The Front Office map of a Hotel is to move as the public face of the hotel, chiefly by recognizing hotel frequenters and look intoing in invitees. It besides provides aid to invitees during their stay, completes their adjustment, nutrient and drink, histories and receives payment from invitees. FRONT OFFICE – is the “ nervus centre ” in the full hotel operations. All the dealing passes through within this section. The Front Office Department comprise of the Reception, Guest Service Offices, Bell Services, Reservation, Operators, Executive Club, Health and Recreation Center and Business Center.

The intent of the Front Office Department is to supply invitees aid with baggage, transit, information refering the hotel and the metropolis, and any other service agreements needed during their stay. Employees of the Front Office Department frequently provide the first and last feeling of the hotel to our invitees. It is hence vitally of import that employees display a prompt and gracious attitude to all invitees and show the excellence in service.

The Front Office Manager who comes under the direct supervising of the manager of suites and supervises the Front Office Department. Important of Front Office Department to the Hotel Hospitality, warm welcome. Often provide foremost and last feeling. Often have longest contact with invitee. Continuity long term service, acknowledgment of repetition invitees, retrieve names, guest histories. Acquaint guest with hotel. Sell hotel nutrient and drink mercantile establishments.

1.0 Question 1

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1 ) Front Office or Front desk ( response ) is the first feeling for lodging constitution. Explain in item about the undertaking and duty of the followers:

Front Office Manager, Assistant Front Office director

Front Desk Representative Night Auditor

Cashier Reservationist

Telephone Operator

Support your reply by giving a Front Office organisation chart adapted from a little Hotel, mid size Hotel and big Hotel.




To pull off forepart of the house operations of the hotel guaranting that the highest criterion of service and the best possible invitee experience is maintained. Be responsible of set uping and keeping professional relationship with hotel invitees and frequenters.


Manage operation of the Front desk including Cashier. Besides that, guarantee that policies and processs are complied with the highest criterion of service and guest satisfaction. Review room handiness position, room obstruction and particular petitions on a day-to-day footing through working closely with Reservations Manager and liase on all groups and FIT motions. Monitor unfastened and close on twenty-four hours position to maximise room gross and show the construct of output direction. Ensure that budget and cost effectivity at the Front Desk is achieved. Other than that, work with Housekeeping and Engineering on day-to-day operations respects to guestroom position. Handle guest ailments and reappraisal regards. Review Front Desk Logbook daily to supervise all activities. Review all VIP room barricading. Supervise and develop all Front Desk staff to guarantee that the best invitee experience is provided. Familiarize with Front Office policies and processs and particular rate & A ; plans. Participate forenoon briefing, or form afternoon hand-over briefing day-to-day and disseminate information to Reception squad every bit shortly as possible. Greet invitees as clip permits at anteroom and aids Receptionist during busy period. Chair monthly Reception meeting to reexamine public presentation & A ; discourse bing jobs for betterment. Approve responsibility roll prepared by Chief Receptionist and revise if necessary. Always carry on your occupation with concern for the environment and its resources. Where practical and possible, REDUCE usage of points, RE-USE whenever possible, and RECYCLE those points that can be. Perform all responsibilities, other than the above as requested by the hotel policies and/or his/her direct supervisor.



Job intent of Assistant Front Office Manager is to supply counsel and leading as the Asst. Front Office Manager, guaranting the bringing of consistent quality client service.


Aid in the daily operation of the hotel front office.

Oversee the operational activities of the hotel forepart desk within hotel guidelines to supply the highest criterion of gracious service while allowing acceptable net income degrees. Assign, co-ordinate, and supervise work activities of Front Desk Agents. Ensure work is completed to include, switch shuttings, room sedimentations, refunds and discounts. They besides must develop and develop Front Desk Agents. Prepare staffing agendas, complete paysheet, and proctor labour costs to budget figures. Prepare and behavior Front Desk meetings and decide issues. Besides that, execute house counts and reexamine day-to-day reachings, place possible jobs with roomsi??i?? activity and take appropriate action. Supply information and way to staff to accomplish 100 % tenancy. Review and decide difference histories and Housekeeping disagreements and fix a displacement briefing to pass on activities, short return preparation, and any jobs and/or particular information to the following displacement. Perform check-in and out processs. Last, take personal duty for rectifying client service jobs.



