This research outlines in inside informations how Jamaica Tourist Board could market Jamaica as a state for visit entreaty, it besides disseminates the step to be put in topographic point and how other parties could help in developing the people of the state, their vision, history and civilization. It goes on to lucubrate the importance of a Master Plan and why it ‘s needed to construct the touristry industry of Jamaica.

Tools/Techniques to market a finish such as

Jamaica for visit entreaty.

Taging a finish utilizing pilotage system:

JTB could implement a Handbook/Pamphlet which would complement the pilotage system would dwell of a route map this route map would foreground all the site seeing finish in Jamaica from seeking the best eating houses to the top 10 five ( 5 ) star hotels. The handbook/pamphlet will come in ready to hand naming the full finish and a short description about the keen location. Jamaica ‘s Once you go, you know navigation system has a batch to offer and more. Jamaica Tourist Board could efficaciously market Jamaica in a sense that this would be a long term investing and could increase touristry in Jamaica by 5 % due to the fact that engineering has been vastly increasing in today ‘s universe, and with this pilotage system all your research can be done in one topographic point, whether its happening a circuit operator or travel agent that ‘s connected to the system, happening finish would be every bit easy as if you been there earlier. What better manner to demo the universe what Jamaica has to offer for the best holidaies or honeymoon finish? Once you go, you know.

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Brand Jamaica Launch:

With Jamaica ‘s historic entreaty, to its dramatic positions it ‘s a state with more than merely Sun, Sea and Sand being an attractive tourer site seeing finish which is yet to be discovered by tourer around the word, why non take it to them and demo them what the 3rd ( 3 ) largest Caribbean island called Jamaica has to offer. The purpose is to entwine the trade name with our cultural ; as Jamaicans, from our nutrient, our dance, reggae music and jocks by holding phase shows about our history to public presentations from creative person to subscribing booth with jocks by holding this launch twelvemonth unit of ammunition to finishs like Europe, Australia, Italy, UK, Canada and the US by conveying a small of Jamaica to the tourer. With JTB Having a ‘Brand Jamaica ‘ launch would convey Jamaica to the four forepart of finish entreaty for tourer attractive force.

Social media:

Facebook is one manner of linking JTB ‘s web site to LinkedIn, chirrup and other societal web web site which can greatly multiply our tourer attractive force and can do a immense impact on the state merely by utilizing these sites to heighten the states appeal, merely another ideal manner to convey tourer to us. JTB would post when there ‘s new price reductions on tickets to Jamaica, events such as, Jazz and Blues, SumFest and Spring interruption day of the months and a whole batch more to inform our visitants on a larger graduated table who wishes to see Jamaica during seasons like these.

Bridal Expo:

Harmonizing to Tourism and Entertainment curate Wykeham Mcneil, argued that Jamaica is the perfect finish for presenting nuptialss and that the state should maximise on its possible income from this market. With this selling scheme JTB could join forces with stakeholders such as private sectors: hotelkeepers and attractive forces such as marrying finish in the cordial reception industries to unite bundles for newlyweds and persons who wishes to acquire married in Jamaica. By making this JBT would be marketing the Brand name Jamaica and travel up the ranks as a preferable finish for nuptialss ( Observer, 2012 ) .

Branding athleticss run:

In the recent 2012 Olympics Jamaica won four gold, four Ag and four bronze and with a state of 2.8 million people it captured the universe ‘s imaginativeness by our winning and gaining the rubric of the universe ‘s fastest ( and coolest ) state in the Caribbean. Harmonizing to Edmund Bartlett “ the impact on Brand Jamaica from Usain Bolt, to Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and the other jocks, win its incomputable in value, therefore they provide an transcending sum of positive free promotion across the Earth and has become synonymous with Jamaica ” ( News, 2009 ) . JTB can now actively pursue program as it relates to our jocks by associating athleticss and touristry together in Jamaica, in advancing the athleticss run plan to drive the state potency. JTB could implement by promoting the authorities and stakeholders in the touristry industry to construct a athleticss installation for this chance that can drive the state potency to greater highs.

SWOT Analysis


With this new advanced merchandise holding everything in one pilotage system to the figure tips of the client ( tourer ) saves clip, money and adds value to the trade name ( Brand Building ) .

