In American society. the manner people act is rather an interesting. yet confounding topic to look at. If you were to look closely at the behaviour and the thought of the mean American adult male in the modern twenty-four hours. you would see that he is non excessively different from a adult male that lived one hundred old ages ago in America. Obviously many things have changed in society that make a adult male different presents compared to one hundred old ages ago. but the point is that. in general. the head of an American individual has kept the same features.

A great manner to understand how an American man’s head has remained the same is by comparing The Great Gatsby with modern society in the United States. In this novel. which takes topographic point in the 1920’s. we see that the major subjects incorporated into it are hope in the American Dream. the thought that rich are ever entitled and ne’er responsible for their behaviour. and that the common adult male will maintain seeking to accomplish the American Dream to the fullest even though he is mistily cognizant that he has higher ethical motives than the individual he is seeking to go.

Ever since the United States was founded. adult male has ever hoped of going successful and even comfortable. All work forces were created equal harmonizing to our Declaration of Independence so the American Dream is something that any adult male can accomplish if he puts in the work and the dedication needed. Plenty of hope is besides needed if a adult male wishes to go successful in the United States because sometimes difficult work and dedication entirely are non plenty.

The chief character in The Great Gatsby. Jay Gatsby. has. “some heightened sensitiveness to the promises of life. ” which is like stating that Gatsby is an mean adult male that devotes his life to the American Dream and acquiring what he wants. Gatsby besides has. “an extraordinary gift for hope. ” which means that Gatsby has a positive attitude toward accomplishing the American Dream. Jay Gatsby can associate to many success narratives that have happened late in the United States. One illustration of a modern twenty-four hours Jay Gatsby is Oprah Winfrey.

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Oprah was born into a hapless life with non much chance. but she did hold hope and finally she was able to work her manner to the top of the American Dream. Having hope when seeking to go successful is a must or your dream may ne’er go on. It seems as though the old money. rich people think they have entitlement no affair what they do. The wealthy can hold whatever they like all the clip even if they don’t morally merit it. This has been the instance in America for a long clip. including the clip of Jay Gatsby and besides in modern twenty-four hours society.

A major character in The Great Gatsby. Nick Carraway. realizes that the rich deficiency duty for their actions and they continue populating as though they have every right to their good luck. Nick says. “They were careless people. Tom and Daisy – they smashed up things and animals and so retreated back into their money or their huge sloppiness. or whatever it was that kept them together. and allow other people clean up the muss they had made. ” Even when Daisy slayings Myrtle. Gatsby ends up paying the monetary value for her because Daisy and Tom are careless and rich.

Money is manner more of import to them than anything else in the universe. There are many people in our society today like Daisy and Tom. One illustration is Paris Hilton. who fundamentally goes around and parties with her father’s money. She can make whatever she wants and the money is ever at that place to cover it up. It is astonishing how money can find someone’s character. The common adult male seems to ever contend to hold the American Dream even if they realize that they have higher ethical motives than those who already are successful. Money can blind a individual from recognizing that holding good ethical motives is more of import than holding fiscal success.

The Great Gatsby shows that Jay Gatsby innocently pursued the American Dream. he worked on personal betterment his whole life. and he continued his difficult chase even with forces working against him. He finally was killed because of people unlike him that had money but no ethical motives. Gatsby tried to hold money and great ethical motives and that is something that is non precisely possible. Peoples presents try all the clip to prosecute the American Dream while staying a good individual with ethical motives. It is difficult to hold it both ways and that is apparent after reading about Jay Gatsby.

Recognizing that modern twenty-four hours society is still the same as it was in The Great Gatsby is of import. The writer. F. Scott Fitzgerald. would really likely agree that today’s society is no different than the society portrayed in his novel. Everybody wants to prosecute the American Dream and remain as a good individual. but as you look at Jay Gatsby. it is easy to see that it is highly difficult to carry through and keep. Possibly shortly society will go a just playing land. but for now all people can make is trust that life works out for the better.


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