Job intent of Front Desk Agent is to execute all desk related maps including but non limited to look intoing invitees in and out, doing room reserves, giving recommendations, and supplying waies


Provide quotes for room rates and up-sell the invitee when possible and assist in organizing the Front Desk and the Housekeeping Department. Verify that the correct charges and credits are posted to the corresponding invitee pagination and cod payment for charges on the guest pagination. Besides that, guarantee all hard currency and hard currency equivalents are accounted for and balanced at the beginning and terminal of each work displacement. Responds to guest enquiries. Provide administrative, response and plan support to direction and staff.Manage phone activity including supplying general cognition to companies. Pull off walk-in traffic. Sign in invitees as needed. Smile and greet clients in a welcoming mode. Last, they besides must register and delegate suites to guest and decide guest ailments within range of authorization ; otherwise refer the affair to the direction.



Responsible for accommodating hotel paperwork, posting to guest histories, shuting the twenty-four hours, recognizing all invitees in a pleasant, gracious and enthusiastic mode while registering guest information and subsiding invitee histories for the Hotel.


Audit hotel paperwork to guarantee the twenty-four hours has balanced Posts room charges and revenue enhancements to guest histories. Then they must, verify all history posters and balances. Verifies all hotel paperwork is right and balanced. Runs preliminary studies. Processes no shows and stopping point of twenty-four hours. Stocks the forepart desk with day-to-day supplies. Besides that, registry geting invitees while implementing TRC service criterions. Settle guest histories with the ability to do good concern determinations sing price reductions. Must be knowing in doing reserves. Greet invitees and supply door service and bell/valet service when needed. Ability to run multi-line phone. Supply invitees with information on local attractive forces. Resolutenesss or refers to Management wholly guest concerns, ailments or suggestions in a uninterrupted attempt to supply superior guest service. Remains current on room rates, room handiness and exigency processs. Remains current on groups and belongings events.

Direct work flow of Guest Service Attendants sing guest baggage and agreeableness demands. Furthermore, ensures direction is cognizant of guest particular petitions or demands. Ensures guestsi??i?? profiles are decently noted in the Micros Property Management System for action by the appropriate hotel section prior to check-in. Maintain visual aspect criterions as outlined in departmental and TRC policies. Supply information and explain Players Club benefits, belongings comfortss & A ; selling plans to our invitees. Provide gracious service to our invitees and be affable to all Team Members. Last Communicate efficaciously both orally and in authorship and. Keep a good attending record.



Receive and pay out money in constitutions other than fiscal establishments. Normally involves usage of electronic scanners, hard currency registries, or related equipment. Often involved in treating recognition or debit card minutess and formalizing cheques.


Receive payment by hard currency, cheque, recognition cards, verifiers, or automatic debits.. Compile and keep non-monetary studies and records.. Monitor check-out procedure Stationss to guarantee that they have equal hard currency available and that they are staffed suitably. Post charges against guestsi??i?? or patientsi??i?? histories. Offer clients carry-out service at the completion of minutess. Answer customersi??i?? inquiries, and supply information on processs or policies. Cash cheques for clients. Weigh points sold by weight in order to find monetary values bag, box, wrap, or gift-wrap ware, and fix bundles for cargo.

Sort, count, and wrap currency and coins. Procedure ware returns and exchanges. Pay company measures by hard currency, verifiers, or cheques and bespeak information or aid utilizing paging systems. Stock shelves, and grade monetary values on shelves and points. Calculate entire payments received during a clip period, and accommodate this with entire gross revenues. Compute and record sums of minutess. Sell tickets and other points to clients. Keep periodic balance sheets of sums and Numberss of minutess. Issue grosss, refunds, credits, or alteration due to clients in conclusion, count money in hard currency shortss at the beginning of displacements to guarantee that sums are right and that there is equal alteration.



A reserve agent serves an of import function in supplying information to clients by usage of telephone and other communicating media. Reservation agents can be employed by assorted bureaus involved in reserving travel topographic points for travellers. The information that bureaus provide relates to do inside informations, Tourss, agendas, repasts, and other of import issues that affect clients. Reservation agents can book topographic points for the client through on-line minutess. As such, they must be good equipped with computing machine accomplishments. Reservation agents can reach clients through telephone conversation and back them up with a assortment of reserve package on computing machines. The agents work on agendas that vary greatly with displacements that guarantee that the agencyi??i??s offices are unfastened 24 hours a twenty-four hours.


