Many people may not know that some countries celebrate Valentine’s Day while also in some countries women give men gift ! Valentine’s day is one of the most popular holidays in some countries. People often celebrate the holiday on February 14th by decorating, such as in Mexico, while other countries like Japan celebrate it by purchasing chocolate. Valentine’s Day has been celebrating differently between Mexico and Japan. There are many differences styles to celebrate Valentine’s day in many countries.

First, both countries have different way to celebrate Valentine’s day. For example in Mexico people on Valentine’s Day often celebrated by decorating with balloons, flowers, hearts, and other symbols of love (Anderson). However, in Japan most women have to buy 20-30 boxes of chocolate to give the men gifts as well as other gifts (Hammond). Second, Mexico and Japan have different kinds of gift that are important to celebrate.

For example, flower and floral play large parts in Mexico where they send and receive the flower gift to friends , family and lovers (Anderson). On the other hand, in Japan the gift of chocolate is divided into three types : Girichoco (chocolate they give to their bosses and male friends), Honmeichoco (chocolate they give to the man they are dating ) and Tomochoco (chocolate for the women’s female friends) (Hammond). Finally both countries have different manners to express their emotions for their loved on this holiday.

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For instance, in Mexico lovers have elegant dances balls to celebrate the holiday and couples celebrate Valentine’s day by dining out for at a nice restaurant (Anderson). For Instance, women will buy chocolate for their male friends and buy an expensive chocolate for the man they dating and other gift for such as a necktie for her “special one” (Hammond). To conclude, each countries have different tradition to celebrate Valentine’s day. In conclusion, all the examples above show that holiday in the Mexico is very different from Japan.

To sum up, the three differences we talk about taught us that Mexican people prefer decorating and dancing , while Japanese prefer purchases boxes of chocolate to express their emotions in Valentine’s day. We need to think about why we need to know different culture, tradition, and learn the real meaning of celebration. Sources Anderson, Ashley. “Valentine’s Day in Mexico. ” Journal of Culture Feb. 14,2010; 101-121. Hammond, Billy. ” Valentine’s Day in Japan. ” Journal of Asian Culture Feb. 4,2009; 111-117. Web.


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