Problem Statement

Six members of the of the Great Italian Food Company’s Board of Directors have thoughts for the future growing of the company. Each of the members proposed thought has its virtues. but their thoughts are reciprocally sole and merely one scheme can be chosen. This could be a possible issue and detain the company’s hereafter growing if the board members can non come to an understanding. Without a incorporate scheme. corporate or concern. to steer the company over the following decennary the Great Italian Food Company will do dearly-won errors and endanger the company’s current place and future growing. Difficult determinations must be made and appropriate planning will hold to be conducted.

Analysis and Evaluation

Joe Marconi. the laminitis and current Board Chairman of the Great Italian Food Company. established the first Papa Joe’s eating house in 1960. Since that clip the company has expanded to include three extra Papa Joe’s eating houses in the Greater St. Louis country and established a Board of Directors. The members of the board include Joe’s married woman along with their four kids ; Little Joe. Johnny. Tony. and Maria. Additionally. three of Joe’s longtime personal friends are besides members of the board of managers. The eating houses themselves are household constitutions with a alone Italian ambiance and a basic Italian bill of fare. Over the old ages the company has been reasonably successful under the direction of Joe’s oldest boy. Small Joe. with the enlargement to three extra Papa Joe’s eating houses. However Joe’s kids now believe that the current concern theoretical account will non stay profitable plenty to keep their current life styles. which they have grown accustomed to and desire to turn the company even further. Each of Joe’s kids and Jimmy ( one of the other board members ) . including Joe himself. hold thoughts about the future growing of the company.

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However. they all seem to desire to travel in a different way. Joe wants to open an upscale eating house and spouse with a well-known personality leting the eating house to bear down more for its repasts. Small Joe wants to keep the current theoretical account and go on to spread out in the Greater St. Louis country. Tony wants to interrupt into the frozen nutrient industry. Johnny wants to broaden the company and unfastened extra cultural type eating houses. Maria believes that the best way is to go on spread outing the concern throughout the mid-west focussing on major metropoliss. And Jimmy likes the McDonald’s concern theoretical account and wants to develop a Papa Joe’s fast nutrient franchise concatenation across the state. The company has a limited entree to capital and can merely afford to prosecute one scheme. So which is the best hereafter for the Great Italian Food Company? Up to this point the Great Italian Food Company seemed to be reasonably successful ; they have expanded the company by opening three more eating houses in the Greater St. Louis country and hold established an organisational construction that provides direction places for each of the household members. With all turning concerns. the manner in front is ever the inquiry.

The motivation factor for any concerns that desires continued growing and that wants capitalise on their current success is to go on to increase net incomes. Recourses. competition. and direction are merely some of the factors that must be taken into consideration when a concern wants to increase growing and of class there is ever hazard. how much is a concern willing to take. The chief issue the Great Italian Food Company is confronting is that they have non established a strategic program that supports their mission. vision. or ends ( Bateman & A ; Snell. 2013. p. 139 ) . There are six members of the board with six wholly different thoughts who want to travel the company in six different waies. However. none of the needed strategic planning has been done to measure which of the thoughts. if any. is the best for the company’s current state of affairs and future growing ( Bateman & A ; Snell. 2013. p. 138 ) . Each of their thoughts has great possible and point toward legion possibilities. supplying an first-class get downing point in the development of a strategic program. but their dissensions could besides break out into struggle among the board members.

As the Chairman of the Board. Joe will necessitate to temporarily bury that he is a male parent. hubby. and friend to other board members. and take a strictly clinical attack to the issue. When developing the company’s strategic program. Joe may be forced to do determinations for the improvement of the company. He does hold options ; he could do the determination entirely or prosecute in a group determination procedure ( Bateman & A ; Snell. 2013. p. 102 ) . Pull offing a group determination can be a hard procedure ; nevertheless. in this instance a group or squad procedure could be the most productive. Each of the board members has specific accomplishments. cognition. and attributes that could be leveraged to do the best determination. Many companies. both little and big. hold failed due to hapless strategic planning ; as a consequence they have either failed to maintain up with engineering and/or their rivals. mismanaged their resources. or relied on hapless planning and dearly-won determinations. Without a good thought out strategic program to steer a company over the following five. 10. or even twenty old ages. growing is non a possibility for its hereafter.


The board members of the Great Italian Food Company necessitate a corporate or concern scheme. depending on which way the company wants to vie in the market ( Bateman & A ; Snell. 2013. p. 147 ) . If they want to dispute the larger rivals in the nutrient industry or spread out into the frozen nutrient sector they can construct a corporate scheme. If they decide to remain with their current theoretical account and go on to construct more Papa Joe’s eating houses so a concern scheme possibly more appropriate. Whatever degree and type of strategic be aftering the Great Italian Food Company focuses on it should be flexible plenty to accommodate to a altering concern environment. The scheme should non be so calculated that it they are unable to do accommodations to their strategic program ( Mintzberg. & A ; Waters. 1985 ) . As with any method of planning or determination devising considerations must be taken into history ; measure over quality. current and future resorts. control over the company. rivals. and client base ( Bateman & A ; Snell. 2013. p. 14 ) .

Without holding conducted a complete analysis of the company. it is difficult to state which scheme they should take nevertheless. The Great Italian Food Company has been successful in its current theoretical account as a household constitution with a alone Italian ambiance. With limited capital. resources and investors. interrupting into a new industry or doing extremist alterations could be highly hazardous. However. failure to alter or turn while their rivals adapt to the industry could go forth the Great Italian Food Company wayside along with Blockbuster and Borders. The Great Italian Food Company is still a well little company. continued investing into the farther enlargement of the Papa Joe’s eating houses throughout the mid-west. constructing extra capital and investors. and proving the market with new merchandises could strategic program that continues growing while restricting hazard.


Bateman. T. S. . & A ; Snell. S. A. ( 2013 ) . Management: Leading and join forcesing in a competitory universe. ( 11th ed. ) . New York. New York: McGraw-Hill Education. Mintzberg. H. . & A ; Waters. J. A. ( 1985 ) . Of Strategies. Deliberate and Emergent. Strategic Management Journal. 6 ( 3 ) . 257-272.


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