In Europe, consumers typically have at least 4 hebdomads of holiday clip yearly compared to merely 1 or 2 hebdomads for the mean American ; that spells multiple trips booked every twelvemonth. It should come as no surprise so that online travel growing rates remain far higher abroad And so there ‘s Asia. Fifteen old ages ago, few consumers in India and China could afford to go outside their place states. But thanks to a lifting middle-class consumer, Asians are progressively going both domestically and abroad. In fact, harmonizing to the China Daily newspaper, international travel has grown more than 50-fold in the past two decennaries.

Rapid growing in the on-line travel concern has helped fuel impressive gross revenues additions for a smattering of on-line travel companies. But that ‘s merely half the narrative — on-line travel web sites are besides far more profitable than traditional offline travel bureau operations. The ground is simple: scalability. Specifically, when a traditional travel bureau wants to spread out, it has to engage more agents. Meanwhile, spread outing abroad requires puting up a local office with agents talking the local linguistic communication, and that type of substructure can acquire expensive.

But in the on-line universe, one time a web site is designed and set up, it can manage a enormous figure of users. Growth in gross revenues does non needfully necessitate commensurate growing in the labour force — a smattering of website interior decorators and technicians can keep the site regardless of the figure of clients served. This scalability is behind the fat net income borders enjoyed by on-line travel houses.

Travel and touristry are among the biggest industries worldwide, and more than 80 per centum of the travel sold in the United States is now purchased online. With more consumers utilizing the Internet to be after their holiday pickups, online travel bureaus have been turning in popularity, assisting to increase concern in the travel industry overall. Aside from booking travel bundles, many travellers go on-line in hunt of travel reappraisals before doing a concluding determination about their picks. Reports show that more travellers who have traditionally booked trips offline are look intoing out holiday finishs, every bit good as travel and hotel rates, online.

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India Context

The Indian Scenario

The on-line travel market in India has witnessed enormous growing and is pulling big figure of national and international participants. Private equity participants have made immense investings in the online travel bureau ( OTA ) section in the past few old ages.

Some facts:

Entire tickets available for sale ( Merely Domestic ) per twenty-four hours are: 275,680

Entire Ticket Sold by all OTAs per twenty-four hours =A 51,690

Market size for Indian OTA Industry in Domestic Flights: A 9000 croresA about

About 40 % of the tickets sold are through OTA.

On an norm, every aircraft in India does 5.6 flights per twenty-four hours

If air hoses could farther pull off route optimisation and make 1 more flight per twenty-four hours, at 6.6 flights per twenty-four hours, OTA Industry Gross saless will be up by 15 %

The first online portal for India was launched in the twelvemonth 2002. Subsequently the undermentioned companies joined the bandwagon.

Indiatimes 2002

Make my 2005 2006

Travel Guru 2006

In the pages that follow we will research on one of the most successful company in India in this Industry which is Make my

About the company and the several constructs, impact, hereafter

Nurtured from the seed of a individual great thought – to authorise the traveler – MakeMyTrip went on to open up the full online travel industry in India. MakeMyTrip has revolutionised the travel industry over the old ages. This is the narrative of MakeMyTrip, India ‘s Online Travel Leader., India ‘s prima online travel company was founded in the twelvemonth 2000 by Deep Kalra. Created to authorise the Indian traveler with instant engagement and comprehensive picks, the company began its journey in the US-India travel market. It aimed to offer a scope of best-value merchandises and services along with cutting-edge engineering and dedicated round-the-clock client support.

After consolidating its place in the market as a trade name recognised for its dependability and transparence, MakeMyTrip followed its success in the US by establishing its India operations in 2005.

With the foresight to prehend the chances in the domestic travel market, brought on by a batch of new air hoses, MakeMyTrip offered travelers the convenience of on-line travel engagements at reduced monetary values. Quickly, MakeMyTrip became the preferable pick of 1000000s of travelers who were delighted to be empowered by a few mouse chinks!

MakeMyTrip ‘s rise has been lead by the vision and the spirit of each one of its employees, for whom no thought was excessively large and no job excessively hard.

With hardworking invention and finding, MakeMyTrip proactively began to diversify its merchandise offering, adding a assortment of online and offline merchandises and services. MakeMyTrip besides stayed in front of the curve by continually germinating its engineering to run into the of all time altering demands of the quickly developing planetary travel market.

Steadily set uping itself across India and the universe, MakeMyTrip at the same time nurtured the growing of its offline concerns like its franchises and affiliates at the same time, augmenting the trade name ‘s already strong retail presence further.