This will better and beef up the Brand Name of Jamaica by making out to tourist on a wider graduated table around the universe.

Globalizing on the Jamaica Brand utilizing the societal media which has about 1090 million active users combine can hold a good impact on the state.

Having Jamaica as a preferable finish for presenting weeding to efficaciously market the state and to guarantee that the merchandise is in tandem with accepted consumer demands.

Adds value to our jocks and the Jamaica Brand which can increase touristries by 5 % .


Not compatible with all coevals E.g. The seniors

Limited usage of engineering on a wider base. That is aged tourer may non be fond of the new merchandise.

Particular events like Jazz and Blues and Reggae SumFest and other locales lack proper installations such as parking and other comfortss.

Poor care of substructure to keep the state ‘s sustainable and eco-tourism environment.

Athlete ‘s agendas may non bind into the athleticss trade name Jamaica circuit.


To promote locals with international entreaty to back and showcase trade name Jamaica. Example Athletes and Jamaican Celebrities.

Push for authorities to set in statute law that protects the rational belongings that is Brand Jamaica while at the same time censoring any knock bearing the Jamaican trade name that is n’t autochthonal.

Encourage stakeholders to put in a sporting installation to hold jocks abroad be trained by Jamaican trainers.

Maximized on the state ‘s possible from this market.

To construct on Brand Jamaica from the state ‘s jocks which can supply an transcending sum of positive and free promotion across the Earth.


Having unequal human resource capacity to assist use engineering for marketing entreaty.

Poor care of sustainable environment can diminish the per centum of visitants by either air or sea.

Competition in utilizing the same beginning ( societal web ) as other states within the part.

Environmental sustainability. The environment is the merchandise and if it continues to degrade this will endanger the hereafter of the industry and the saving of natural home ground, which in fact would diminish the true significance of puting on presenting weddings/honeymoons within the state.

If the authorities does non set measurings into topographic point to protect the rational belongings of our jocks states like Japan and China will construct from the Jamaican jock ‘s trade name.

Three ( 3 ) Procedure involved in developing a Maestro Plan

Purpose of the Master Plan:

Why would JTB desire to implement a ‘Master Plan ‘ ? As it relates to the kineticss of the growing, base on a sustainable market option for tourer, heightening the visitant experience and entreaty and puting more on community base development to keep the state ‘s environmental sustainability. The Master Plan “ seeks to steer the industry ‘s development over the following decennary by making a strategic vision for its growing and development and set up an enabling environment to assist it recognize that vision ” which fundamentally an lineation of a mark and what the state wants to achieve/accomplish within a set period and that is, its growing marks as seen in the diagram below:

Maestro Plan Targets 2000 – 2010


Baseline 2000

Growth Rate ( % p.a. )

Stop-over Arrivals ( 000 )



Cruise Passengers ( 000 )



Visitor Expenditure ( US $ million )



Room Stock






GDP Contribution

8 %

Net forex part ( US $ million )



In order for the state to run into its mark an “ Action Plan ” as to be put in topographic point, this is an institutional model for the maestro program that would include the development Council and a Steering Committee established with the delegated authorization of the Prime curate. Harmonizing to the Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism development in Jamaica the purpose of the program is to ( Secretariat, 2002 ) :

Supply a comprehensive planning model for the development of one of Jamaica ‘s prima industries.

Elaborate on the vision of the hereafter ‘s way, form and composing of the industry that can function to steer the actions of the immense figure of stakeholders in the industry to a common end and intent.

Put option in Details the clip and sequence of the major plans, along with functions and duties of cardinal participants, institutional agreement and resources demands for conveying the vision to fruition.

Formulation of the Tourism Master Plan:

Before forming the program the focal point of the merchandise has to be the Jamaican people along with their heritage and what makes Jamaica alone and the most rewarding. First at that place has to be a strategic vision for the industry, so a selling scheme which has to be put in topographic point to do this vision existent, by puting out the measuring and demands to better the fight of the touristry industries, steps to develop the state ‘s heritage assets, like our civilization, historic and natural environments like Port Antonio, and moreover elaborate the action program to cover with issue of sustainable touristry and do communities the bosom of the touristry merchandise. Hence touristry is n’t merely approximately Jamaica as a state but the people of the state as a whole that makes up touristry industry.

