Trinidad and Tobago can tout of holding a diverse set of mix of humanistic disciplines and cultural activities, some of which have been expanded in composing, size, and construction to go the chief sectors of a turning cultural industry. In the planetary economic system, cultural industries have become major grounds of growing. This has been spurned by engineering moving as the chief driver of transmutation. A critical underpinning of the cultural industries is right of first publication, which secures the economic or commercial value of cultural trade goods. However, the original right of first publication of the system remains mostly challenged due by buccaneering, as chances to conflict go easier with new manners of engineering and tendency. In the response of above, developed-world authoritiess have implemented rigorous and terrible statute law and policies that would truly let their cultural industries to efficaciously support and merchandise their right of first publications.

The amusement industry is the Conglomeration of the cultural industries has resulted in merely six corporations accounting for 70 % of the planetary market with gross revenues of around US $ 165.94 billion and a corporate net income of about US $ 26 billion. The gross generated by this industry is truly is one of the greatest success factor of that peculiar state. Due to this heavy market concentration, developing-world cultural endeavors must put in niche markets, and prosecute in strategic coactions in those targeted markets to set up a competitory border.

Although states adopt different methodological attacks to mensurating the part of cultural industries to the planetary economic system, estimates show that the cultural industries are deserving US $ 2.2 trillion turning at an one-year rate of 5 % ( Howkins 2001 ) . UNESCO 2000 studies that one-year universe trade in cultural industries was US $ 387.9 million in 1998.


Overall, ordinance in the cultural industries is achieved through international pacts and trade regulations, national Torahs and policies that reinforce international pacts, ordinances established by non-governmental establishments, and copyright aggregation societies. Advocates for cultural diverseness ab initio sought freedoms for cultural goods and services from international trade regulations, but more late have lobbied for an International Instrument on Cultural Diversity to safeguard their domestic cultural policies from trade subjects. UNESCO has now taken a lead function in crafting this new international instrument on Cultural Diversity.

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Trinidad and Tobago has a complex institutional model for the amusement industry with several convergences in the activities of the assorted establishments every bit good as spreads that need to be filled. In add-on, the industry suffers from a figure of failings including weak distribution channels, a deficiency of certification and economic measuring, every bit good as a deficiency of strategic selling competences. Added to this, the industry must confront international menaces in that there is minimal entree to support, regional competition is increasing and the local broadcast media by and large neglect local humanistic disciplines and civilization. However, the industry remains poised to capitalise on its chief strengths of holding endowment and creativeness that holds enormous international entreaty, and holding spread outing engagement by young person in assorted facets of music and amusement. The chances to be taken advantage of are important

The consequences of the Entertainment Industry Survey conducted by the Ministry of Trade and

Industry showed that the Entertainment Industry is estimated to bring forth TT $ 351.8 million

yearly and employs some 10,854 individuals. These conservative figures provide a snapshot of a traveling mark as the figures would non stay at this degree for really long.

The employment and gross generated in the assorted sectors are detailed in the tabular array below:

The research has shown that the Trinidad and Tobago amusement industry thrives in endowment,

creativeness and merchandise. The clip is therefore opportune to develop and implement a policy model for the amusement industry to guarantee planetary fight. The mechanism to accomplish this will be the Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company Ltd. managed by experts in the industry.

Gross watercourses for the company are expected to be derived from the following countries:

Gross from Project direction fees ;

Entire Net incomes negotiated in contracts for creative persons ‘ distribution trades ;

The Payments acquire for on-line downloads ; and

A Repayments to the Revolving Investment Scheme developed

Economic analysis of the amusement industry

The ministry of trade industry has acted as the secretariat for the standing commission over the concern development conducted on an amusement industry really fast. This was the intent of the gauging the gross and employment generated in the industry as a whole. A purposive sampling was done to look into the consequences. However, this was recommended that the complete cardinal statistical office was recommended to carry on a complete nose count on the amusement industry.

In the computation of the gross and employment factor in the undermentioned amusement industry efforts were made to capture the undermentioned facets:

Music- recordings ( entering artistes ) , public presentation ( and executing artistes ) , gross revenues of pictures through individual, picture production, COTT distributions, preparation ( music schools ) , music concerts, establishment ( wireless Stationss, music schools, music shops )

Carnival- sale of carnival costumes, map cantonments, carnival feasts & A ; parties, carnival competition, fairy-slipper collapsible shelters, steel sets, steel pan events, sale of steel pans, establishments ( NCC, carnival institute, pan trinbago, )

Dance- dance seasons, corporate public presentation, preparation, dance coachs, company members and pupils, sale of dance ware, establishments

Theatre- production, preparation, establishment, practioneers

Ocular art- sale of art work, creative persons, exhibitions, picture taking, preparation, art provide retailers/art and trade shop, establishments.