Today, MakeMyTrip is much more than merely a travel portal or a celebrated pioneering trade name – it is a one-stop-travel-shop that offers the broadest choice of travel merchandises and services in India. MakeMyTrip is the unchallenged on-line leader, with its portion of the travel market widening to more than 50 % of all on-line gross revenues, a fact evinced by the trust placed in it by 1000000s of happy clients.

Staying dependable, efficient and at the head of engineering, MakeMyTrip ‘s committedness and customer-centricity allows it to better understand and supply for its clients ‘ diverse demands and wants, and deliver systematically. With dedicated 24×7 client support and offices in 20 metropoliss across India and 2 international offices in New York and San Francisco ( in add-on to several franchise locations ) , MakeMyTrip is at that place for you, whenever and wherever.

MakeMyTrip Limited, the parent company of MakeMyTrip ( India ) Private Limited and Inc. , India ‘s largest online travel company1, today announced that it has priced its initial public offering of 5,000,000 ordinary portions at a monetary value of USD14per portion. The company ‘s ordinary portions will get down merchandising on the NASDAQ Global Market on 12 Aug 2010 under the symbol “ MMYT ” .

The company ‘s services and merchandises include air tickets, customized vacation bundles, hotel engagement, railroad tickets, bus tickets, auto hire and easing entree to go insurance. Through its primary web site,, and other technology-enhanced platforms, the company provides entree to all major domestic full-service and low-cost air hoses runing in India, all major air hoses runing to and from India, over 4,000 hotels in India and a broad choice of hotels outside India, Indian Railways and several major Indian coach operator ‘s three-month planetary Alexa traffic rank is 1,823. Visitors to the site spend approximately 51 seconds on each pageview and a sum of three proceedingss on the site during each visit. It is located in India. Approximately 43 % of visits to the site are bouncinesss ( one pageview merely ) . has been on-line for more than ten old ages.

MakeMyTrip ‘s Merchandises:

International and Domestic Air Tickets, Holiday Packages and Hotels

Domestic Bus and Rail Tickets

Private Car and Taxi Rentals

MICE ( Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & A ; Exhibitions )

B2B and Affiliate Servicess


A immature company that has rapidly become the taking travel service supplier in India and the most sure name in the industry, MakeMyTrip ‘s dramatic success is in no little portion due to the unblinking vision of its senior direction squad and the dedication of its employees. MakeMyTrip employs over 700 “ Trippers ” from the travel, touristry, cordial reception and engineering industries.

Deep KalraFounder & A ; Chief Executive Officer

Mohit GuptaChief Marketing Officer

Rajnish KapurChief Innovation Officer

Mukesh SinghSenior Vice President – Technology Development

Anand KandadaiSenior Vice President – Outbound Tours

Keyur JoshiCo-Founder & A ; Chief Operating Officer

Rajesh MagowCo-Founder & A ; Chief Financial Officer

Amit SomaniChief Products Officer

Amit SaberwalSenior Vice President – Retail and Business Development

Rohit HasteerVice President – Human Resources





Current Position

Kalra, Deep


Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

Magow, Rajesh


Group Chief Financial Officer

Singh, Mukesh



Senior Vice President – Technology Department

Joshi, Keyur


Group Chief Operating Officer

Gupta, Mohit


Group Chief Marketing Officer

Somani, Amit



Group Chief Products Officer

Adusumalli, Ravi




Aggarwal, Sanjeev




Guleri, Aditya




Wolf, Philip




Gowrea, Gyaneshwarnath




Janally, Mohammad




Gour, Vivek



Independent Director

Lalonde, Frederic



Independent Director

MakeMyTrip Values

We, at MakeMyTrip, abide by our company ‘s nucleus values in our every enterprise. It is these values that have taken us where we have been and will take us where we are traveling!

Excellence: We must endeavor for excellence in whatever we do. Concentrate on uninterrupted betterment in interactions with people, efficiency of procedures, and the well-being of the organisation.

Customer Centricity: We must keep focal point on our clients, both internal & A ; external, by giving them precedence. Strive to transcend their outlooks in footings of the value and quality delivered.

Integrity: We must guarantee consistence between our words and actions, ever presenting what we commit. We can thereby keep transparence, trust and answerability.

Accountability: We must experience responsible and accountable for the committednesss we make and the quality of the consequences we deliver to all our stakeholders.

Invention: We must continually use intelligence, ground and engineering to our work and environment. This will let us to take informed hazards and title-holder new thoughts to better our concern every bit good as the community.

Teamwork: A We must further an environment wherein we can expeditiously use the abilities of all squad members to accomplish ends. We should work on the premiss that the whole is greater than the amount of the parts.

