Distinguish between the historical facet of redemption ( redemption accomplished ) and the applied facet of redemption ( redemption applied ) . 1. The historical facet of redemption includes: the salvation by blood. the rapprochement of adult male to God. the placation of God’s wrath. the fulfilling of the jurisprudence and the forgiveness of wickednesss. ? 2. The applied facet of redemption includes: evangelism. regeneration. sanctification and discipleship State the five trials that are used to verify theological truths. 1. Consistency

2. Correspondence
3. Precedence of Datas
4. Coherence
5. Thoroughness

Properly place the 11 divisions of divinity.
1. Theology Begins with Prolegomena:
a. Pro Means to Travel before ;
b. Lego Means to State or Talk
2. Bibliography: the Theology of Scriptures
3. Theology Proper: Theology of God
4. Christology: Theology of Jesus Christ
5. Pneumatology: Theology of the Holy Spirit
6. Anthropology: Theology of Man
7. Hamartiology: Theology of Sin
8. Soteriology: Theology of Redemption
9. Angelology: Theology of Angels
10. Ecclesiology: Theology of the Church
11. Eschatology: Theology of Last Thingss

Understand the nature of redemption as a dynamic quality of life. non merely a inactive point of place. it is a changed life to populate Holy and delight God. Understand the three tenses as each is applied to the topic of redemption. 1. The Christian has been saved from the guilt and punishment of wickedness and is safe. 2. the Christian is being saved from the wont and rule of wickedness. ? 3. the Christian will be remaining at the Lord’s return. from all the bodily frailties that are the consequence of wickedness and God’s curse upon the iniquitous universe Know that in the Old Testament. work forces were saved as they are in the New Testament. Be particularly familiar with the fact that the footing. demand. and object of redemption remains consistent in every age. but the content of religion may alter in the assorted dispensations.

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Know how to specify “grace” as applied to the work of God in redemption. and understand the relationship of grace to redemption. ? Grace is the good pleasance of God extended to salvage an unworthy iniquitous adult male. Know the significance of the Council of Dort and its impact in specifying the system referred to as “Calvinism. ” ? in 1618. a national metropolis of the church of the Netherlands can be endured and analyze the instruction of Arminius in visible radiation of Scripture. this Council consisted of 144 session stretched over at least seven months. They concluded that the points of Arminianism were heresy. they reaffirmed the Reformed instruction of John Calvin. They stated that decision in five points showing it in the signifier of the word squares organizing the word Tulip Know how to specify each of the “five points of Calvinism” and be able to explicate any built-in failings refering to each. a. Entire corruption:

B. Unconditional election:
c. Limited expiation:
d. Irresistible grace:
e. Perseverance of the saints: 1. Entire Corruption: to intend that any adult male in his natural province is incapable on able to make anything to delight or derive virtue from God. When adult male is wholly depraved he can non spot the truth of the Gospel understand it when it is presented to him. The Calvin disqualifies the significance of “free will” . bespeaking that adult male is non wholly free. but is able to react to God because of election and resistless grace. 2. Genevans believe a adult male obtain redemption because God began the procedure by taking. Without any outside influence. The land of election is a God himself. which is to state redemption Begins in God’s will and aim and non in an act of religion or some other status and respondent. As a consequence adult male has no portion in it.

3. Limited Atonement: if adult male is wholly depraved so that he can non react. and God is sovereign in His unconditioned pick. and when Jesus died. He died for those that were chosen by God. 4. Irresistible Grace: Genevans teach that the grace of God is every bit changeless as the power of God so that adult male can non defy it. They teach that since God of his ain free will has chosen ( elected ) adult male and Christ has died for him. so adult male can non defy the power of God that brings him to redemption. 5. Doggedness of the Saints: they teach that the Saints will persevere because this patient is dependent upon God’s resistless grace which was granted to them because Christ died in expiation limited to the chosen. They besides teach distance adult male has perfectly nil to make with his redemption. he will persist Because the Savior declared that he has ageless life. Who was the laminitis of the system popularly known as “Arminianism? ” ? Jacob Hermann ( Arminius )

Other church leaders popularized the “Arminian” doctrinal system. Be able to call those listed in the text edition who helped popularise Arminianism. ? John Wesley. John Fletcher. Francis Asbury. Charles Grandison-Finney How do Arminians redefine original wickedness?

