Pattern of urban development has been extremely correlated with the development of transit systems. History of transit planning in US has been rational comprehensive attack. Later it included Advocacy attack and Communicative action attack because of environmental concerns, conurbation and equity issues. Under federal jurisprudence, all metropolitan countries with a population of more than 50,000 must hold a metropolitan transit program. This program is a design of long scope multimodal comprehensive transit planning aimed at run intoing the mobility needs of a metropolitan country through following 25 old ages from now. In this paper, I will concentrate on rational attack and protagonism paradigm for Metropolitan Transportation Planning and compare the comparative drawbacks and virtues of these two different attacks through instance surveies.

The early 50 ‘s and 60 ‘s saw a major alteration in the mentality of planning. The rational procedure of planning and the system position of be aftering emerged in response to the 1960s physical planning due to societal sightlessness, Utopian planning and its design nature. The early physical planning was criticized non to be cognizant of world of the life infinite. The contrivers did non grok the apprehension of the relationship between societal planning and physical planning. Therefore there was societal sightlessness among contrivers. Peoples were displaced from industrial topographic points to suburbs. Planing radius for the helpers instead than talking for the multitudes. Planning was going a province ‘s map. Government took charge for pull offing lands. There was attempt to pull off economic system through authorities investings.

During post universe war II everything was viewed through political orientation of scientific discipline. Planning besides was considered as scientific discipline and researchable. Peoples were more interested in ‘process ‘ and ‘how ‘ so whole planning system was undergoing alteration. So in respond to this criticisms new Planing theories were developed. This type of planning was described to be proficient, abstract and extremely mathematical.

Rational Planning:

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“ Rational Comprehensive procedure attacks jobs from a systems point of view, utilizing conceptual or mathematical theoretical accounts that relate aims to resources and restraints with heavy trust on Numberss and quantitative analysis. ” – Hudson. The general rational planning procedure involved the stairss of specifying a job, placing options, measuring them, implementing programs and policies and supervising their effects. The rational planning theory had a certain methodological analysis that could be applied to smaller jobs and in a modified signifier. Rational Planning approached jobs from an incorporate position point, utilizing conceptual or mathematical theoretical accounts that relate aims to resources and restraints with heavy trust on Numberss and quantitative analysis. It attempted to side step the issue of struggle by assuming a discernible public involvement. This planning assumed that a community ‘s assorted corporate ends can be measured in some effectual manner. The method strived to be nonsubjective, proficient, and exclude subjective and emotional treatment sparked by divergent perceptual experience of job.

Criticisms of Rational Planning

Rational planning was foremost criticized for being abstract, generalized, missing content or substance and showing a top-down position of planning. Second, there was unfavorable judgment sing the execution procedure. The rational procedure really gave small attending to the inquiry of the programs and policies get implemented. Most contrivers lacked preparation, practical accomplishments to acquire their programs implemented.

Harmonizing to Friedman the rational procedure as additive phases where execution comes subsequently in the procedure ; he explained the necessity of communicating and dialogue non merely in plan-making procedure but besides how programs and policies find the manner to be implemented. Plan execution is ever debatable and execution jobs are unpredictable. Whether execution plan is seen as predating plan-making or proceeding to it, there has to be some policy or program seeking to implement. Implementation requires communicating accomplishments and interpersonal dealingss.

Current Scenario:

The rational planning procedure is practiced in the planning field even today to a great extent. The benefit-cost analysis done for executing of assorted undertakings is a major portion of the procedural planning theory. The unfavorable judgment of the rational planning theory is that in identifying and specifying jobs, something that is assumed to be a job is really a job. Besides the different option proposed and the choice within them should non prefer a peculiar group. The rational planning theory persists in the planning field today with the specialised advisers practising planning. They are hired to work out a certain job with quantitative analysis, proficient attack to job resolution and other analytical accomplishments.