Role of the program – is intended to cover a 10 twelvemonth period.

To supply a strategic vision for development of the finish.

Ensure that the private sector have entree to resources.

Marketing Schemes:

Selling is a important portion of any maestro program for positioning Jamaica ‘s industry by placing its mark market, from the state ‘s attractive force, history, resorts, historic finish, and civilization to events. The selling scheme tends to increase the growing of the state based on its rich heritage. This will increase ;

The proportion of VFR ( sing friends ‘ relations ) visitants.

Stopover visitants.

Visitors that stay in regular hotels against across-the-board hotels.

FIVE external participants that could help a CVB with execution of a Destination Marketing Plan

The convention and Visitor Bureau ( CVB ) is a not-for-profit organisation supported by room revenue enhancement, authorities but, private rank or a combination of any or all three ( 3 ) . There are a figure of participants and or organisation that could help the CVB with execution of a finish selling program, see a list of five ( 5 ) below ;

Jamaica Cultural Development Commission ( JCDC )

Jamaica Hotel and touristry Association ( JHTA )

Jamaica Vacations Limited ( JAMVAC )

Association of Jamaica Attractions Ltd. ( AJAL )

Jamaica Association of Villa and Apartment

TWO Economic Significance of that aid:

Jamaica Cultural Development Commission ( JCDC ) is known for set uping the Jamaica Festival Commission. It ‘s a company that offers a multidemnsion of services, which promotes the state ‘s civilization utilizing plans and activities in community throughout island. JCDC could help the CVB with a selling program by exciting the development of local endowments by agencies of preparation, exhibitions, workshops, pageants, competitions, parades etc. JCDC is besides responsible for the National Celebratory and Commemorative Events such as Miss Lou Week, Bob Marley Symposia, Independence Anniversary Celebrations and the list goes on, they would be important to the economic system on a dynamic degree, harmonizing to Maxine Henry “ on the Social economic facets of as it relates to the skill degree of work force the services offered by JCDC throughout the island twelvemonth unit of ammunition contributes in a important manner to hike touristry reachings, hotel tenancy rates and visitant outgo. ” All over the Earth there is ‘Jamaica – this and Jamaica – that ‘ the truth is the synergism between touristry and the humanistic disciplines our cultural and amusement is one manner JCDC capitalized on the Brand name Jamaica and our keen heritage.

Jamaica Hotel & A ; Tourist Association is an organisation which represents Jamaican hotels, the most providers of goods and services and visitant adjustments. JHTA could help the CVB who ‘s purpose is to actively promote the touristry and cordial reception concern in Jamaica ‘s industry to derive the ‘Hospitality Assured Certification ‘ to advance the state ‘s civilization of quality and service excellence, in making so they will be seting in topographic point values and rule that supports a civilization of dynamic excellence. The impact this will hold on the economic system would hold a batch to make with the exchange rate/economic growing rate and stableness of currency ( rising prices ) . For a state that ‘s edifice on its economic sustainability to keep its growing globally and locally, with this execution it can increase concern public presentations and overall fight of touristry within Jamaica.


In decision the purpose of this research is circulating on finish selling within Jamaica. With a state that ‘s part is a competitory market, Jamaica has to heighten and construct on its possible which would do it differ from other Caribbean islands.

Sun, Sand and sea is the Caribbean ‘s chief attractive force and with a tropical clime we all compete for the same end. It ‘s known that Jamaica ‘s top beginning of income ( gross ) is the touristry industry. Statisticss have shown that visitant reachings by air and sea hit a record of 3.07 million in the twelvemonth 2011an 8.4 % hike year-on-year, which beat the old record six old ages ago ( Jackson, 2012 ) . If the authorities should put more on the state ‘s possible and diminish the economic factors it faces, in interceding with public and private sectors in the touristry industries, more occupations could be created for the people of the state and besides increase touristry by 5 % . Hence the greater accent is the merchandise and the merchandise begins with the Jamaican people and their heritage combines with the sustainably attractive force of the state which makes it alone and most rewarding.


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