The bank provides comprehensive range of financial services-personal, commercial, report, institutional, investment and private banking clients all over the world. The bank provides financial service to 100 million Customers in different regions all over the world. HASH are held over by 210,000 shareholders in 120 countries. These shares are traded in New York Stock Exchange in the form of American Depository shares. It is listed in London, Hong Kong New York, Paris and Bermuda stock exchanges.

In 2008 the bank made revenue of and its net profit was In 2009 when some of the major banks in the world are in trouble HASH remain in top form because of its strong foundation. Ethical Issues Relating to HASH Rights, Conflicts and Responsibilities Rights: HASH is an employee friendly company. The bank is always notice to the benefit of the employees. Maintaining work, life, balance polices is the main motto of the bank. The employees are openly giving their opinion to their line manager. They can easily take part in the strategy develop meetings.

The bank provides world class remuneration and training facilities to their employees. The bank is also providing share options to their employees. The employees participate in various variable play agreements. As a part of the report social responsibility the bank employed differently able people. These are the brief description of the rights of the Hosts’ employees. Conflicts: It is the right of the employee to give his or her openly to the meeting and in the time of making strategic plan. So there may be some conflicts between the employees in the bank. The bank employed 325,000 employees all over the world. O there may be interbrain conflicts. HASH has more than 21 0,000 shareholders all over the world. They expect more profit from the bank. So there may be some sort of conflicts between the shareholders and the bank. HASH is one of the world leading banking corporations of the world. So there may be some conflicts with other banks in terms of banking service, in terms of making profits, in terms of providing profit to their shareholders and in terms of hiring best employees from the market. Responsibilities: The main responsibility Of a bank is to keep the customers money save and secure.

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Invest the money in those sectors which will give the bank highest return. Another main responsibility of eh bank is to provide the highest return to their share holders. HASH perform all these responsibility very well. They get best award as a best cash management bank in ASIA in 2009. There are no objections about the Hosts’ responsibility in the banking industry. Marketing HASH marketing strategy is very strong they use handsome amount of money for advertising. They know it very well that what should be the marketing strategy in the serving area. They take different types of marketing plans of different area.

HASH banks have 10,000 affiliates all over the worlds in 120 countries. The target customers of the different country are different. They set their marketing plan and strategy according to their target customers. The ann. also sponsors of different social developments programs. Professionalism There is no doubt about the professionalism of HASH bank. In below I give a graph of last three years net income of the bank. Figure : Net Income of HASH (2006-2008) In 2006 and 2007 the revenue of the bank is in increasing trend but in 2008 due to global recession net income of the bank is going down.

But compare to other world class the bank condition and income is very good. According to the Forbes Magazine it is world leading bank of the world. So the bank is the most reliable bank of the world. The bank employed most professional people ND who provide the best service to the customers. Information Technology HASH has a world class IT structure and online banking service. The bank provides online banking services all over the world. One customer of HASH bank can easily transfer his fund from India to Australia in a minute. The bank also provides ATM and credit card facilities to their customers.

The customers who are using internet banking the bank provide special security to them. There accounts are more secured. The customers use their account from their country’s bank website. The customers have to maintain the privacy policy fixed by HASH bank. Communication Communication means connected with internal employees and external customers and shareholders. Employees of the bank are to share information with their colleagues. They are also free to make contract personally and officially to their colleagues. HASH arrange different types of cultural programs for their prime customers and colleagues and their family members.

In this way HASH maintain their communication. The bank also sends souvenirs to their customers at different religious and cultural occasions. Freedom of Action Freedom of action means the employees freedom to take any actions. It is the right of the employees to participate in the strategy development meeting and they are free to give their opinion in the meeting. As well as the employee Of the bank are free to discuss any topic to their line manager. They are free to provide solution to their customer, which is also a good sign of independence of their customers.

Censorship on the Internet It is very important to the customers what kind of information bank share with others. HASH maintain a very strong privacy policy for their customers. If a customer wants a copy of their privacy policy he or she can easily collect the logic through the mail from the HASH. In internet they also maintain a very strong censorship policy. Here a customer can get only the information of the products. Only who has the permission of access the account from the online only they can see the information from the internet. So it can be said that HASH has a good censorship policy for the safety of the customers.

