Teenagers make wrong pronunciation – Teen write words wrong so they pronounce words wrong, gradually this will badly affect the way they pronounce words. For example: if they text sms “an kom ruj”, the receivers will pronounce “an com rui” instead of “an com r?i”. – Speaking and writing in teen language distort the grammar and spelling standards. At first, teen want to take notes quickly so they use these words, but later it becomes a habit and unconditioned reflex. To the extent that they can’t control it and can’t even distinguish between “cui” (xu?ng) and “cu?i” (cung).

From a person who never makes spelling mistakes, suddenly you become scared of the basic words. A CV full of mistakes and some people don’t even know how to compile a document. – Teenagers read a chain of hard to understand words fluently, but they’re hesitant and stop suddenly when reading a normal paragraph. – It ruins Vietnames language, make Vietnamese lose its purity and Vietnam lose its cultural identity. It is a sign that young people show no respect to the beauty of their mother tongue. – It leads to the lazy habits of thinking, lack of patience in study and in work, and it affect your personality. Short and emotionless answers such as “bi?t ch?t li?n”, “hen xui” become popular.

There are some people who “pretend” to forget their proper Vietnamese and try to use some teen words to appear “cool. ” For example, if you sit by the street surrounded by labors or elders and try to use teen languge, you may make people around irritated and they will see you as a show-off. – Though your way of talking and writing are new and unique, you have to make the listeners and the readers understand instead of making them guess and try to figure out what you say or write or sometimes the listeners or readers misunderstand your messages that you convey.

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Vietnamese learners feel difficult or confused in learning Vietnamese Kittiworawuthi Pornkanok (Thai, student at HCMC University of Social Science and Humanities) “There was one time I found an article written by a young Vietnamese. I tried to read but could not figure out what ideas were being presented. Before I was very confident with my Vietnamese but after reading that piece, I felt anxious and worried since I had supposed young people should write more simply than specialized textbooks. As a foreigner studying Vietnamese language, I am sad to see Vietnamese is written or spoken in a bad way. ”


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