As we have read we all have learned that chances for an mechanical baby to live any longer than a few days after birth Is very rare and very slim. Just thinking of that idea and fact, is truly heartbreaking and I am sure you can all agree with me. However, since this fact is well known by doctors and parents of an mechanical baby the decision by both the doctor and parents should be well thought out with both the positives and negatives.

I think that the choice of harvesting these tiny but so big organs should be something the doctor tells the parents about. It is a great chance to give the gift of life to another baby, and give the parents of both babies a reason to be happy and proud to know that the mechanical baby was able to live somewhat through someone else, and the transplant baby a second chance at life so early on. I believe that mechanical babies are all blessings in disguise they are made and born with a purpose and what better purpose than to give the gift of life to another baby in need.

This Just seems right and the best choice for this situation. Obviously there are good and bad in any situations especially those that include n Individual life. Any person would question whether it Is fair, or Immortal to transplant an mechanical Infants organs but In my eyes it Is fair and moral let the sick baby live as long as possible and when there are signs of the end of their life coming near let them go in a peaceful way with no pain and transplant their organs to another baby giving them a second chance.

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Giving someone another chance at life does not seem immortal or unfair to me. It is simply a negative outlook with a positive outcome from one to another. When the doctors or parents feel that Is unfair or Immortal It Is ultimately their decision to go forward with the organ donation, this Is not something to take lightly or Just Jump In It does I am sure take a lot of time and deep thinking. However in the end it is what feels right to all involved. A policy of some sort should be put in place so that we know what guidelines to follow when anyone is put in this situation.

Like mentioned before it is not something to take lightly, however if there are very clear guidelines and a plan to follow the family and doctor may feel more comfortable and feel good about whatever choice hey make. There are laws and policies for other Illnesses, diseases, etc. Why not encyclical according to Degraded ” It is estimated that 1,000 to 2,000 babies are born in the united States each year with encyclical, the total or almost total absence of the cerebral hemispheres. (Degraded page 218 Case 25) Degraded goes on to say “Many of these infants are stillborn; the prognosis for those born alive is that they will live for only a few hours, days, or weeks. “(Degraded page 218 Case 25) This seems to me like a lot of babies that need to fulfill a purpose, harvesting and notating organs Is a great thing especially with the facts and estimated timeshare. In any policy made for encyclical organ donation should be allowed and greatly considered.

Not having any policy now may also be a part of the resistance for parents to be willing to have their babies donated, with not policy it sees that it is wrong therefore it is Just not allowed. However that is not the case what so ever, it is for a good cause and in the end makes it worth it for everybody. Thus, saying that is that right acts produce the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of nines, which it called “utility’. ” (Pence page 345) When an mechanical baby is born stillborn by all means resuscitation should be done on any infant born stillborn.

The infant may become resuscitated for a while giving that infant some kind of life, and when it is cut short then it would be fine to proceed to harvest the organs. I would argue that resuscitating a stillborn infant to purely harvest organs is slightly false for the reason being the doctors will be trying to bring that infant back to life. If the organs can be harvested great, if not well then t least the infant had some sort of chance at life even if it is Just for a few seconds it was something.

Giving doctors the chance to resuscitate gives parents a chance to spend more time with their baby; allowing them to maybe feel their infant squeeze their tiny hand around their finger while they are alive. This seems like it would give the parents and doctors some closure. After reading what we have read in class about patients that are in the vegetative state and have no chance at a normal life or being able to live I feel that is should be okay to harvest those organs Just like the mechanical babies.

When a person cannot live as one’s self and be truly happy and pain free having a good purpose and reason to donate perfectly good organs seems the most logical. These people are at no Justice if they are not happy and feel they are worthless, they are here for a reason and it is not to feel worthless. All things considered, harvesting organs and donating organs seems like an all- around good thing to do. I do however understand that it is a very difficult decision to come down to and in many cases I am sure that it is the least resort. In spite of this, it is an awesome choice to make, to give somebody the gift of life.

We are all ultimately a mere means to each other, I cannot even think of wasting something good that can be used especially if it means someone getting a second chance. In some sense a person who decides to donate their organs is an ends to themselves and I think that can apply to someone who has such a limited time to live. They will eventually be an ends to themselves when their body started shutting itself down. We need to fix what we can and if we cannot fix it, then we have to be proud that we tried and happy that some kind of difference was made in one’s life.


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