorities, national nose count agency ( GUS ) , Euromonitor, Eurostat every bit good instance surveies about medical touristry, and academic diaries.

Third, the paper utilizing the questionnaires which will be tested on a sample of representative population and will seek finding how the medical touristry sector growing can be stimulated. Quantitative attack will let to prove a specific narrow hypotheses and to roll up supportive informations to turn out or rebut the hypotheses. The intent of using this method is to analyse information utilizing statistical processs to prove a theory or account.

The findings of above described research will be so used to do decisions sing and explicating possible development of medical touristry in Poland. All the informations acquired in the study will be a good quality and dependable. The primary beginnings of information which will be collected will be coming from designed questionnaire which will be conducted by the research worker. Secondary informations will be taken largely from academic diaries but every bit good from related books, on-line publications and other comparative beginnings of information.

7. Literature Reappraisal

Cardinal words: low-cost health care, medical touristry, medical hotel, tendencies, medical attention, dental attention, surgical attention, Poland medical touristry, medical tourers

Nowadays the wellness attention industry is confronting a batch of challenges and utmost alterations as like medical touristry. It is difficult to happen out stronger contrast of these two spheres of societal life like touristry and hospitalization. Hospitalization is conveying on our head suffer and limitation mine while touristry is related with pleasance and freedom. But we need to recognize that people have traveled with the intent of undergoing medical intervention for ages. Even in “ ancient Greece, pilgrims and patients came from all over the Mediterranean to the sanctuary of the healing God, Asklepios, at Epidaurus. In Roman Britain, patients took the Waterss at a shrine at Bath, a pattern that continued for 2,000 old ages. From the eighteenth century affluent Europeans travelled to spas from Germany to the Nile. In the twenty-first century, comparatively low-priced jet travel has taken the industry beyond the affluent and despairing. ” ( CBC News Online, 2004 ) So far, there is no rigorous definition who precisely we can call a medical tourer. Research workers are depicting this type of tourer as: “ a individual going abroad, outside of one ‘s natural wellness attention legal power, with the purpose of undergoing a medical process, whether it is necessary or elected. ” ( A. Radomir, 2010 ) .

Medical touristry is an tremendously developing market place that has more potencies and strengths than factors which can impede its growing. The Medical Tourism industry earned planetary grosss of USD 20 billion in 2005 while in 2010 it is predicted to turn by US $ 40 billion ( a‚¬ 27 billion ) , it is clear that involvement in the market is turning ( A. Radomir, 2010 ) . Key success factors for medical touristry industry development are tendencies and consumer behaviour, new technological public presentations, medical research workers, augmented merchandise consciousness and concentrate on cost nest eggs, and every bit good differences in handiness of attention in different states ( D. Vequist, B. Gursoy, 2009 ) . Countries that now are actively advancing medical touristry are: Cuba, Costa Rica, Hungary, India, Israel, Jordan, Lithuania, Malaysia and Thailand, Belgium, Poland and Singapore ( CBC News Online, 2004 ) . Since 2004, when Poland joined the EU, it has become popular within the people looking for a cheaper medical intervention because the quality of attention must follow the European criterions and monetary values were much lower. So far Poland is celebrated and good recognized as particularly in Germany for its dental medical intervention in Szczecin ( it is located less than 100 stat mis from Berlin ) ( Devon M. Herrick, 2007 ) . The entire figure of tourers sing Poland for medical interventions rose to 300,000 during 2009 from a few 1000 visitants a decennary ago (, 2010 ) .

In kernel, the medical hotels are an “ aftercare ” installation. Guests after medical intervention are retrieving there their strengths, loosen uping and mending. This recovery continuance is from a few yearss for minor and decorative surgery to a couple hebdomads or more in the instance of major surgery. Serving such patient/guests is comparatively new land for many belongingss, and it raises several new considerations ( D. Cormany, 2009 ) . Range of service available in medical hotel depend every bit good from type of surgeries. While an esthetic surgery patient may necessitate a batch of remainder and relaxation as on their higher premium topographic point is privateness and privacy, a dental patient may sometimes encompass a more active vacation – after the intervention Sessionss from private rubber-necking Tourss to spa or beauty interventions ( A. Radomir, 2010 ) . For such post-surgery travellers, it is likely they may be passing more clip in their suites than the mean traveller. Medical travellers may necessitate different and greater degrees of support services like: programming specific housekeeping times to serve the room, offering personal shopping services, dietitians assisting eating houses and room service to back up prescribed dietetic limitations for retrieving patients, supplying transit ( that possibly can suit wheelchairs ) to and from clinics, widening room service handiness to 24 hours a twenty-four hours, and using masseuses trained to complement recovery procedures, cosmetologists skilled in “ decorative disguise ” , and medical-technology trained personal pantrymans able to react to demands as good nursing support ( D. Cormany, 2009 ) .

It can non be forgotten that despite the promise of this developing market, current issues lie in the fact that there is a planetary shortage of information on medical touristry. Sometimes this is due to states wishing to keep a competitory advantage, and other times this is a consequence of limited information. Stairss are being taken to minimise this deficit of information with new Torahs and 3rd parties being established. Other concerns are rooted in the deficiency of a unvarying international accreditation system and changing quality of services provided ( A. Radomir, 2010 ) .

Overall, medical touristry has the capacity to be a extremely moneymaking market place, as many states are already turn outing. This could be particularly good for developing states like Poland to hike their economic systems ( D. Reisman, 2010 ) Many chances are taken advantage of, and the bulk of menaces ( complications with ordinances and biass ) have the possible to be overcome. In order to pull medical tourers, health care constitutions had to do themselves attractive to a foreign patronage, and to accommodate their services to its demands and penchants by making new medical institutional signifier like construct of the “ hotel-spital ” ( E. Cohen, 2008 ) .

8. Problems and restrictions

The major job with a research of this sort is the uncertainness about how it will develop. Research agenda demand to be good planned and structured. Flexibility is every bit good required to let the acquisition procedure to germinate. Time required to roll up informations and analyse it would be another of import concern for the undertaking. Developmental nature of the research and the sample size must be limited. No clip should be wasted. Another job might be the concerns form respondents of the confidentiality of the information and it may do negative feedbacks. Some of the people might accept the intent of the survey but some might be offended by it. Lastly contact with the coach is of import. Receiving proper counsel is half of success in doing project advancement.

9. Detailed clip graduated table and actions

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