Computers and Work All kind of banking transaction of the bank is performing through internet. The bank is maintaining all databases in computer and the employees of the bank perform their task in computer. The bank has a strong computer outwork all over the world. So they can easily share the information from one country to another in every minute. All kind of financial analysis of the customers is done through computers. The financial experts are done the task. Law When HASH bank starts banking in a country it is incorporated as a subsidiary company of HASH holding Pl.

In several stock exchange its share are traded as HASH Holding Pl. It starts banking service as a private bank and follows the rule and regulation of the parent country. The bank follows the international banking law and the bank maintains a strong privacy policy for their customers. Security Security of money is a prime conscious of the customers. If the customers do not fill comfortable they will not deposit their money in the bank. HASH has 100 million customers all over the world. So HASH gain the trust of the customers. The customers of the HASH believe that, their money will remain secure in the bank.

The bank experts decide in which sectors they will invest the depositors’ money that will give the highest return to them. So the shareholders of the bank are secure for their share value. Another meaning of the security of the bank is to secure information of the customers. HASH ann. has maintained a strong privacy policy for their customers so there is very low chance to publish any kind of information from the bank. As well as the bank has a very strong internet censorship program. So, only registered customers of the bank can access their information from the website.

These are all about the ethical practices of the HASH Bank. So, at the end it can be said that they maintain their ethical issue very strongly. It is another reason of their success in the banking industry. Legal system of Spain Brief Description of Spain Kingdom of Spain is the official name of Spain. It is located in the southern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the members European Union (ELK). Madrid is the capital city of Spain. Official language is Spanish. Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy is the ruling system of Spain. 04,030 square kilometer is the total area of Spain. Euro is the currency name of Spain. In 2008, 46 million people are living in Spain. According to World Bank it is the ninth largest economy in the world, fifth in the Europe. It is also the third largest world investors. It is business friendly country. The legal system and other legal issue are discussed elaborately in low- The Legal System Constitutional Status: The Spanish Constitution of 1 978 is the foundation of the Spanish transition to democracy. It is a constitutional monarchy. Cortes Generates is the name of its bicameral parliament.

Monarch appoints and nominate the executive branch (consists of a Council of Ministers) presided over by the President of Government, it is confirmed by the Congress of Deputies following legislative elections. King Juan Carols has established political custom since the ratification of the 1 978 Constitution; the most popular parties of the who nominated by the king seats in the congress. Origin of Law: The nominated members of the government make the rules and regulation of Spain. According to the 1 978 Spain Constitution Spanish Court System is governed by the judicial council.

It is free from the domination Of the legislative and executive branches Of Government. Source of Law Spanish Constitution should be the source of law. But the historical reasons civil code regulates the law of the country. There are three types of law. That’s: law, custom and general principal of law. Spanish legal system is hierarchical. In below the types of law are given. The rank is higher to lower: Organic Law Ordinary Law Decree-Law selective Decree Regulation International Treaties European Community legislation Court Structure Spanish court structure is hierarchical.

Structure of the Spanish court is given in the next page. Chart 1: Court Structure of Spain l. Supreme Court: The Supreme Court is the highest level of justice in the Spanish system. Though it is based in Madrid but its jurisdiction extends throughout the Spanish territory and over all judicial matters. Supreme Court is divided into five Chambers- – Civil – Criminal – Social – Military and – Administrative ii. National Court: National Court has its jurisdiction all over the Spain. It is located in Madrid. It has three chambers.

That’s: – The Criminal Chamber: the cases involves with royal family, high official, major drug trafficking are deals in the criminal chamber. – The Administrative Chamber: in this chamber hires and apples against ministers and secretaries decision. – The Social Chamber: it is bigger than the autonomous committee. It tries the special process for contesting collective bargaining agreements applicable to a territory. Iii. Regional High Court: This is the highest level of justice within each autonomous committee. It is divided in to four chambers: Civil Criminal Administrative Labor iv.

