If a business is to stand out from the rest, It Is Important that the business provides something new. The second Is the Increase In Job availability. “Total new-Job creation in the United States is a result of new businesses” (Abram, 2012). That is the best Wyatt put it. New businesses create new Jobs. This in turn leads right into the next element which is new industries (Abram, 2012). Many times these new businesses have no classification as they do many different things which will create a new classification of its own. The next one is flexibility.

Things are changing constantly and “the smaller companies offer the Job opportunities and new products our society needs until big firms figure out how to catch up” (Abram, 2012). It is kind of like small businesses are the engineers of the business world.. They see there is a problem and they figure out what they can do to fix it. Once a solution is found, then the larger companies will make their changes according to what the smaller businesses had done. The last can be viewed as the most important. Bigger companies forget about the people that make their business a success.

The customers are the only reason that there are any sales. Instead of trying to keep “wall street happy’ like some of the larger companies do, these smaller businesses get back to the basics: “cash flow, profits, providing high-quality products and services, and serving and retaining their customers” (Abram, 2012). Blake Mossier is a brilliant and caring man. He saw a need and filled it. For those who don’t know, he built a company called TOM’S. This company started out ‘OFF are given too person in need. Now they have begun helping the visually impaired as ell.

They sell glasses and with each pair, they provide either prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery, or medical treatment for the condition (TOMS. Com). The elements of entrepreneurship greatly effected how Mr.. Mossier developed his company. This idea of helping others is not a new one. With that being said, the way they help these individuals is completely new. He says “When we’re in these countries, we are in the field at least once a day hand-placing shoes on kids’ feet” (Schweitzer, 2010). Not many entrepreneurs can say that is what their business goes.

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Toms also has created 72 Jobs( Schweitzer, 2010) which is a perfect example as to how Mr.. Mossier implemented the elements into his company. He doesn’t have a huge amount of employees which allows for the company to help more individuals. These are Just a couple examples and this could continue into much more. But the last and the most important, at least so some people, is that he has taken a business that he still earns a profit but also makes a difference to so many people across the world. Social responsibility is something that Mr.. Mossier took very seriously.

Their shoes are made from vegan material such as “natural hemp, organic cotton, and/or recycled polyester and these materials are used on the upper, liner and/or the insole cover (instead of our standard suede insole). All of our shoe boxes are made from 80% recycled post-consumer waste and are printed with soy ink” (TOMS. Com). Not to mention training that employees want to better themselves in the business world. Again, Just a couple of examples. The dream scale is exactly what it sounds like. It is how to take a dream for a equines and make it a reality (Abram, 2012).

There are five steps that make up this dream scale. The first is fantasy. The business that will be used as an example will be a memory care facility names Memory Lane. The first time that this business was thought of, it was going to house 300 patients with individual care givers attending to each one on a very personal level. Though this would have been nice, it was a fantasy. It would be impossible to have that many patients with completely individualized care. The second step is dream. For this business, there would be sousing for all clients and doctors will be on hand 24 hours a day.

In addition to this, there will be housing for the animals that are used during animal therapy. This is achievable but will be very expensive, more expensive than realized at first. The next step is concept. Okay so the hopes for the business remain the same as on the second step but now the realization of what would need to be done sets in. A previous business plan for this business estimated that the building cost for this business would be roughly $6. 976 million. That does not include wages, licenses, utilities, etc. That is a hard realization.

The fourth step is goals. This step would be where decisions would have to made about what was impossible to live without, such as blended doors (doors that blend in with the walls to reduce the probability of patients being able to get out and cause harm to themselves) and what would not be as important. The last step is the business plan. It is here that figuring out exactly how to make this dream come true would unfold. This gives an in depth look at everything that needs to be looked at such as parking, rooms, security, etc.

This step Since this business is a medical facility, the social responsibility is very high. The care that is given to these patients needs to be the best possible. On the grounds of this business, the plan is to have an elevated garden area where the ground will be lifted by huge planter boxes to about waist level so the patients will not be bending at the waist. This garden can then be used to create food for the patients. It is economical but also give the patients some where to Just be with nature, if they are able. And of course they will not be alone.


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