A adult male becomes a evildoer merely when you consciously and voluntarily wickedness. therefore | |appropriating the sin nature of Adam.

How does the Arminian system deprecate the completed work of Christ by the denial of the security of the truster? ? The thought that Christ would salvage and so let a convert to lose what he did non deserve nor achieved in penitence. causes one to oppugn non merely His work. but besides His character.

Understand how the Arminian belief in renunciation may take to an implied “salvation-by-works” philosophy. ? redemption ceases to be a free gift because in portion a individual is responsible for the keeping of their redemption Be able to specify the footings supralapsarian. infralapsarian. and sublapsarian. 1. Supralapsarian: God foremost decreed to salvage the chosen. He decreed that Christ would decease. and supply redemption for them 2. Infralapsarian: God decreed who would be saved ( the chosen ) and the act of redemption ? 3. Sublapsarian: the edict to salvage came after a individual had sinned and after Christ had died for him How can conversion best be distinguished from regeneration?

Conversion is the human side of that experience and regeneration is the godly side. Conversion means a turning to God from wickedness on the portion of the evildoer. What is the basic definition of the word penitence? In what manner does repentance impact the mind. the emotions. and the will of adult male? Repentance means to alter one’s head

1. Mind: there is a alteration of idea. A man’s position of wickedness and of God and his relation to God undergo a alteration when he repentance 2. Emotions: there is a alteration of feeling. A repentant adult male is echt sorrow. ? 3. Will of Man: there is a voluntary component in echt penitence. There will interchange and new intent is formed. There is a giving up of wickedness and existent turning to God. To what is the cogency of one’s religion measured?

Believe in God
What is the footing of religion?
Intellectuall religion
Be able to specify justification. observing particularly its positional and declaratory facets. ? Justification is the act where God declares a individual righteous when a individual accepts His word. Justification makes adult male perfect in God’s sight. It is non that adult male has become perfect. merely that God has declared him righteous and hence he stands perfect in the sight of God. Be able to specify regeneration and note the term’s relationship to the scriptural constructs of being “born again” and created as a “new creative activity. ” ? Regeneration is the work of the Holy Spirit in the redemption experience which produces new life in the truster and a new nature capable of making the will of God Know who the agent of regeneration is harmonizing to Scripture. ? Holy Spirit

Understand the positional accent of acceptance within the context of soteriology. ? In regeneration a Christian receives the nature of a kid of God ; in acceptance he receives the place of a boy of God Note the five illustrations found in the New Testament by which the philosophy of “Union with Christ” is taught. 1. The Bible speaks of in edifice and its foundation. placing Christ as the foundation and basis and trusters as the building stuffs. 2. Paul teaches brotherhood with Christ to the illustration of the brotherhood of hubby and married woman. 3. The vine in the subdivisions.

4. Teaching brotherhood and Communion of Christ and trusters Paul used the illustration of the organic structure of Christ. ? 5. The brotherhood of the human race and its beginning of life and Adam is an illustration of this brotherhood of the truster with the 2nd Adam. Christ. Be able to specify the philosophy of “eternal security. ”

? Teachs that God is able to finish the good work of redemption that he has begun in every truster. and that he has power over all flesh. The Christian has the promise of God that no 1 can divide the Christian from God. Understand that sanctification literally means “separation. ” Understand the double facet of this separation: to be “set apart” from wickedness and to be “set apart” to God. Understand the three facets of sanctification for the Christian sing the yesteryear. nowadays and hereafter ( positional sanctification. progressive sanctification. and prospective sanctification ) . 1. Positional Sanctification. The relationship with God we enter by religion in Jesus Christ. When God made sanctums by keeping. stay wholly. The minute a individual is saved he becomes a new animal and this place is changed from foreigner to a citizen. 2. Progressive Sanctification. It takes topographic point in this present life and is sometimes called experiential or practical sanctification. It involves the battles of triumph and licking of the Christian. God continues to work in the life of every Christian to alter him into the image of his Son. ? 3. Prospective Sanctification. God will non finish the procedure until we either dice for ecstasy.


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