Provincial Court: the provincial court deals with civil and criminal cases. It is located in the capital of province. Its jurisdiction extends throughout the province. It has two portions: – Civil Section – Criminal Section v. Tribunals: Tribunal court is divided into three parts: – Central Criminal Court -Administrative Court -Criminality d. Different Forms of Business Allowed to Operate and the Laws Governing Them Spain is a business friendly country. According to World Bank it is the ninth largest economy in the world, fifth in the Europe. It is also the third arrest world investors.

There are mainly four forms of business organization can be formed in Spain: that Sole Proprietorship Partnership and Company corporation Partnership business is two kinds- Limited Partnership General Partnership Company can be formed in European Public Limited liability company emitted liability company New limited liability company Spain welcomes all foreign investor to invest in the country. The investor need to meet with some legal requirements to invest in Spain. The legal requirements are – minimum capital, minimum share holder, and to maintain some legal corporate obligation.

Dispute Resolution Procedure Arbitration is the only procedure which is follow to solve dispute outside of the court. The procedure is set by the parties in the absence of agreements. The procedure is set by the arbitrators. The exits cases are not the subject of arbitration. Laws relating to Copyrights Spanish copyrights law is set by the Spanish govern. According to the copyright law the author of literacy, the scientific research documents are protected in the law. The law is first installed in January 1879. In the time of origination it was influenced by the French Copyright Law.

In 2006 the law as modified and it approved by the Royal Legislative. The law covers the area of all original works of literature, science, art, music, and movie. It is not mandatory that the creator must registered the work but if he registered the work than that person will get some advantages. It is providing prima facie to the creator. Trademarks New trademarks law enforced in 31 July 2002. According to the law if the applicant has no third parties then he will take the rights of the trademarks. If there is any third party also applicant for the same trademarks then none of the parties will get the rights of the trademarks.

On the other hand if one party apple for the trademarks earlier than another party then the prior party will get the registration. Patents Patents right is preserved in Spain by the Patents Act 2002. There is also the Patents Regulations 1953. Royal Legislative is the major persons of patents related issues. Following purposes are served by this act: Administration Pattern Maintaining the patents register. Providing the patents forms and other applications and documents forms. Determining the patterns fees. Receiving the pattern fees. Publish the pattern in the official journal. Registering patent attorneys.

Any Spanish person or any foreign neutral person gets the opportunity to patents his works. Royal Legislative becomes involved in proceedings when an opposition to the grant of an IP right is filed, when a revocation application is made, or when a hearing is requested. A panel of Assistant Commissioners (Hearings Officers) gives decisions on matters referred to the Commissioner for hearing. Designs The Designs Act 2002 is the main law relating to designs in Spain. It is supported by the Designs Regulations 1954. Following purposes are served by the Design Act 2002: Design registers should be maintained.

Power and the function of the design should be defined. Design and document should be provided. Determining design fees. Collecting design fees. Commissioner deal with designs issues in the hearing office and this office is the primary place for judicial cases of deign. Royal Legislative becomes involved in proceedings when a revocation application is made, or when a hearing is requested. A panel of Assistant Commissioners (Hearings Officers) gives decisions on matters referred to the Commissioner for hearing. Royal Legislative publishes a number of practice guidelines that are used as a reference tool for examiners of designs.

They set out procedural and legal matters relevant to the examination of applications of Designs under the Act. Conclusion These are the brief description of the legal system of Spain. It is said that Spain is a business friendly country. Its law and legal process prove the statements. Changes of HASH due to effects of- Globalization: Globalization helps the multinational financial institution to expand there business all over the world. Early part of 21 SST century more than $1. 5 trillion are traded daily for the expansion of the business. The effects of the globalization to the business organization are: Global Expansion

Tax free rate in different countries Cultural Integration Whole world is a single market Increasing opportunity to use different mass media for promoting the products. Increases the opportunity to diversify the work force. Facing global competition Threats of new entrance Price competition HASH is one of them who have expanding its business all over the world. For example: in 1 990 the bank took over Midland Bank in K. In South America the bank purchased Banc Boundaries of Brazil for $1 bin in March 1997. In 1999 it was an important year for HASH bank. In the year the bank purchased Republic National Bank of New York for $10. Billion.