Strategic analysis for amusement industry

It fundamentally includes the SWOT analysis of the present status of the industry in which we have to give a deep position of the whole industry


It ‘s art and civilization are regionally and internationally known

There were many talented and originative individual ‘s in the group

They use to travel for tonss of export activities in the industries

There was acute involvement among the creative person to develop this sector


There was no export and trade installation which was really weak

There was no distribution channels

No scheme which used to concentrate concern and corporate scheme

They were wholly depend on ad-hoc direction constructions which was wholly disorganized


Use of cyberspace nowadays a batch of options for production, selling, distribution, and broadcast medium

Besides authorities has issued revenue enhancement benefits puting in amusement industry

Government has besides announced to advance local tourer industry

Liberalization of local broadcast medium group for constitution of telecasting and wireless


Local market more interested in foreign amusement

Because of limited entree of supports

No support from public sector group

Local broadcast media by and large neglected local amusement

Strategic program for the amusement industry

Here we will discourse that what are the strategic programs being adopted by the industry to stand out in the international market. So they decided to follow some recommendation programs and patterns.thus following are the scheme recommendations in the field of amusement industry

Constitution of the Trinidad and Tobago amusement company limited.

This company will be responsible for the facilitations of the development of globally competitory amusement industry ( includes music, dance, theater, ocular humanistic disciplines ) .this company will concentrate on the internationalisation of the industry and it will be managed by some industry experts and analyzer in that peculiar country. The chief aims what we have discussed is given below:

To ease our local entertainers with international exposure

To market and advance the national creativeness

Proper certification of the work should be done

There should be private facilitation of locally and internationally

He literally develop the different scheme that has to be followed during the outlined of the industry. These are the undermentioned cardinal undertakings

Revolving Investment Scheme

A Revolving Investment Scheme is one of the focussed scheme which will be developed by the industry to last in the competitory environment. The most of import thing is that about the execution of the programme which will bring forth a batch of gross.

Many foreign Advisers to being contracted to measure the undermentioned processs and applications for the order of the Scheme which is being dissolved at full value in order to guarantee objectiveness in presenting the financess which is an ageless portion of it, every bit good as to guarantee that the betterment in the quality of the submitted application meet its international criterions. The creative persons will be paid with the full per centum of the money as a whole which is besides known investing strategy which will be required to carry through the minimal eligibility status.

There are besides certain in each sector. For the Music Division, there will be five grants awarded in the first twelvemonth –

Three with one of the standards being that the artiste is signed or about to be signed to a major

International label and two will be allocated for emerging artistes. The awards will help in three chief countries – music production, picture production and tour support. For the Visual and Performing Arts Division, the awards will aim dance, theater and ocular art for local productions ( one each ) and one in each sector for presenting foreign productions or art exhibitions.

Familiarization Tours

The following construct which we have adopted is that is about the continuance of Tourss which truly help in acknowledgment the industry at both national and international degree. It truly improves our concern and enlargement of the whole system. Therefore we feel that international executives in the music industry to see local public presentations by our artistes for possible choice to be signed to a major international label. The company will besides be able to hosts the different programmes in different sectors to acknowledge itself which visits for local practioneers populating and executing abroad for a series of workshops on perforating the foreign market, every bit good as for coactions with local groups in an attempt to raise the current criterion of the acting humanistic disciplines division.

Archiving, Research and Development

In order to ease these programmes there should be uninterrupted appraisal of the growing and development in the broad field of the industry that would be necessary to carry on research addition certain information in the field of strategic planning, every bit good as to hold proper archiving of our existent originative plants which would be measured as public presentation measuring. Attempts will be made to supervise the degrees and cardinal countries of employment in the assorted Fieldss of industry, every bit good as step the economic part of the amusement industry. In add-on, technological promotions in the industry we have to supervise our consistent public presentation

Selling and Promotion

Today ‘s scenario says that marketing and publicity are one of the cardinal factors of the success in the competitory environment.This industry was besides playing the same scheme to follow will retain the services of a taking expert in the planetary music industry to assistance in set uping the planetary linkages which truly made broad name and fame.. These persons have keen involvement in selling and publicity which truly consequence the recent market scenario. Thus it will truly ease cognition transportation and capacity edifice of the industry which have the existent 1s by holding the local specializers work aboard the foreign expert. Marketing attempts will besides include public awareness media runs on the importance of the music industry and promoting the populace to play local music. Seminars will be held aiming the fiscal community on support and investing chances in the amusement industry, every bit good as on the concern of the acting humanistic disciplines.

