My name is Ahil. my name is from Arabic decent and means Prince. I was born really dark skinned. I am now 21 old ages old adult male life in America and I am Muslim. it is for this ground that I have been both blessed and cursed. As a Muslim. we are merely like most any people aside from the fact that we are non entitled to imbibe intoxicant. hold any type of porc. and no sex outside of matrimony. I live in Austin. TX. The people here are really different yet in many cases can look to be the exact same.

The word Muslim is an Arabic word that means “One who submits to Allah and Allah as the one and merely one God with no spouse. o boy. no comrade. no associate. and no equality. ” ( ) . I came to America for an chance that I could non be granted in the topographic point of my birth.

Since I could retrieve I have aspired to be a great auto salesman. When I was immature and life in Jordan. everyone ever spoke of making whatever they could to seek and acquire an chance to come and happen success in this so called fantastic topographic point called America. but I am here to state my fellow people that why there is a great set of chances beset upon those who travel here. there is besides two sides to this narrative.

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My faith is a s merely a portion of me as the air that I breathe. or the nutrient that I eat. or the really H2O that I drink. but for the life of me. I have tried to in about every manner possible to hide this. All of the narratives and the things that I heard from the topographic point of my birth were crammed with positive avowals of accomplishing a dream that can be attained with difficult work and clip. but like I said before there is two sides to every narrative. When I came here. I was told that people were more accepting to assorted civilizations. ut after a terrorist incident that the people in America call 9/11. the public oculus has since seemed to size up people who follow the Islamic foundations.

Apparently the people tied to the terrorist onslaught were of Middle Eastern decent and because of that fact the multitudes of America seemed to hold all adopted the inconsistent impression that these people followed this faith. This is the first expletive and a approval that I have been brought acknowledge. The ignorance of people permeates me. I have tried to educate the few that I was unfortunate plenty to prosecute in a conversation that dealt with this.

Thought that possibly if I educate a few the word would somehow acquire out and spread to those who belief this faulty impression that everyone who is Muslim is a portion of some secret terrorist government and can non be trusted. Five old ages passed as I spread the word to many and many more. I started my ain church and preached the true word of Islam to everyone. it didn’t affair what faith they were. what the colour of their tegument was. or what the one time thought earlier. every bit long as I could burthen them with the truth. Make non be confused.

I was non pressing my faiths beliefs to alter or change over the faith political orientations of others. I merely wanted to allow everyone cognize the true significance of Y spiritual foundation. I was now 26 old ages old. with a married woman. Sara. and 2 childs. and I had spread around 3 different church installations in Austin. My male child who was 6 old ages olds name was Aaban. and my girl. who was 8. was named Manha. One twenty-four hours I was taking my household to the airdrome to travel visit the topographic point of my birth.

I realized something really peculiar. as we were get oning. he people in the airdrome stared at my household. as if we were making something incorrect. You see some people can easy place Muslim people sometimes ; my married woman and girl were have oning Shawls that twenty-four hours. In the Muslim faith. adult females are supposed to cover their hair as agencies of being modest. Many people in American may non cognize or understand this. As a people we tend to fear or show cautiousness to things we do non understand. It was so and merely so did I realize that no affair how many ears I reached with my enterprise to distribute the true significance of Islam that it would non alter a thing.

These people seem to keep the people who identify with Muslim as a whole responsible for the terrorist onslaught that took topographic point on 9/11. It was because of the realisation of this fact that I handed off the ownership/pastoring of my churches to another person who I had met that was willing to take it over. I sought to go the auto salesman that I had ever aspired to be. I sent out more than a 1000 applications in one month. driving from topographic point to topographic point. I met with over 100 directors for different auto salesman occupations. and on my ain free clip took all the trim clip I had to larn about autos.

Every individual meeting I went to. I was met with a kind of apathetic expression. that ever followed humor where are you from? By the clip I was 30. I knew everything at that place was to cognize about autos. I even at times impressed interviewees that were oppugning me because I had known things that their staff did non. but one little fact remained. I still had non found a occupation. I was get downing to lose hope. but my nature was to endeavor for success at any cost. I could non allow my household down. One twenty-four hours when I was at a Starbucks parking batch.

I saw a really immature adult male with the goon of what looked like his auto up and there were clouds of fume steeping the engine. I went over for aid. and saw that this adult male was a well versed with auto mechanics. yet he was flawed with one facet of what he was making. I asked the immature adult male if I could repair his auto for him. I saw a really chesty smiling on his face. and he said you can give it a attempt. Ten proceedingss subsequently I had his auto running. When I waked to travel shut the goon of his auto. I was met with a really steadfast handshaking of another adult male. an older adult male. he adult male looked familiar.

He shook my manus. and said. I thank you for repairing my auto. He looked at my sort of good story and said: “aren’t you the adult male who started that set of churches a twosome old ages back? ” I replied yes. but I am no longer running those churches. The adult male replied: “ I have ever was admired your manner with people and wanted to state you about an chance. You see. . I run a auto franchise wanted to see if you would be interested in working with me? I smiled and told the adult male. that the foundation of Islamic religion is peace and at this really minute I have found it.

Through all of the bias. the ignorance that has beset itself upon my household and I. I am now in a topographic point where I can give up myself to my God and derive peace and it is for that. that I thank you. So this message is for everyone that plans to come to America. this is the other side of the narrative. you will be faced with bias. with people who fear you because they do non understand you. you will waver and may get down to resent your decent or inquiry your faith. but I am here to state you when you find peace you will eventually see that the expletive is a approval in camouflage.


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