In the very next year the bank controlled over one of the largest bank in French named Crydid Commercial De France for EH. 6 billion. In May 2008 the bank acquired Investment in India. Now the head office of the bank is in London. In 201 0 the bank will shift its head office permanently in Hong Kong. Share of the HASH bank traded in different stock exchange all over the world. HASH has presence in all over the main global market. The bank use global media to promote the products. All over the work the bank faces global competition with City Bank N. A, Standard Chartered Bank. The bank also faces intention with its other local banks.

Without any question HASH has the most international attendance among the world’s multinational banking giants. The revenue and the trust of the people all over the world are increasing daily. Development in Information, Communication and Technology: HASH has a very strong IT structure. The bank provides online banking services to its customers. The bank has a global virtual network. All kind of customers’ information is maintained in the computer. Development of communication is a major component of the banks. Without time to time development of the communication technology HASH will not come in this tag.

The bank has developed its information, communication technology time to time. Now bank delivers four basic products in its all branches. Internet banking is one of them. HASH is one of the pioneers in internet banking. Upgrading of communication technology is a regular work of HASH. Culture: According to John D. Daniels, Lee H. Redheaded and Daniel P. Sullivan states that Culture refers to the learned norms based on attitudes, values, and beliefs of a group of people. In the age of globalization culture play an important role for the multinational organization like HASH. 325,000 employees in 85 countries work in HASH.

These people have different culture. HASH shows respect to their culture. They design the organization culture in this way that they can follow the rules and regulation to their own country. These are all about the external environment of the HASH. Internal environment of HASH is also very flexible. The employees in the organization are free to make contact with its other colleagues in other country. They can easily share their ideas and point of views with their foreign colleagues and their line managers. HASH is one of the banks who maintain their work life balance policy very strongly.

Flexibility, good training and development aerogram, attractive salary and strong corporate culture are the reasons Of HASH success. Power According to Bloomberg, “HASH is one of world’s strongest banks by some measures. ” It is one of the most powerful financial institutions of the world. HASH is the parent company of Hong Kong. It plays very important role in Hong Kong economy. So it can be said that it influenced the economic policy in Hong Kong. In US and in UK HASH is one of the leading banks. It helps the government to make policy that is related to business for foreign country.

In South Asia the bank works as foreign multinational bank. They influence the overspent to making foreign banking policy. In some countries HASH provide fund to the government or lend money to the government such as- Bangladesh. In these countries bank can easily influence the government to making policy that will help the bank. Politics Political stability is very important for the development of a business organization. It is very good advantage for the HASH that, the main two countries in US and UK from where they mainly operated its worldwide banking business, have very strong democratic system.

The bank operated in 86 countries. All of these countries political system are not same. In some countries political system is very unstable, such as -Pakistan. In some countries political power of those countries are not favorable for HASH. Global political and economic crisis like- World war and world rescission also play very important role in case of multinational company like -HASH. HASH provides banking services all over the world. Now it is age of communication and technology. So any political crisis of a particular country is not play very important role in the total business of a multinational company.

On the Other hand it is very good for the HASH that they did not have to face any major lattice crisis in the recent decades. Law: As a global company it also follows the laws of all countries where it operates. Its local operations are totally controlled according to local banking rules and regulations. HASH is always respectful to laws because without showing respect on laws it is impossible to be a socially responsible ban king institution. In every country where the banks operated its banking services follow the rules set by its central bank. The bank also follows separate law and terms condition for its website and Internet banking.

HASH maintain strong privacy rules for their customers. They do not publish any information to other company without permission of the customers. In case of internet banking the bank provide selected information to the customers. It is the motto of the HASH that they follow the rules and regulation and the being the social responsible company of the country. Choice: People come to the bank mainly for two purposed; one is to deposit their money and other is borrowing fund from the bank. So the banks arrange their products and services according to the customers’ choice. HASH provides banking services to 100 million people all over the world.


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