Advocacy planning

Fortunes for the Rise of Advocacy Planning

In the 1960s, the main roads in urban countries were built with ‘cost-benefit analysis, ‘ which measured societal values that determined topographic points to construct the main roads. The main roads were built through hapless countries as a consequence of the value measuring. The value measuring was in favour of certain societal groups ‘ involvements. Therefore, as planning determinations were influenced by political guidance, they seem to be pretermiting the most deprived. In the 1970s, the position of the ‘political nature of be aftering ‘ emerged, and the position of the function of the contriver changed from ‘rational determination shaper ‘ to ‘advocate ‘ who deals with involvements of different groups and therefore trades with political procedures of planning. As in any sort of ‘political procedure, ‘ the advocate position of be aftering implied ‘public engagement ‘ in the procedure of planning. Some of the contextual fortunes in 1960s and 1970s that led to the rise of protagonism planning are: civil rights motion ‘ pupils motion for black power, free address, Vietnam War, Urban Renewal, Uniozation for equal rights, the Great Society Movement for public assistance, Women ‘s Movement and entry of adult females into the work force, exclusion of hapless people from American Dream.

The protagonism contrivers see the public involvement as ‘plural ‘ instead than ‘unitary ‘ . Advocacy contrivers involve ‘public engagement ‘ through ratting and affecting the populace in more audience in the planning procedure. They besides use ‘Inclusive pluralism, ‘ which includes any racial groups, low income groups and minorities in society. Furthermore, equity planning, which is similar to advocacy planning, aims at redistributing resources from public and private to the hapless citizens by implementing policies and plans. The parts of protagonism planning on be aftering theory are that it brought the thought of plural public involvements and inclusive, value-laden judgements.

Criticisms of Advocacy Planning

The unfavorable judgment of protagonism planning was that if the displacement of contrivers concern was from one group to another. Even though protagonism planning favored the disadvantaged group, it wholly was considered to be non concerned with the other groups. Harmonizing to Donald F. Mazziotti ( 1974 ) , a community is a stratum of different groups with varied involvements and there is “ disequilibrium in the comparative distribution of power among involvement groups ” ( Mazziotti, 1974 P 211 ) . It does non acquire into the implicit in cause of the poorness, but merely provides some sort of quick-fix or impermanent alleviation.

Case study 1: The Chicago Area Transportation Study: A Case Study of Rational Planning: This instance survey illustrates executing of the rational planning theoretical account during the late fiftiess and early sixtiess for Chicago metropolitan country. The survey theoretical account outlined in 10 stairss shows the rational ways of planning and its effectivity in act uponing determinations.

Location and Background:

Fifty five old ages ago, the largest transit study of all time conducted was taken to supply informations for the newly-created Chicago Area Transportation Study. The part was non merely turning, but was altering every bit good. This instance survey of Chicago country Transportation Study ( CATS ) followed the rational theoretical account closely and has been a criterion for all transit surveies performed after. Upto this clip main road planning was done upto corridor degree. Started in 1953 Detroit Metropolirtan Area traffic survey, is considered to be first comprehensive metropolitan country transit survey. As a 2nd metropolitan survey CATS was formed in 1955 as an ad hoc public bureau, it pioneered in the usage of computing machine, trip distribution, traffic assignment, and cost benefit analysis. CATS had to urge a program and had no execution duties. It took seven old ages to complete and entire $ 3,500,000 was spent in this procedure.

The Ten Step Rational Model: Harmonizing to Alan black the whole survey can be categorized in 10 additive stairss in which two or more stairss can be performed at the same time. Any mistake in ulterior measure consequence could be corrected by make overing the earlier measure.

Data Collection: This was the largest stage of the survey in which 368 staffs were involved and cost more than one million dollar. The survey country had country of 1236 square stat mis and 5.2 million populations. Personal interview based study was done for 50,000 families with a ratio of one in 30 samples. Using Arial imagination, land usage in whole Chicago was determined and categorized in six classs residential, fabrication, transit, commercial, public edifices and public unfastened infinite. Those countries which were covered under Sunborn Company maps, floor country was measured and classified into 90 classs based on Standard Industrial categorization ( Hamburg and Sharkey 1960 ) . Inventories of bing main road and public theodolite paths were used for transit system study.

Analysis of informations: This stage took more clip than estimated by CATS. Some new find thrilled everyone like measuring of relationship between trip generated and landuse was a new country to research.