Fun @ Work: We must make and keep an ambiance of merriment while at work, doing work a happy topographic point we can all look frontward to.

Authorization: A We must give fellow co-workers the chance and freedom to believe and move in ways that will let them to acquire the occupation done, and yet be consistent with the procedures laid down.

Passion for Wining: We must hold a “ can make ” attitude, non take “ no ” for an reply and believe that nil is impossible. This will let us to work unrelentingly toward accomplishing our ends and honoring our committednesss.

Respect for Peoples: We must give everyone, with whom we interact, regard and consideration.

Awards & A ; Recognition


Not without ground, MakeMyTrip has garnered the trust of over two million satisfied clients every bit good as the regard and acclamation of the full travel industry and concern universe.

Travel & A ; Business:

Great Topographic points To Work 2010 – 2nd Best Company to Work for & A ; # 1 in Professional Services

Superbrand India – 2009-10

Great Topographic points To Work 2009 – # 2 in Professional Services

Best Travel Website – CNBC Awaaz – 2008-09

Most Visited Travel Website – comScore – 2005-09

Most Preferable Online Travel Agency – Travel Biz Monitor Survey – 2008

Number One Online Travel Agency – JuxtConsult – 2008

Gold and Silver – Abby Award – 2007-08

Among the Top Ten Websites visited by Indians – comScore – 2007

Nominated World Travel Awards – WTA – 2007

Among 100 IT Innovators – NASSCOM – 2007

Best Online Travel Company – Galileo Express Travel World – 2007

Emerging India Award – ICICI Bank & A ; CNBC TV18 – 2006

Asia ‘s Hottest Technology Startup – Red Herring – 2006



Air Canada – Outstanding Performance – 2008

Singapore Airlines – Top Passenger Agent – 2007-08

British Airways – Outstanding Revenue Contribution – 2007-08

Air Mauritius – All India Top Ten Agent//Top North India Gross saless Award – 2006-07//2007-08

Cathay Pacific – Outstanding Performance – 2007

Malaysia Airlines – Top Agent Award – 2007

Lufthansa – Outstanding Performance – 2006-07

Kingfisher Airlines – Outstanding Performance – 2006-07

Indian Airlines – Achieving Highest Domestic Passenger Gross saless – 2006-07

Air India – Outstanding Contribution to Passenger Gross saless – 2005-06

Jet Airways – Award of Excellence – 2005-06

Gulf Air – Continuous Support


There was a clip when Indian households would be after their one-year trip six months in progress, after disbursement long, sweaty hours line uping up in forepart of ticket booths. It certain was n’t easy.

But in 2005, Deep Kalra, CEO and laminitis of, changed all that. He brought the construct of Online Travel Agents ( OTA ) to India and revolutionized the manner the Indian in-between category travels and programs their holiday.

Today, the rise of Internet credibleness coupled with falling rates of air travel has helped OTAs slingshot to glorious success. And with a turnover of Rs 2,200 crore, has been a innovator in the OTA success narrative. With over 50 per centum market portion, it ‘s the individual most recognized and trusted participant in the OTA industry.



Focus on Ad Scheme:

Aim of MMT is to set up the trade name. The focal point is non merely to supply inexpensive tickets. Ad helps in acquiring your message across to the mark audience more efficaciously. And with more and more participants come ining the section, it is necessary to publicize to guarantee you have captured sufficient mind-share. Again, the merchandise basket that MMT offer is turning and our clients have to be updated consequently.

Expansion of Capacity:

MMT is seeking to spread out capacity with cautiousness, particularly because the sector is capex hungry for the providers. We, at MakeMyTrip, have learnt that our providers are really of import. Unless we make certain our providers ‘ concern is profitable, we wo n’t be profitable.

Gross dissolution between MMT concerns:

Between hotel and air, air captures a much higher per centum – two-thirds – of MMT concern. But other merchandise lines are turning fast, particularly hotels and coachs. The attempt is to cut down trust on a individual line of concern. While MMT lead the sector in footings of air tickets, MMT are continuously concentrating on non-air merchandises to increase their portion of gross every bit good.

viing participants

Travelguru: –

A radical online travel solutions finish, Travel Guru India has set the benchmark in the industry. With our low-cost plane tickets and air tickets reserves, our travel gurus offer the most economical solution for every travel demand. The travel guru mantra is based on the construct of doing air tickets reserves an easy and speedy procedure for every traveler. With the aid of travel gurus, travelers can entree the best menus for Travel Guru India and Travel Guru international vacations, concern trips and corporate travel. The Travel Guru signature services warrant a trip of a life-time to any finish in India or across the Earth!

