In this universe. at times. it is difficult to decode right from incorrect. In some parts of the universe certain things are merely obviously unacceptable and others are O.K. . Where as on the other side of the universe the thing that is unacceptable is accept and the thing that is accepted is unacceptable.

Ethical motives and values vary greatly from individual to individual. I do agree with Lenn Goodman that some things are merely merely incorrect but that doesn’t mean that the other side of the universe will hold. ( Goodman. 2010 ) Unfortunately. ethical motives are merely personal sentiments alternatively of secular criterions. No affair what a individual on one side of the universe feels as incorrect. there is ever a opposite number to that sentiment someplace else.

In the United States criminal conversation is illegal and is evidences for divorce. The divorce will ever work in favour for the partner that is was the victim. In other states polygamy is non a manner of life. Husbands have more than one wife’s and its recognized and non considered incorrect. The decease punishment is another moral issue. Even in the United States. the state as whole struggles on this issue. Some provinces are for it and others are against it. Child maltreatment is a immense moral issue for myself. sing I was a victim of kid maltreatment. Though. in the United States it is really illegal and really much looked down on. other states do non value the life of a kid as our state as a whole does. They have sex with miss and male childs at really immature ages and it is really much O.K. . If a kid gets out of line crushing them till blood is drawn is besides all right. Any moral issue I can believe of ever has a topographic point that it is accepted. So to state that there are world-wide issues that the whole universe would see as incorrect would be wrong and unrealistic.

Lenn Goodman mentioned terrorist act in his paper. ( Goodman. 2010 ) The United States entirely has seen its damaging effects but the people we are naming terrorist feel they are making good plants due to spiritual beliefs. Some would state there isn’t a grey country for right and incorrect but as I examined my ain moral values and beliefs and compared them to others. I see that there are grey countries. It merely varies from individual to individual. metropolis to metropolis. province to province. state to state. and hemisphere to hemisphere. This universe is non all butterflies and ice lollies. though its diverseness does do it a beautiful topographic point but even some would reason that every bit good.

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I read an article that was speaking about paedophilia and how is should be viewed as merely another sexual penchant. ( Henley. 2012 ) I was outraged by that article and wondered who in their right head could look at an guiltless kid in a sexual mode. This was a really distressing minute for me. I have 2 little kids and one on the manner and to believe that perchance one twenty-four hours in their life clip paedophilia could be viewed. as merely another sexual penchant was dismaying. That being said. you can see the statement that to every thing that is thought to be incorrect. someplace there is person that would reason with you.

So though I do believe there should be a cosmopolitan moral demand for certain issues. they do non exists. There is ever some other civilization that would state that your ethical motives are incorrect or that the things you feel are incorrect are accepted in their belief system. It’s non soothing to truly believe about but it is really much true.


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