Forecasting the future context: CATS devoted major attempt in Land usage projection, Forecast for future trip devising, manner of travel for mark twelvemonth 1980 and it developed a prognosis of economic activity by 50 sectors input end product theoretical account. CATS predicted a 50 % addition in population and a doubling of rider autos to suit an 80 % addition in vehicle stat mis traveled by 1980. and theodolite was approximately 25 % of entire individual trips, but if the figure of theodolite trips was held changeless for 1980 they would lend merely 14 % of the entire individual motions. This received unfavorable judgment for its land usage prognosis since it was non a program but an extrapolation of future tendencies.

Establishing ends: Dr Carroll and Creigton ( manager of CATS ) drafted and discussed these six ends with reding commission.

Greater Speed

Increased Safety

Lower operation cost

Economy in new building

Minimizing break

Promoting better land development

Design Alternatives: in this measure alternate ways to accomplish ends are device by contriver. CATS tested tonss of options for each traffic constituents. Grid Fe was favoured over radial-circumferential ( or cobweb ) form as it disperse the traffic where as radial-circumferential form concentrates the traffic and cause congestion at the centre. Similarly tonss of theodolite webs and alternate main road webs were designed and tested.

Testing Options: This procedure is besides known as gauging impacts and frequently utilizes mathematical and computational theoretical accounts. CATS developed a methodological analysis known as four measure travel demand prediction. These stairss were carried out in following order:

Trip Coevals: A relationship formed on the BASIC of additive arrested development between land usage and trip coevals in 1956 study was used to gauge 1980 trip coevals from each zones.

Modal Split: Trips in each zone was divided in ratio of people utilizing public conveyance and private auto for base twelvemonth and the ratio was used for jutting twelvemonth computation.

Trip Distribution: This was a type of aggregative theoretical account where it is considered all the trips are get downing or stoping at centroid of that zone. An beginnings and finishs tabular array was prepared utilizing gravitation theoretical account or chance theoretical account.

Traffic Assignment: this measure estimated path of each path utilizing “ minimal way algorithms ” ciphering an optimum path from beginning to finish which minimize entire travel cost. By this manner peak clip traffic volume were estimated in each path.

Evaluation of options: four type of cost were estimated for the intent of benefit cost analysis ( Travel clip, accident, operation and building cost ) . All these cost were measured in dollars.

Choice of one option: This measure depends on the determination shapers as contrivers functions are consultative. The policy commission approved plan L-3 and theodolite program. Plan L-3 contained 520 stat mis of freeway and theodolite program recommended building of one new rail line and extension of three of three bing lines, building of parking garages of outer terminus of rail theodolite.

Execution: CATS had no execution power and was reding organic structure to its sponsoring bureaus the metropolis, county, province and federal authorities.

Monitoring: besides known as feedback measure CATS performed this measure really good. Time to clip it produced studies comparing original prognosis with updated tendencies. Due to political grounds really small of program L-3 was implemented but three out of four proposals in the theodolite program were implemented.

Case Study 2:

Case Study II: “ Fruitvale Transit Village Project the Unity Council, Bay Area Rapid Transit District, City of Oakland ”


The Fruitvale community located in Oakland is chiefly a low-income Latino vicinity holding a bulk of Afro-american and Asiatic populations. Community development corporation ( CDC ) formed in 1964 which worked on issues related to Fruitvale ‘s Latino community, came up with the thought of Fruitvale Transit Village.

Initially, multi-level parking garage was proposed on the site next to the Fruitvale Bay country Rapid Transit ( BART ) in the twelvemonth 1991.The community people opposed the proposal since they thought that the undertaking would non be good for the community particularly from economic point of view. Rather, they suggested a undertaking which could make a more pedestrian-friendly ambiance between the station and the nearby commercial territory and which would assist in advancing local concerns. BART had to retreat the undertaking and eventually accepted the community ‘s proposal, and worked with a local community development corporation ( Unity Council ) . In 1999, they came up with a mixed-used development program which costs around $ 100 million. The Unity Council in a partnership with BART has been engaged in using for grants and been doing community engagement in undertaking planning and design.


The chief issue on the multi-level parking proposal was on its location. Although parking was required in the vicinity, the community did non hold upon the proposal since the new installation would increase traffic congestion and was non environmentally sound for the vicinity.

Stake holders:

In this peculiar instance survey, the stakeholders were Bay Area Rapid Transit District ( BART ) , Community development corporation ( CDC ) known as Unity council, and community members of Fruitvale.

