Corporate societal duty ( CSR ) is a turning phenomenon worldwide. The twentieth century has seen many administrations increase their attempt in back uping non-related activities in the society ( Tsoutoura 2004 )

This phenomenon has grown so much that some companies decided to integrate the facet of CSR in their organizational policies. In developed states, different companies give studies on CSR in their books of histories yearly, unwraping where they have spent their money and how the community benefited ( Tsoutoura 2004 )

The major international companies all over the universe have been linked with the CSR activities. British gasoline, Shelly, Nokia which are some of the largest and globally known companies have been linked with CSR activities all over the universe. Most of these companies have highlighted on how they guarantee the endurance of the environment through facets of polishing their procedures of production, minimising unneeded and harmful waste merchandises etc. This shows that the present CSR activities of most international companies have been oriented on the environment instead than the other facets such as the society, the employees, clients, the authorities, providers etc

In add-on to the above companies, the phenomenon of CSR has been clearly seen in the telecommunication industry in most of states. In Tanzania the private sector companies, peculiarly, the telecommunication companies have been major participants in the CSR activities.

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Over the old ages, the Tanzanian telecommunication sector has participated in development activities within the society. Vodacom-Tanzania for illustration has constructed water-wells, built schools and supported athleticss among others. In 2001, the company provided a five twelvemonth sponsorship to the football association in the state. ( Vodacom Tanzania limited 2010 )

Furthermore, Zain-Tanzania, a planetary telecommunication Company, is an active participant in carry oning CSR activities within the state ; including back uping instruction by supplying school desks and computing machines to the primary and secondary schools severally, and through the Zain Africa challenge plan and assorted environmental runs. ( Zain Africa limited 2010 )

In order to analyse the future tendency of CSR on whether it will concentrate more on the environment than other countries, and to foster discuss whether CSR is chiefly about doing money for international concerns, the construct and theories of CSR will be identified, along with an analysis of the bing empirical literature.

The construct of CSR

Corporate societal duty is an germinating term that does non hold a standard definition. Although it is non a new construct, it still remains an emerging and elusive thought for faculty members and a contested issue for concern directors and their stakeholders. Many people have vague thoughts about what corporate societal duty is all about. They view it as “ a large corporation giving some money to the environment or a community enterprise ” Middle East corporate societal duty ( Annon,2007 )

The European Commission defines corporate societal duty ( CSR ) as “ a construct whereby companies integrate societal and environmental concerns in their concern operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary footing. ” ( European committee 2010 )

Alternatively Corporate societal duty ( CSR ) is defined “ as a construct whereby Organisations consider the involvements of society by taking duty for the impact of their activities on Customers, employees, stockholders, communities and the environment in all facets of their operations. This is seen to widen beyond the statutory duty to follow with statute law and sees administrations voluntarily taking farther stairss to better the quality of life for employees and their households every bit good as for the local community and society at big. ” ( Johnson et al, 2009, p 100 ) .

3.0 Theories on Corporate Social Responsibility

3.1 Theory of stockholder net income maximization

“ The conventional theory of CSR believes that companies, as a concern apparatus, should take optimum net income devising for stockholders as their most cardinal aim ” . ( Zhang Shi Yuan, 2006 ) The corporate aim should non in any manner be replaced by other aims of persons within the organisation. ( Zhang Shi Yuan, 2006 )

Theory of stakeholders Interest

The theory maintains that “ maximising the involvements of the stockholders of the company is the most of import aim that a concern organisation should accomplish ” ( Zhang Shi Yuan, 2006 ) but this should non be the lone aim that the concern organisation should hold. The concern should therefore expression at other facets such as good being of the members of the society i.e. the employees, clients, the authorities, the providers, the public at6 big every bit good as the well being of the environment. ( Zhang Shi Yuan 2006 ) .

Theory of good citizenship

This theory maintains that “ companies should take profit-making as the corporate aims ” , ( Zhang Shi Yuan 2006 ) nevertheless, they are besides apt to offering aid, and i.e. companies shall hold the duty to assist work out certain societal jobs. An illustration could be that organisations are obliged to do contributions to instruction or charity organisations.

Theory of minimal demand of morality

The theory states that “ companies have the duty to fulfill stockholders ‘ involvements ” ( Zhang Shi Yuan 2006 ) without damaging other parties. Therefore provided that organisations have avoided causation or helped the society overcome societal harm caused by to their behaviour during the procedure of concern activities, therefore the companies will show societal duties.


