The Great Depression was a clip of adversity for everybody particularly ranch workers. It prevented people from populating the life they desired. Many people lived in poorness exchanging between occupations. Finally people. like Lennie and George. began seeking for occupations in California. in fact “thousands flocked to California” . Peoples were in hunt of occupations as migratory workers for fruit and vegetable Fieldss. When there was an gap for one adult male. there would be at least 10 work forces viing for it. They were willing to work for highly low rewards. even merely for nutrient. So it was of import for George and Lennie to maintain their occupation in order to gain the money to salvage up for their farm. Such a status where work forces are trapped and are in awful economic conditions helps to make an emotional clime where people do non trust on others. It is besides the ground why Lennie and George’s friendly relationship is so alone. something that strikes everyone that they meet.

In a clip where so few bonds are honoured because of the desire for something better and something that feeds self involvement. Lennie and George demonstrate a bond that is really rare. this about makes everyone leery because so really few would go with company. African Americans. Native Americans. Mexican Americans and adult females were bitterly discriminated and the hardest hit during the Great Depression. They were looked at as the groups that could take occupations off from white work forces. Crooks represents this factor as he himself was a black American who was margined from the remainder of the spread workers because back so favoritism against black people wasn’t abolished yet intending they were segregated from the white people which meant they couldn’t find work.

They were treated really ill and were considered one degree up from animate beings. . The fact that Curley’s married woman is able to ptyalize so much of venom at Crooks and Candy in chapter four is representative of the fact that both work forces particularly criminals who was better off than most of his sort needed the work offered by the spread and couldn’t speak against her. as she is right in that a word to Curley will coerce them back to unemployment. at best. ( ADD QUOTE ) The Great Depression besides changed the household in several ways. Many twosomes delayed acquiring married. and divorce rates and birth rates dropped. Some work forces besides abandoned their households. A 1940 canvass revealed that 1. 5 million married adult females had been abandoned by their hubbies. We see that most of the clip Curley and his married woman who have late been married find it hard to be together. barely seeing each other. Curley’s married woman is frustrated by this and goes and seeks attending from the other ranch workers doing Curley to go jelous. Besides her husband’s jealously. Curley’s wife’s societal position besides restricts her freedom.

In the 1930’s. during the Great Depression. the societal position of adult females was rather low. Work force did non take adult females earnestly and the major function of adult females was to cook. clean. and raise the kids. Curley’s married woman is a perfect illustration of how adult females were viewed in the early twentieth century. She was treated like belongings to Curley and was non given a name being referred to merely as ‘Curley’s wife’ . To reason. with adult females holding such low societal position during the Great depression Steinbeck’s uses this as a chief facet in Curley’s wife’s character to demo us how the great depression can do a individual to go emotionally unstable. ( ADD QUOTE ) Steinbeck uses forfeits in the novelette to demo how the great depression gave no hope for America’s citizens ; The fact that George made the determination to hit Lennie during the Great Depression was symbolic because it was one of many illustrations of people seeking to protect the people they cared about from the effects of the Depression.

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George hiting Lennie was similar to Candy make up one’s minding to set his old Canis familiaris down. or Slim submerging the puppies. All of these determinations were meant to salvage them from a worse destiny. If Candy had non had the Canis familiaris put down. or Slim had non drowned the puppies. they most probably would hold suffered until they finally passed off. George makes the determination to stop Lennie’s life before he has to endure a suffering decease by Curley’s manus. The fact that Lennie is speaking about their American Dream is even more symbolic. for the ground that it wouldn’t be reached. merely like many people’s American Dream’s during the Depression.

We can clearly see that although the characters may look different they. like every other individual in American is traveling through the same thing. . It is merely because of the Great Depression and the jobs caused within it that everyone. despite differences in background and experience. feels the same force per unit area bearing down on them. Steinbeck may hold chosen to hold a round secret plan to demo that no circle has an stoping. in a manner the secret plan is like a representation to demo the dead terminal being of the Great Depression which was a clip of wretchedness. no hope and great sacrifices…


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