The Grass Harp Essay, Research Paper

In the movie & # 8220 ; The Grass Harp & # 8221 ; The developing relationship between two sisters shows the emotional alteration each goes through. In this, the filmaker passes on the message that love has the power to alter and act upon people.Verena Talbo starts as a difficult, terrible and controlling adult females and Dolly Talbo, a beautiful, shy and radiant spirited presence. But bit by bit, as their relationship progresses, and they fear losing one another, each learns to alter to do a more fulfilling relationship. Verena learns to love and be more equal in a relationship, and Dolly learns to do her ain descisions and give out her fondness.

From the really beginning of the movie, Verena is really commanding. She automatically takes charge of Collin, her nephew whose female parent merely died. Her controlling ways are shown when she severely tells Collin & # 8217 ; s male parent, Eugene, & # 8221 ; I & # 8217 ; ll expect him this afternoon! & # 8221 ; The film maker uses dark apparels, difficult wavy hair and a heavy cast to foreground Verena & # 8217 ; s character. She maintains an outwards visual aspect of control and decency. Further more, Verena & # 8217 ; s house is designed to convey her power and authorization over the other characters. The wall paper is a perpendicular band to convey a prison like feeling and the colorss are green and gold, the coloring material of money. As Collin puts it in the movie, & # 8221 ; She was the richest individual in town & # 8230 ; and it did non do her an easy woman. & # 8221 ; Bing the richest individual, she has considerable power over the other characters in the little township, one being the sherrif, as shown when she instigates the party to convey Dolly place, and to halt the resurgence meeting. Even the route she lives on is named after her- Talbo Lane. Verena is highly domaineering over the people that live in her house, particularly her sister. & # 8221 ; Put on that new pink frock I bought you & # 8230 ; . and keep your caput up. It makes me giddy to watch you & # 8230 ; & # 8230 ; and make something with that swab of hair. & # 8221 ; Verena treats her sister like an incapable kid, and makes all the descisions for her.

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Dolly is Verena & # 8217 ; s oppisite. Dolly is romantic where Verena is all concern, and shy where Verena is a difficult courser. The filmaker besides uses apparels and idiosyncrasies to foreground Dolly & # 8217 ; s character. She wears loose, fluxing pink frocks and acceseries and a head covering, which she uses as a barrier to the outside universe, or when she has to speak to person, as she has no assurance. She besides has a breezy walk. Dolly & # 8217 ; s kitchen, tap with tonss of unfastened infinite, contrasts with the remainder of Verena & # 8217 ; s house. Dolly is about wholly dependent on Verena. Catherine, the housekeeper, and dolly & # 8217 ; s best friend has alot to state about the manner Verena acts towards Dolly. & # 8221 ; That one! Always & # 8230 ; make this, wear & # 8217 ; t do that, halt this! & # 8221 ; Dolly is trapped in a prison of conforinty.

One technique used to demo how much the sisters were dissimilar was to demo what each one loves. & # 8221 ; Verena loved the owning of things and people. & # 8221 ; was what Collin said as he described Verena to us. Verena besides loved money, and she thrives from holding authorization over other people. Dolly loved people. Collin and Catherine were the chief characters Dolly loved, yet she even loved Riley, Judge Cool, and Sister Aida & # 8217 ; a kids, when she said to Verena & # 8221 ; You have brought dishonor to our name, robbing from kids and driving out an guiltless woman. & # 8221 ; Dolly besides loves sentimental things, such

as the flowers, nature, and her box of things from when she was small, all her cherished memories.

As Verena became more and more domaineering, Dolly starts to stand up for herself. When Verena tells her she is traveling to sell her Dropsy Cure, Dolly, trembling, Tells Verena & # 8221 ; It won & # 8217 ; t do. It won & # 8217 ; t do do you haven & # 8217 ; t any right. Nor you sir. & # 8221 ; and in a arresting minute, Dolly breathes & # 8221 ; It won & # 8217 ; t do & # 8230 ; so you would hold it all. & # 8221 ; Dolly is get downing to come out of her shell and out of Verena & # 8217 ; s control. After this episode, Dolly runs off to the tree house with Collin and Catherine. It isn & # 8217 ; t until Dolly meets Judge that she flowers into a adult female and feels free to give her fondness and do her ain descisions. Dolly & # 8217 ; s modest rebellion inadvertently throws her into a procedure of self-discovery. & # 8221 ; For the first clip in my life, I & # 8217 ; m making precisely what I want to make. It makes the whole universe expression bright and beautiful. & # 8221 ; Dolly has broken free of verena, and the infinite that is now between so allows Dolly to alter. Dooly to Verena when Verena orders Dolly place & # 8221 ; You wanted me to raise my caput up. Well I did. You said you were ashamed of us. Well it gives me no pleasance to state that I & # 8217 ; m ashamed of you. & # 8221 ; By this clip, Dolly has lifted her head covering to confront her sister and the party, and she stands at the forepart, lifts her caput up and negotiations aloud. Dolly now has the assurance to confront up to Verena and do her ain descisions.

Verena & # 8217 ; s procedure of alteration occurs when Dolly goes off. She desperatly wants Dolly and Collin back, and she does it the lone manner she knows how, to order them down, to command the sheriff to acquire them down. Verena misses Dolly as shown when she enters Dolly & # 8217 ; s room and it is empty, and she breathes & # 8221 ; Dolly. & # 8221 ; When Collin is shot, and she blames person else for the shot, Dolly says & # 8221 ; It & # 8217 ; s all our faults. & # 8221 ; The camera draws back from Verena and at this point she is made out to be really little and lonely. Back at the house she realizes that she will lose Dolly if she doesn & # 8217 ; t alter her ways and allow Dolly do her ain descisions. & # 8221 ; I & # 8217 ; ve ever envied you ; your roses, your kitchen. The house is yours.. and Catherine of Aragons excessively I think. Let me populate with you. & # 8221 ; She is pleading and sobbing. Verena has learnt to love.

Verena wants to be portion of the love that Dolly gives out, and to go more sisterlike, more on her degree, so when Dolly goes out to the feilds once more, she asks & # 8220 ; May I come with you? I & # 8217 ; d love to assist, if you & # 8217 ; 500 Lashkar-e-Taiba me. & # 8221 ; She lets Dolly do the descision of whether she can come, and this is the existent alteration in Verena.

After Dolly & # 8217 ; s decease, Collin asks if he could travel off. She realizes he is speaking about himself, she breaks the wont of forming and doing descisions and allow & # 8217 ; s him travel. Right at the terminal of the film we see Verena, with Dolly & # 8217 ; s tap shawl. Collin has taken her there to hear the voices that Dolly ever talked about, and Verena can eventually hear Dolly & # 8217 ; s voice.

The film maker effectivly base on ballss on the message that love has the power to influence and alteration people. The relationship and love between the two sisters enables Verena to larn that for a relationship to work, there needs to be equality and some giving, and Dolly to larn to go more self-assured and do her ain descsions. Dolly was genuinely bizarre, yet in the terminal, it was she that teaches Verena everything.



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