Procedure and Role of Stakeholders:

The Unity council was engaged in using for the grants for be aftering undertakings. In February 1992, City of Oakland awarded Unity Council $ 185,000 in Community Block Grant ( CBDG ) financess in order to get down a community planning procedure for regenerating the country around Fruitvale BART station. During two old ages period, Unity Council local stakeholders worked on comprehensive visioning and planning procedure that laid out the parametric quantities for Fruitvale Transit Village. Their community engagement scheme was appreciated and subsequently awarded $ 470,000 FTA planning grant in 1993 by the US DOT for Fruitvale Transit Village.

Identified Subject

The chief aim of the undertaking was to function community by supplying such installations which could make easy handiness and propinquity to and from the vicinity and would keep better environment.

Public Involvement in program doing

Unity council organized workshops in which around 30 people showed up. The chief aim of the undertaking was to assist community make the consensus, to place both positive and negative facets of Fruitvale Community and therefore to assist the council place their development penchants. The consequence was rather productive.Participants identified assorted issues predominating in the community such as offense issue, scarce on retail concern and community services, the community ‘s negative image and eventually deficiency of connectivity between BART station and community.As a consequence, Unity Council Plan came up with the thought of mixed-used development which incorporated lodging, stores, office, library, a kid attention installation, prosaic place and other community services environing BART station. The strength of the undertaking was its community engagement which drove the undertaking further. Series of workshop were conducted and community engagement increased with every following workshops. The initial stage of the workshops was chiefly to acquire the feedback of the community about the programs designed by contrivers. In the undermentioned workshops, participants were asked to supply feedback on two alternate land usage programs prepared by the undertaking design squad based on community ‘s public assistance. This sort of pattern helped the council know the community ‘s vision towards theodolite station and its encompassing country.


The concluding undertaking constituents of Fruitvale Transit Village were to apportion the development on a nine acre parking batch of bing BART station- the site next to station. The development around the BART station includes lodging, retails, societal service bureaus and other commercial activities. The focal point of complex would be an elegant, tree lined prosaic place which connects the entryway of BART station with 12th street concern territory. The place would be accompanied by eating houses and stores which would hike assorted activities such festivals, concerts, etc.

Execution and challenges:

Although there was considerable advancement in planning and designing of Fruitvale Transit, the undertaking encountered assorted hurdlings. One of the major issues was the ownership of the packages. The whole batch was owned by BART. However the job was that due to long standing policy necessitating the bureau to retain ownership of land around theodolite Stationss for effectual long term planning, it could non easy portion with the belongings. The challenge for Unity Council was to carry BART to do an exclusion to this policy and accept a just market monetary value for the belongings. Hence one time once more BART exhibited considerable flexibleness. The land was swapped by Fruitvale Policy commission, which awarded the FDC a 96 twelvemonth rental on the belongings and in bend BART received package behind the theodolite station owned by Unity council and several nearby vacant packages owned by City of Oakland. The 2nd issue was BART parking installation at the station. BART policy required that every parking topographic point which was removed for a undertaking could be replaced elsewhere. Finally, Unity council helped to negociate an understanding leting BART to build parking garage on a belongings owned by Union Pacific Railroad west of station. Finally, in order to keep the prosaic orientated character of Transit Village and to back up community penchants of less traffic congestion and better air quality, Unity council petitioned the City of Oakland for districting regulation that would censor the building of any extra parking infinites within the country of Transit Village, which was eventually passed by the metropolis. Fruitvale Transit Village has set an illustration of theodolite oriented development in lower income interior metropolis community when theodolite oriented development has been successful chiefly in flush suburban locations.

Compare and contrast:

Both of the instance surveies are centered in the issue of transit planning. But, two different be aftering paradigms are used to accomplish the end of better planning in two different locations. First instance survey demonstrates transit be aftering through a rational manner for a metropolitan country, and the 2nd in Santa Ana, California, and the 2nd instance survey examines community benefit in transit planning in Fruitvale, Oakland, California.