Giving replies to questions by clients and reding them consequently sing engagements and reserves. Helping clients who encounter jobs in obtaining engagement or runing self service equipment and walking around with clients and guaranting that they secure whatever services they are in demand of. Guaranting that clients have entree to assorted services without a enlistment. Geting information about countries of involvement in order to aim more clients in peculiar seasons. Last doing agreements for clientsi??i?? travel plans. Helping clients to make full in reserve signifiers.



Telephone operator occupation is to reply telephone calls, recognizing companies with a positive, clear voice, replying general inquiries about the hotel and reassigning companies to other sections.


This person will make relationships with the invitees that lead to Renaissance and belongings trueness. This single serves as the chief point of contact for all guest petitions and demands.

The person is responsible for replying calls, entering the guest petitions and so prosecuting the issue to a declaration and so, .the single must exhibit gracious cordial reception at all times and to the full ain each guest issue. When in communicating with the invitee, the person must be proactive in every country, including offering extra services. Last, most significantly, the single must organize the response to the invitee issue and so followup with the invitee to guarantee satisfaction with the consequence.

1.3 Decision

As decision, this assignment to cognize different organisational constructions in hotels, update and develop processs necessary to pattern in all facets of fire, wellness and safety in the hotel workplace, supplying effectual leading in the function of receptionist, inform and instruct trainee receptionist in a positive attitude to the duties and responsibilities of front office, an overview of occupation chances and patterned advance, interpret occupation descriptions and procedure applications.

Small hotel

Medium hotel

Large hotel


2 ) Front office staffs must hold certain accomplishments to pull invitees during the first feeling. Write about Front Office staff accomplishment in invitee dealingss.

2.1 Introduction

The Front Office Department comprise of the Reception, Guest Service Offices, Bell Services, Reservation, Operators, Executive Club, Health and Recreation Center and Business Center. The intent of the Front Office Department is to supply invitees aid with baggage, transit, information refering the hotel and the metropolis, and any other service agreements needed during their stay. Employees of the Front Office Department frequently provide the first and last feeling of the hotel to our invitees. It is hence vitally of import that employees display a prompt and gracious attitude to all invitees and show the excellence in service.


First, the front office staff should hold a good personality, good dressed and orderly. Persons who well dress suggest power and position ; hence, the first feeling is merely portion of making a positive relationship between the hotel and the clients. Harmonizing to Fitzsimmons and Fitzsimmons ( 1998 & A ; 1994 ) presented that the front office staff must show an faultless outward visual aspect to clients.

Second, the staff should be competent. They should cognize basic merchandise cognition, type of suites and hotel installations in the hotel. As Binham ; Lampola ; & A ; Murray ( 1982: 17 ) suggested that front office staff should cognize many types of suites and explicate each type of suites which are individual suites, dual suites, twin suites, suites, linking suites and bordering suites.

Third, the invitees may hold different speech patterns in English and some words are hard for front office staff to understand due to the different states, peculiarly, for the reserves or the operators who deal with clients by phone. White and Beckley ( 1988 ) mentioned that front office staff should utilize alphabetic system which is similar to the system that used by travel agents and air hoses. Tanpipat ( 1994 ) suggested an alphabet to be used, for illustration, M for Mike, N for Nancy, P for Peter. Furthermore, White and Beckley ( 1988: 51 ) pointed out that when telephone operators answer the telephone, they should place themselves, denote the name of the hotel, with the add-on of i??i??Good morningi??i?? or i??i??Good eveningi??i?? with the appropriate modulation. The extra words, i??i??May I help you? i??i?? will give the feeling of willingness to function, which is all of import in hotel.


In decision, front office staff should do their invitees happy and satisfied. As keys to the guest satisfaction driver, the front office staffs are critical to the continued success of the hotel. They offer changeless invitee interaction, with the most diverse operating exposure in the hotel. The of import thing, the front office staff will besides reflect the image of the hotel to the clients and they have a acute sense to expect the invitees, demands and exceed their outlooks.


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