Joint Venture Projects

It is true to state that today many joint undertakings have been organise to bring forth a batch of gross. In this manner company besides felicitates both private every bit good as private sector to add gross. One of the best illustrations we can state about the joint venture to re-start the

“ Mastana Bahar ” programme. This cultural pageant was organizing through to familiarise the construct of the development of the undertakings. Therefore mobilising the industry as a whole of it. Whereby the accent would be non merely on Indian relish but besides on the other related local art signifiers in Trinidad such as classical vocalizing and traditional nuptials vocals.

Online industry

This industry wants to be on-line where we can hold free vocal bites like from where we can download any clip any vocals which we want to listen in a perfect mode. Not merely songs pictures, games, fairy-slipper etc. The cyberspace user would be able to Pay per position and pay per download on a vocal by song footing. This is one of the best methods for the payment manner on the no. Of times you have visited the site as a whole. The one advantages is that we have non to purchase CD for one vocal and salvage a tonss of money for it.and secondly is that we have can bask the whole music in one Cadmium. In this manner we can besides learned to hold privateness over it which would be truly effectual. Of class, based on the figure of hits, the creative person will be paid royalties for his work. This construct would besides be applicable to many countries where we can do a batch of net income for the company to the ocular and executing art sector whereby there can be free cartridge holders of dramas, every bit good as a wage more for a peculiar monetary value.

Music Division

International Music Festivals/ Conferences

The artistes who will be utilizing the Trinidad and Tobago both for advertisement and publicity which will be required to cover their ain travel and adjustment disbursals. The industry will besides take part in the in all the taking international and regional music industry trade carnivals on an one-year footing to showcase their endowment at international degree. This will non merely imply the proviso of a Trinidad and Tobago will truly hike the local market participants.

International Promotional Music Concert

The Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company Ltd. they are traveling to be facilitated a joint venture undertaking to present an international music concert to advance the chief local creative persons in targeted locations which is being given a degree to come up and demo their endowment in both national and international market.

Ocular and Performing Humanistic disciplines Division

Major Theatrical Production

The Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company Ltd. will besides ease a joint venture undertaking in the close hereafter so that he can present a major theatrical production to showcase our local instrumentalists, terpsichoreans, every bit good as ocular creative persons to an international audience. This construct of production attack will be as similar to a National Theatre Company of Trinidad and Tobago, which will see assorted locations abroad to showcase our local endowment globally.

Entertainment Directory

The industry will develop of a national database for artistes and cultural enterprisers which would be similar to the Previous Entertainment Directory produced by TIDCO. This database we can besides see or download through online which aid in the development of the relevant it substructure for economic minutess be made.

Conclusions & A ; recommendations:

Therefore, it may be concluded that most successful organisations like amusement industry must follow the broad construct when it comes to mission, resources and geographical venue and control. This is what makes any organisation to turn up on its ain to the higher degree. I have hence formed the undermentioned acronym for ‘G LOCAL ‘ : Global Long-run Aims Customized to Assets Locally, where the account to each of the keywords is given in the undermentioned word picture.

Global – Organizations with planetary / international operations: MNCs & A ; TNCs

Long-run – Sustainable planning

Aims – Corporate mission and end

Customized to – Tailor-made to accommodate client demands

Assetss – All resources of the organisation – work forces, machines, stuffs, money.

Locally – Regional or local features ; besides venue of control or liberty

Therefore, it is recommend that given in today ‘s cut-throat competition, any and every organisation draw a bead oning to be successful, should follow the ‘G LOCAL ‘ scheme. Then the sustained success would be following them.


The Music and Entertainment Industry Team would wish to thank the Ministry of Community

Development, Culture and Gender Affairs every bit good as the Ministry of Trade and Industry, without whose input this study would non hold been possible. The squad is particularly thankful to Ms. Joanne Tull, Lecturer of the Centre for Creative and Festival Arts who worked as the Consultant for the squad. Last, a particular thanks to those members of the public and private establishments, every bit good as the single artistic enterprisers with whom we consulted in our research and to whom this study is dedicated.


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