Thomas Hardy’s fresh Tess of the D’Urbervilles. the storyteller tells a narrative about a adult female named Tess. Tellurium does non hold any control in her life throughout the book. It seems that the people around her and particularly destine control her life. I agree with E. M Forester’s observation which is: worlds have this semblance that they can command their life.

Tellurium and the other immature ladies attend the May Day dance where Angel and his brothers pass through and Angel wants to be a portion of it. He chooses one immature lady. but unfortunately it is non Tess. Later the storyteller provinces. “He wish that he had asked her ; he wished that he had acquired her name” ( Hardy. 18 ) . Hardy wants us to see that destiny does non desire Tess and Angel to be near in the beginning of the novel. Hardy shows us that destiny will command when they will run into.

In chapter 11 Hardy ne’er reveals the particular inside informations that enables us to make up one’s mind if Tess was seduced or a victim of colza. The storyteller says. “Why it was upon this beautiful feminine tissue. sensitive as gossamer. and practically clean every bit snow as yet. there should hold been traced such a harsh appropriate as it was doomed to receive” ( 74 ) . Hardy’s storyteller describes Alec’s action as ruthless and unfair. but the storyteller does non judge Tess’s behaviour. Tess lived in the Victorian Age. where people judged adult females more harshly than work forces. regardless of the fortunes. Hardy shows us that Tess’s autumn was ineluctable ; it was simply fate and portion of how the universe is. Hardy makes us care about Tess and non judge her determinations because it is fate that is doing those determinations for her.

Tellurium leaves her hometown. and she arrives at Talbothays Dairy. Fate brings Tess and Angel together once more. Their relationship becomes stronger and closer. The storyteller indicates. “Tess had ne’er in her been in her recent life so happy” ( 129 ) . Hardy shows us that destiny is giving her the semblance that she is in control of her life. Hardy points out that her life experiences with fate make her stronger and independent. In add-on. it besides brings her down. It is dry that Tess wants to larn from her life experiences because she is populating by these experiences that fate brings to her. Tellurium is asked by Angel to get married her. She wants to get married him excessively. but her yesteryear ( more like destiny ) is in her manner of her felicity. Fate drives her to state Angel about her yesteryear with Alec. Angel answers. “’Forgiveness does non use to the instance. You were one individual ; now you are another. How can I forgiveness meet such a monstrous presdigiation as that? ’” ( 228 ) . The existence is so hostile towards Tess. and destiny continues to pull strings with her. Hardy shows us. Tess thought that Angel will forgive her because he ever said he loved her. Fate is non merely commanding Tess. but the people she interacts with. The people that she interacts with contribute her to do determinations antagonizing destiny. Tess’s psyche is shattered when Angel ( more like destiny ) knocks her down. Hardy believes no affair what Tess does to better her life. destiny and her wrongs won’t escape her yesteryear. personal and societal life.

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After Tess tells Angel about her past Tess becomes dead to him. He even sleepwalks and carries Tess to her hereditary graveyard and places her in a casket. Tellurium loses her strength and Tells Angel. “‘I will obey you like your deplorable slave. even if it is to lie down and die’” ( 230 ) . Hardy shows us in this scene the ill will of destiny toward Tess. Hardy means for us to accept Tess’s calamity as foreordain. created by the existence and carried out by powers beyond human control. It is similar destiny is demoing or suggesting that she will decease.

Subsequently on in the fresh Tess goes to Angel’s house to happen out what has happened to him. When she reaches his house she over hears his brothers speaking about their matrimony. One of the brother provinces. “’His ill-judged matrimony seems to hold completed that alienation from me which was begun by his extraordinary opinions’” ( 300 ) . Destiny manifests itself once more in Tess’s visit to Angel’s house. in which her tragic class is one time once more influenced by an improbable circumstance. Hardy shows us if she had non heard their conversation. destiny would hold non brought Alec into her life. Fate is ever at every corner where Tess turns. Destiny causes her to do incorrect determinations. which makes her life much worse. Hardy tells us that the effects in her actions in her life are predestined.

In Phase the Sixth Hardy wants us to see that Alec is the symbol of the destiny that makes Tess’s life snake pit. Alec pushes her to do bad determinations. merely like destiny pushes her to do bad determinations. Tellurium is so frighten of Alec’s enticement she writes to Angel stating. “Come to me- semen to me. and salvage me from what threatens me! ” ( 337 ) . Hardy shows us that destiny is coercing Tess to accept Alec’s offer. Fate eventually pushes Tellurium and she accepts his offer. Hardy believes that destiny has brought a supernatural portents to Tess’s life. Hardy wanted the audience to believe that to be destined by destiny is when people have no power and Tess did non hold the power to turn down Alec and she is doomed for much worse.

Towards the terminal of the fresh Angel comes back to regenerate his trueness and love for Tess. Fate forces Tess to interrupt her trueness to Angel. When they see each other she becomes guilty and ashamed. She screams at Alec stating. “’…and you said that my hubby would ne’er come back-never ; and you taunted me. and said what a simpleton I was to anticipate him…And at last I believed you and gave off! …And so he came back! Now he is gone’” ( 381 ) . Tess is already on the brink of devastation ; his return merely intensifies and quickens her decease. Alec and Angel signify the unfairness of destiny in society and the falseness that has left Tess so devastated in spirit. Tess is already lost. though she is alive. she has partly vanished into the somberness of her destiny. Tess says. ““Now I shall non populate for you to contemn me. ” Then “she stood up. agitate herself and went frontward. neither of the work forces holding moved. ‘I am ready. ’ she said quietly’” ( 396 ) . Hardy shows us that she goes to decease unwillingly. The decease of destiny frees Tess from all the wretchedness and hurting from the societal jurisprudence she has lived in. Death brings to an terminal the suffering life that burdened her with reverses and catastrophes caused by destiny. It is besides as if she sacrifices herself for the well being of non merely Angel but for her sister. It is sad that it all has to come down to decease for Tess.

Tellurium of the D’Urbervilles is a fresh that makes us step out of our universe and makes us recognize that the universe around us is non ever traveling to convey us good destiny. There will be reverses in life that won’t ever be settled for people. That destiny will be unfair to others that try to better their life. Hardy teaches his readers about the rough worlds of destiny in the universe and of life.

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Hardy. Thomas. Tellurium of the D’Urbervilles. Ed. Tim Dolin. London. England: Penguin. 2003. Print.


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