The Futile Effort of Vengeance From the beginning of human life, the effort of vengeance against others has caused countless horrible things to happen. Every act of terror has been caused by someone revenge, or an attempt of Justifying a wrongdoing done to a group of people or an individual. These things have caused millions of deaths throughout human history. This is presented in the novel Tale of Two Cities written by Charles Dickens. Throughout the entire novel there is a continual indignant tone towards the nobles of France and England.

Dickens uses the violent scenes in Tale of Two Cities to demonstrate three things: nothing is attained through revenge, one will lose sight of original goals trying to get revenge, and efforts of revenge bring out barbaric and annalistic qualities in humans. Nothing is really gained in revenge; what may seemed to have been gained is surely temporary. This is demonstrated all throughout Dickens’s novel Tale of Two Cities. Early in the book, the arrogant Marquis kills Gasper’s son by trampling him over with his horse and Cambridge.

As Gaspers weeps in the loss of his son, the marquis throws a coin as his retribution for killing a boy. Not long after, the marquis is found murdered by Gaspers with a note reading, “Drive him fast to his tomb. This, from Jacques”(Dickens 182). By doing this, Gaspers associates himself the revolutionaries. A group whose sole purpose is to exact revenge on the aristocrats. In the end Gaspers is caught and sentenced a horrible death, “hanged there forty feet high-and is left hanging, poisoning the water”(Dickens 190).

His rotting body singsong the water of the village is almost a sign of how nothing is gained through revenge. Dickens also uses the violent scenes in Tale of Two Cities to demonstrate that in an effort of revenge, one will lose sight of the original goals previously set. Madame Defanged is a perfect of expel of this. Driven by the the murder of her family, she ruthlessly seeks revenge on the entire Overdone Family. She originally wants to create social equality but it shown later that this is no longer the case. It is almost as if her sole life goal is to get revenge upon the aristocrats.

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In the third book there is a scene where Carton, who looks almost identical to Charles Darn walks into the Deferrer’s wine shop. Madame Defanged and her vengeful paranoia is spooked by the idea that one of the men that her life goal is to kill may be in a room with her. Madame Defanged suspiciously tells her husband, “l swear to you, like Overdone! “(Dickens 334). Madame defanged has a clear obsession with seeking revenge upon the nobles; it is a part of her daily life. Unlike the Madame, Defanged has reason and says to Madame, “but one must stop somewhere.

After all, the question is still where? “, Madame Defanged replies, “at extermination”. Madame defanged is clearly crazed with her seeking of revenge. Her original goal of creating fair social standing is long gone. The only thing she carries with her now is her selfish revenge seeking mindset. Lastly, Dickens uses violence in his novel to show the barbaric and annalistic qualities brought out in efforts of revenge. Dickens sets the scene with a mob of “Shouldering one another to get next at the sharpening-stone”(Dickens 271).

Dickens goes on to say that, ” Some of the hacked swords were tied to the wrists of those who carried them, with strips of linen and fragments of dress”(Dickens 271). All of them with the same, “red in their frenzied eyes”(Dickens 271). These revolutionaries have no regard or respect for human life. They are simply in an effort to kill. The fact that they could cut someone’s arm off and keep it with them while killing more people demonstrates the barbarianism of the revolutionaries . There frenzied eyes, are like a hungry animal ready to kill its prey.

In conclusion, Dickens presents the violence in his novel Tale of Two Cities to demonstrate the negative consequences of seeking revenge. He proves three things: nothing is gained through revenge, one will lose sight of original goals in efforts of revenge, and revenge brings out the annalistic and barbaric qualities in humans. All in all, revenge is Just not a pleasant thing. This is a lesson to all people to live and let go, if Justice needs to be served it will be. Do not try and take things into your own hands.


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