A trendsetter in the travel industry travel guru com offers the benefits of safe, comfy and convenient travel at low-cost menus. At travel guru com travelers can book low-cost plane tickets and do domestic and international air tickets reserves. The travel gurus can besides help you with choosing a epicurean hotel to complement the travel guru air booking service. Just log on to go guru com to book low-cost plane tickets and hotel suites for world-wide finishs. Get all the benefits of the travel guru services with merely the chink of a mouse!

With Travel Guru India and Travel Guru international have a scope of odd services at your fingertips. The Travel Guru services include:

Air ticket Engagement: Travelers can seek for, comparison monetary values and book low-cost plane tickets for their chosen sectors of travel at the web site. You have a comprehensive pick of air hoses for low-cost, low-cost plane tickets every bit good as for full-service air hoses. Once you ‘ve made your choice merely snap for any air tickets reserves. Leave the remainder to the travel gurus and acquire set to take off into the skies.

Hotel Reservations: While on vacation come place to a epicurean hotel, at low-cost rates. Travel Guru offers include domestic and international hotels at discounted rates with no via media on quality, services and comfort. Take your choice from the broad choice of premium hotels that include Travel Guru India and Travel Guru International options and acquire your Travel Guru booking in an blink of an eye!

Yatra: –

Yatra Holiday Lounge is a premium, one-stop-shop for all your travel demands. Located at a convenient point within your metropolis, the Yatra Lounge is where clients can walk in and be after their travel in privateness and comfort.

When you visit a Lounge, a trained Yatra Travel Experts assists you with all facets of your travel: engagement flight tickets, hotels, autos, coachs or vacations. We can even help you with travel insurance and visa processing. The Yatra Travel Experts can besides assist you make customized vacation bundles.

The Holiday Lounges are unfastened from 10:00 am to 7:00 autopsy, Monday to Saturday.


Cleartrip: –

MyTripYatra is dedicated to assist clients to construct their clear trip and sail along with their Yatra to nirvana. As our name suggests Yatra we extend our services to supply installation for convenience of our clients to take gamut of services like inexpensive air tickets on air Deccan, jet air passages, Indian air hoses, spice jet air hoses, and air India. My Trip Yatra is a alone construct of taking offers from assorted on-line travel agents like,,, to their clients. There are on-line price reductions with inexpensive flights and hotels across the Earth. Here you are free to see inexpensive menus, price reduction on air hoses, offers on hotel engagements, vacations, at low-cost monetary values for your yatra. For Cheap Air travel trip or be aftering Goa vacations, or looking a hotel in Goa, our manner of brand my trip endows you the opportunity to do your ain cleartrip. We will add inexpensive hotels across the state and maintain on adding different finishs like inexpensive flights from Delhi to Mumbai, inexpensive flights from Mumbai to Delhi get downing from 500 Indian Rupees.Coimbtaore FlightsAizawl FlightsColombo flights

In order to distribute wings of My Trip Yatra, we have affiliated ourselves with, one of the taking travel agents of India. provides inexpensive flights of Air Deccan, Indigo air hoses, Spicejet air hoses, Jet airways, Kingfisher air hoses, paramount air passages, go air, jetlite air hose ( once known as air Sahara air hoses ) . provides alone characteristics of “ At Yatra, we pay for your flights hold ” offers, thank you voucher code deserving RS 250 if you book once more with, assorted hard currency dorsum offers with ICICI bank, Master Card, etc. besides provides Yatra stat mis a proprietary merchandise to deliver those stat mis against price reduction on inexpensive flights, inexpensive hotels, vacations and other bundles such as Honeymoon bundles, escapade bundles. has been funded by Network 18 group that operates online web sites like,,,,, etc. It has besides been funded by Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group. We are proud to be an affiliate of Yatra online Pvt. Ltd. Yatra online has given us platform to advance their merchandises online. Yatra on-line makes seamless dealing of merchandises like flights, hotels, vacations, Buses, and autos. Yatra on-line thru its website makes a perfect spouse to any on-line travel agent.

Cleartrip is premier travel company of India that offers sole installation to travellers in planning of your trip. You can be after your vacation or concern trips with Cleartrip and you will acquire many advantages over other travel contrivers.

Cleartrip provides many benefits to travellers such as expedience, assorted options for engagement, great competitory monetary values and in-depth inside informations of many travel options, finishs and support. You can book flights, hotels, train tickets, complete vacation bundles, travel insurance and much more from Cleartrip. Cleartrip provides booking installation for over 5,500 domestic hotels and around 109,000 international hotels.