Undertaking Definition:

Undertaking definition in the first instance survey of Chicago Area Transportation Study is to fix Transportation Plan for future. It was started in 1955 and took seven old ages to finish. The aim was to fix program for future growing and theodolite installations to accomplish end of Greater Speed, Increased Safety, Lower operation cost, Economy in new building, Minimizing break, and Promoting better land development. Where as in another instance survey of Fruitvale Transit small town undertaking the undertaking definition was economic development of community by theodolite oriented development with a vision to elate the economically weak and minority vicinity next to BART station.

Planing Procedure:

In the first instance survey, CATS uses full reason in planning and demonstrates that rational theoretical account is feasible. Harmonizing to Plummer the nucleus study was an attempt that involved home interviews of 1 out of every 30 families in the survey country. The 57,000 interviews provided a comprehensive individual twenty-four hours log of travel for these families. Another major travel study involved roadside interviews conducted on the margin of the survey country to find the travel in, out and through the country. Separate truck and cab studies were completed, along with a alone study of the public and private theodolite travel.

They produced a usher which was used by policy shapers for several old ages. CATS was a big planning bureau with ample of resources and was independent of bureaucratism. There was no public engagement involved at any phase of procedure. Not many be aftering bureaus get such type of chance. So this was comprehensive attack where they looked at metropolitan country as system whole. Planners were the ultimate determination shapers during the procedure. In this procedure they looked at the past tendencies to project the farther developments and type of urban signifier which would be determined by transit web. The procedure of planning is proficient and quantitative and it involved past tendencies and informations analysis for foretelling future land usage and traffic projection.

Second instance survey of Fruitvale Transit Village was advocacy planning procedure at the vicinity or community degree. This is a good illustration of public engagement, the creative activity of partnerships to get the better of legal, fiscal, and regulative hurdlings ; and the usage of mass theodolite as a lever for regenerating an urban community. Fruitvale is chiefly low income minority community who are underprivileged group where BART proposed multi degree parking next to BART station based on their long scope program to suit the parking demand. CDC opposed the proposal of multilevel parking and advocated for the vision of more pedestrian-friendly ambiance of the Fruitvale community. The whole planning procedure was a political and full of community engagement at every degree. By series of workshops CDC helped community to put their ends and aims. There was strong engagement during this procedure of planning and that is reflected from the figure of participants during the workshops.


In instance of Chicago Area Transportation Study based on the 10 measure rational attack, given several options for main road and theodolite webs in which 1 was selected by the sponsoring bureaus and determination shapers. CATS position was consultative and had nil to make with execution. In instance of Fruitvale Transit Village, during the execution procedure CDC played of import function in coordination and creative activity of partnerships to get the better of legal, fiscal, and regulative hurdlings to see the community vision come true. Fruitvale was converted into the existent undertaking for the occupants of this vicinity as the first low income vicinity to holding theodolite oriented development. With the aid of Unity council BART constructed parking garage on belongings of Union Pacific Rail route West of station.


The documents chiefly discuss two instance surveies for two different attacks Rational comprehensive attack and Advocacy Planning. The instance surveies are done in different attack following different paradigms which came up in different epochs. The instance survey of CATS is done in rational comprehensive attack. Harmonizing to Black, reason in be aftering which continues to be affair of argument. Critic of rational theoretical account does non propose that contriver should be irrational, but they question about reason of theoretical account and compare it with Utopian phantasy. Besides it is easier to transport out rational planning procedure if the bureau is independent and have ample of financess, but to impact the determination doing contrivers they may hold to affect in political relations and forfeit reason to some grade.

Rationalism might bring forth a conservative mentality, which accepts the universe the it is and attempts to explicate it, but does n’t seek to alter it. The effort to be rational may take contrivers to presume restraints that do n’t be. ( Black ) Rational contrivers keeps their head unfastened and acknowledge that there are chances to steer the hereafter.

Advocacy planning which arouse from the unfavorable judgment of the Rational comprehensive planning involved the citizens, community of vicinity occupants into the procedure of planning, reduces the opportunities of procedure acquiring political. In 2nd instance survey of Fruitvale Transit small town CDC advocated for the community demands, ends and aims. It helped the community to oppose the location of parking batch next to BART station and supported underrepresented community. CDC besides helped community to form themselves and besides helped them to acquire grants and financess for successful completion of the Transit oriented development.


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