The book Pride
and Prejudice is a romantic novel Jane’s Austen, which published in 1813.
The story focuses on the emotional development of Elizabeth Bennet, who happens
to be the heroine of the novel and main protagonist. Elizabeth, unlike the
other girls in her time, possess a dry wit and an independent spirit and she is
extremely clever. The story begins at the village’s welcoming ball, where
Elizabeth meets up the arrogant, prideful, rich Mr. Darcy, who pushes her to antagonism.
The hasty judgement Elizabeth makes and the pride Mr. Darcy has, makes this
tale arguably one of the most satisfying love stories ever written.

Now what about the novel’s title, I think that Jane
Austen should have kept the title First
Impressions, as the biggest part of the novel focuses on the first
impressions between Darcy and Elizabeth. Specifically, Elizabeth and Darcy both
have unpleasant first impressions of each other but this was only in the
beginning. At first Darcy is not admiring with Elizabeth and he makes offensive
comments about her. Elizabeth hears secretly and at the same time judges Darcy
as insolent and arrogant. They begin to dislike each other from the first sight
and they deduct false conclusion.

Darcy meets Elizabeth for the first time at the ball
when Bingley asks Darcy to dance with her. Darcy’s arrogance appears when he comments
that Lizzy is not beautiful enough for him but Jane only is. When Elizabeth hears Darcy’s the
insulting comment begins to keep resentment against the rich Darcy but the
point is that both are filled with pride and prejudices from the very
beginning. Purely, Darcy and Elizabeth have started with wrong first
impressions and undoubtedly, Elizabeth is revolted with Darcy’s fake honesty.

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At a later time, Darcy becomes attracted to Elizabeth
and proposes to her and she refuses Darcy’s proposal as he supposed to have a
pride attitude. She is not impressed with Darcy and his wealth. She has her own
prejudices and finds his behavior distasteful. Not only does she refuse his
proposal but also believes Wickham’s words. At this point the first impressions
are again the evident. She believe on him and drawn a sympathetic impression
about his personality, which is actually false.

In fact, the frequent evident through the novel is
that first impressions are again and again wrong. The writer, Jane Austen,
depicts a story which shows clearly how first impressions can be not entirely
true and so wrong. Elizabeth judges wrong Darcy and Wickham too. It is proved
that first impressions can be misleading and in my opinion this is the central
theme of the story. Even so, we see that Elizabeth finally admits that her
first impressions were wrong in relation to Darcy and Wickham. She falls in
love with Darcy and accepts all his flaws. Both find true love through their
wrong first impressions and accept each other.

On the contrary, the current title Pride and Prejudice is an appropriate
one to this novel but I think it refers most to that time, when most people
where pride and prejudice at the same time. This title refers to all characters
and not only to Darcy and Elizabeth. Every character in the novel is prideful
about something and prejudiced against something else. For example, Elizabeth
is prejudiced against Darcy because he is arrogant and her pride doesn’t allow
her look for the good. Darcy is prideful about him, causing him to look down on
the country folk and prejudiced against them.
Lady Catherine de Bourgh is extremely prideful about how rich and educated she
is making her think she is better than everyone else and she is prejudiced against
those who stand up to her.  

As the novel focuses on the two main protagonists
Elizabeth and Darcy, I believe that the title First Impressions matches more. First impressions are the main clue
through the novel in every stage and always have to do with these two heroines.
The plot is about the progress of Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s first impressions. Moreover
I think that when someone hears the title Pride
and Prejudice keeps a distance from the characters and is probably judge
and superior. On the other hand with First
Impressions, readers are thrown
into the characters’ point of view directly. Also, first impressions are all about
people interacting with each other, so a novel called First Impressions puts the idea of people meeting with and reacting
to other people front and center.

On the whole, the characters are affected from the
first impressions. Sometimes the results are positive and help people to
discover the real personality, while other times they mislead them to wrong impressions.
Jane Austen creates a story, where she presents us how first impressions influence
people. So, I believe that the key in Pride
and Prejudice is first impressions and the novel should have taken the
title First Impressions.



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