There are so many facets that are linked to CSR but the followers are the major activities that define the facet of CSR.

The concern for the environment

The concern for the clients

The concern to the employees

The concern to the local community

Many companies have been engaged in CSR through the facet of traveling green i.e. taking attention of the environment due to their operational activities. From this the inquiry comes to whether CSR in the hereafter will go chiefly concerned with environment or will other countries benefit every bit.


Many empirical groundss have linked CSR with improved fiscal public presentations in an organisation. Others have linked it with better employee public presentations and client demands which are all related to gain devising. These literatures include the followers ;

Harmonizing to Orlitzky et Al ( 2003 ) , corporate societal public presentation and corporate fiscal public presentation are positively correlated and their relationship is statistically important. This decision was reached after transporting out a Meta analysis of that integrated 30 old ages of research from 52 old surveies and used Meta analytical techniques to back up that impression.

In 2004, Margarita Tsoutsoura a lector at the University of California published her consequences on the same research in the USA. She besides indicated that there is a positive relationship between CSR and fiscal public presentation. ( Tsoutsoura 2004 )


Many surveies done on CSR have shown that the facet of CSR influences the public presentation of the company straight and indirectly. There has been a nexus between the CSR activities and the employee keeping and public presentations in their administrations. Therefore it can be suggested that companies will be given to ship more on other facets of CSR and non merely on the environmental portion because most houses value the well being of their concerns a batch more than any other side aim. Hence if by prosecuting in other facets of CSR does supply a agency of carry throughing involvements of the concern so they will move in favour of it.

Furthermore in many transnational corporations ( MNCs ) CSR has been incorporated in their strategic planning procedure. The grounds behind societal duty towards environmental and human duty are still questionable to whether it is based on echt involvement or has underlining subterranean motivations. hypertext transfer protocol: //

There are groups that argued that the lone ground to why corporations put in topographic point societal undertakings is for the commercial benefit they see from raising their repute with the populace or with authorities. They suggest a figure of grounds why self-interested corporations, entirely seeking to maximise net incomes are unable to progress the involvements of society as a whole. hypertext transfer protocol: //

They give illustrations of companies that have spent a batch of clip advancing CSR policies and their committedness to Sustainable Development on one manus, whilst damaging disclosures about concern patterns emerge on the other. For illustration Royal Dutch/Shell a transnational oil company has a much publicized CSR policy, although the 1995 hanging of Saro-Wiwa and his fellow work forces authorized by the Nigerian authorities brought bad image to the company ‘s subordinate since human rights Watch accused its operations on arousing the environmental and human rights policies. Additionally, in 2004 the company was involved in a dirt over the misreporting of its oil militias which earnestly damaged its repute and led to charges of lip service. It is within my position that the can be seen that international concerns do stand a opportunity of doing more net incomes by prosecuting in CSR. hypertext transfer protocol: //

The facet of humanity is non supported by most of the bing literature. The celebrated writers such as Modigliani, Milton Friedman in1970 in the New York times every bit good as from the fiscal direction positions ( Jaffe et al 2000 ) all show that the chief aim of the house is to maximise the net income of the stockholders of the company and hence if the activity is worth the net income it is done otherwise it is dropped. Hence international concerns are chiefly doing more net incomes through CSR. These critics by and large suggest that host-governments and international ordinances should implement the environmental and human rights policies more strongly to guarantee that international concerns behave in a socially responsible mode.

7.0 Conclusion and Recommendation

It can be conclude, that the company ‘s future tend to be on the divergency from merely being responsible to the environment and to be more responsible to the other facets of corporate societal duty such as the well being of the employees, clients every bit good as the society. Furthermore, it ‘s in the position of this paper that the international concerns are involved in the CSR activities to maximise the net incomes or wealth of the stockholders. This is to state that the hereafter of CSR is in all waies and it is on the side of the international concern to make up one’s mind on which facet should be focused upon to accomplish the aims of the concern.

It ‘s within the bounds of this paper to urge that the companies should right concentrate on all the facets of corporate societal duty. A specific CSR policy should be placed in all concerns so that it becomes p [ art and package of the concern operations. In making so, the concerns stand a big opportunity of lasting in the competitory concern universe that is presently in drama. For the benefits of the international concerns, they should besides go on with the CSR activities by looking at what are the most valuable activities for the people and the countries at which they are runing. For illustration if an international concern is using to Africa state countries that have people in the rural parts who have no instruction, so the CSR activity for the international organisations should be on how to authorise these local people with instruction.


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