Although diabolic ownership is non an appealing topic. The Exorcism of Emily Rose. directed by Scott Derrickson. nowadayss many Catholic instructions and is of import to watch and understand the world of the Devil. This film. in deepness. shows the true evilness of the Devil and has many subjects that go along with it. So what is it that makes obsessed individual so chilling. its lone actor’s right? The world of diabolic ownership is so awful in this movie ; there is no uncertainty about the world of the Satan after watching. The world of the Satan is displayed in many ways. For illustration. one of the most obvious shows is when the attorney is affected. She goes place to her flat and the Satan starts “messing” with her. gap doors and intimidating her. Another manner that the world of this dispossession creates horror in the viewing audiences is that it is based on a true narrative.

The miss that was possessed was named Anneliese Michel from Germany. Both of these shows of the world of the Satan show the power of immorality every bit good as the power of the Godhead. Emily. or Anneliese. is possessed by the Satan and her organic structure is taken over. demoing this power. These events have many effects on the audience. It makes them believe about the world of ownership and challenges them to come to their ain apprehension about ownership. Another consequence on the audience is the realisation that “facts” are readings and non ever concrete. Although the prosecuting officers brought in physicians to turn out the priests neglect. they did non hold anything that genuinely eliminated the supernatural possibility.

Another major and of import subject in the Exorcism of Emily Rose is the construct of the “victim soul” and salvation is possible. With this in The Exorcism of Emily Rose. it is seen that the good ever overcomes evil. Erin Bruner. the defence attorney says “Either these things exist. or they don’t. ” This means that she believes it is a fact that if there is a God. there is a Satan and if there is a Satan. there is a God. This was a good defence because it was an emphatic point that the prosecuting officer was as Methodist. therefore he believes in God. taking to him HAVING to believe in the Devil.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose is such a worthwhile movie to watch because of its accurate reading of the supernatural and evil universe. Scott Derrickson developed the world and construct of the “victim soul” phemonionally in this film. This film is really of import in showing the true evilness of the Satan. and true salvation offered by God.

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