The future of healthcare has grown so much already in the distance in technology, computing power, and biotechnology making the growth more prominent and useful now and many more years to come. Retrieving information from the web is growing in nursing homes and hospitals. Charts that are now stored on computers hold much more information and more information than did the written charts. Universal IT can allow access around the world to data if needed. This has also made nonusers more involved in the decision making within the healthcare industry.

In future homes IT will be found around the world because of the wide spread use of the internet. The internet will allow medical records and information to be delivered safely and accurately. This will help save trips to the doctor’s office to retrieve personal medical information. The patient will be able to print them from home online with a pass code. I do not really have an organization right at the moment. The organization I am inning is my home with my family.

I have a father who has severe COOP and a daughter with several medical issues. Plus, I volunteer at my local school. So web technology helps me a lot know and with the internet and technology running as fast as it is will only continue to get better. I can look most any type of illness up online and read about what it is, what caused it, how it will be treated, and what the outcome will be. I can find trustworthy sites that have true medical bases to them or here are ones that have no bases at all.

I see this being used more in the future by people who cannot afford to be seen by a doctor or how does not have a doctor close by. In many rural areas there are no doctor’s offices. These people are more likely to look up a cure online. The rural areas though could have a telecommunication center where a patient goes in and meets with a URN and they speak with a doctor on SEEP. The future could hold many different things. All this would be possible because of technology.

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