Clear Trip was launched on 4 July, 2006 and within a span of 4 old ages it has established itself as a premier travel contriver company. Cleartrip start supplying SMS based fining service that allows you to book tickets utilizing nomadic phones. From 2008, clear trip besides started supplying rail tickets in India with cooperation with IRCTC ( Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation ) .

Clear Trip has won many awards for its great services. It was given best travel website award in 2006 and 2007 consecutively. Clear trip is known as Google of Travel Websites as it provides dozenss of utile information about travel sector. In 2007 it besides won the award of most user friendly web site of travel sector. Since its origin in 2006, Cleartrip has become a market leader in travel sector for supplying simplest and most diverse travel planning options and best trades. You can acquire higher price reductions on flight tickets if you choose Clear trip as your travel contriver.

Geting travel and touristry information had ne’er been so easy before Cleartrip. You can happen every specific item about all metropoliss in India along with travel options available, hotel available in that metropolis, flight services, auto lease services and chief tourer attractive forces in that metropolis.

Online flight ticket engagement is really easy with Clear trip services. You can merely feed the going and arrival finishs and timings and its internal hunt engine will supply you a elaborate list of all flights available for your journey. You can easy compare flights of different service suppliers such as Jet Airways, GoAir, kingfisher, Air India and many more. If you are booking your tickets good in progress so you can besides acquire many Cleartrip offers that will assist you to salvage immense money on your travel.

Cleartrip started its operation with a end of doing journey planning easier and harass free and with its province of the art services it has certainly achieved its end and go on to turning with a fast gait.

use the company balance sheet – 3 old ages

for the mentions and figures – figures could be gross revenues volume, concern volume, market incursion, merchandise mix, pricing of the merchandise over the old ages v/s competition

Customer Profile – terminal users – who are they- client sentiment

In a cut-throat industry like OTA, how do you keep competitory advantage?

Deep Kalra, Founder CEO:

Making an experience for the client is really of import. Every OTA participant today is concentrating on supplying more value for the client ‘s clip and money.

The focal point this twelvemonth for MakeMyTrip is to travel beyond client satisfaction and towards making client delectation. Besides, we take pride in our client dealingss ; we have client testimonies that speak really extremely of our client attention executives.

Bing in front on the engineering curve is what gives us an border. It ‘s really of import to maintain on upgrading and reinventing new procedures to heighten client experience.

What ‘s behind your advertisement scheme?

Deep Kalra, Founder CEO:

It ‘s really of import to set up the trade name. For us, the focal point is non merely to supply inexpensive tickets. Ad helps in acquiring your message across to the mark audience more efficaciously. And with more and more participants come ining the section, it is necessary to publicize to guarantee you have captured sufficient mind-share. Again, the merchandise basket that we offer is turning and our clients have to be updated consequently.

What ‘s the gross dissolution between your concerns?

Deep Kalra, Founder CEO:

Between hotel and air, air captures a much higher per centum – two-thirds – of our concern. But other merchandise lines are turning fast, particularly hotels and coachs. The attempt is to cut down trust on a individual line of concern. While we lead the sector in footings of air tickets, we are continuously concentrating on non-air merchandises to increase their portion of gross every bit good.


Some clients complain about Makemytrip non giving the complete footings of ticket ( luggage allowed, flexibleness to alter day of the month of travel or call off the ticket ) before booking the ticket. Some complain about false promises before booking the ticket. They warn possible clients to acquire the footings of the ticket in authorship or electronic mail before traveling in front with the phone engagement. Refunds to recognition cards are sometimes delayed. It is believed that calls to client attention in instance of engaged tickets is low precedence in call waiting lines compared to calls to purchase tickets. There is undue hold in acquiring service in instance of acquiring aid on already booked ticket. The escalation procedure in instance of ailments is non published on their web site. Estimated waiting period or the place in the call waiting line is non announced. Other clients have warned that the web site ‘s “ Believe It Or Not ” publicity is so excessively good to be true. While MakeMyTrip promises you free domestic air travel once you ‘ve arrived in Inda, all such air travel must be booked 21 yearss in progress of the trip. And even if you attempt to set up it that far in progress, A Make My TripA makes this process really hard, if non impossible. You will be booked on nightlong flights, trips that should take three hours will weave up taking two yearss, and in some instances you will weave up paying “ revenue enhancements and fees ” that exceed the existent cost of the ticket, had you booked it yourself.A

Customer Opinion

As per assorted feeback posted on the web site followers is the wide feeback given:

The call Centre agents are good trained and they know their occupation

Phone / Voice Menu is client friendly

Quick Customer responses where required on electronic mail


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