Chapter 1

In 1955, a well-known Walt Disney enthralled the whole universe with the Disneyland Park gap in Anaheim, California and following in Florida, Paris and Tokyo. During grand 1998, Disney announced that their planning to construct fifth such resort in Hong Kong. On 2 November 1999, Hong Kong particular administrative part ( SAR ) authorities, Chief executive Mr. Tung Chee Hwa, announced that Hong Kong will construct the first Disney ‘s subject park. The undertaking is created with a joint venture company, which is Hong Kong international subject Parkss limited, with stockholders, between the Walt Disney Company and SAR authorities. The SAR authorities owned a control of 57 % portions, while Disney retains the other 43 % in the undertaking. Harmonizing to the HKDL beginning ( 2012 ) , cost of the undertaking was around $ 14.1 billion grade. In Jan 2002, the building work on the resort begins, such as for the undermentioned old ages Hong Kong Disneyland resort foremost embassador, Angela. After that, the MTR to Hong Kong Disneyland resort opens ; and besides lake diversion Centre opens to the populace and etc.

Till the 12 September 2005, the universe fifth Disneyland subject park expansive gap to visitants which planted in Hong Kong, the really first Disneyland in Asia Pacific state. Harmonizing to Hong Kong Asia ‘s universe metropolis, the location was situated at the Pearl River felta on the seashore of southern China, a really strategic location place in the E and West as a gateway, ( located in penny ‘s bay, Lantau island ) , and has made it a really attractive Centre for international trade. The edifice of resort is different with other state Disneyland because Disney attempted to avoid rise of the cultural recoil job. Therefore, it incorporate Chinese civilization, imposts and traditions before planing and constructing the resort, with adopt to the guideline of Feng Shui. For illustration, to avoid the good Qi ( energy ) flow to the South China Sea, they put a crook in paseo near Hong Kong Disneyland Resort entryway. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Park has six themed countries which are Adventureland, Main Street, U.S.A. , Tomorrowland Fantasyland, Grizzly Gulch and Toy Story Land these six themed countries. Besides that, it believes will hold some enlargement in the close hereafter to pull more visitants ( The HKDL beginning, 2012 ) .

Hong Kong Disneyland ( 2009 ) indicate that Hong Kong Disneyland resort has employs more than 5,000 dramatis personae members which doing Hong Kong the largest employers in the amusement industry besides create a 1000 of occupations for Hong Kong people. Because of this, the economic sciences of Hong Kong have been enhanced while reduces the unemployment sum of Hong Kong ‘s people. In add-on, the touristry industry of Hong Kong, which a pillar of the economic system will be the innovator by edifice of Hong Kong Disneyland, it besides brings gross to Hong Kong state. Since Hong Kong Disneyland open in 2005, more than 17 million tourers have visited. Harmonizing Hong Kong ‘s authorities released the statistics shown that tourers from the local histories for 33 per centum of those visitants, and abroad tourers account for around 60 per centum. From the position of economic, Hong Kong Disneyland has been brought the part HK $ 30 billion. Besides that, Hong Kong Disneyland besides has been created more than 10,000 occupations during past four old ages ( China daily, 2012 ) .

As the newest Disneyland in the universe, the vision of Hong Kong Disneyland ‘s is to be Asia ‘s premier resort finish which making charming memories for their dramatis personae, invitee and community. In add-on, the company with mission to delivers people a first experiences and to drive people happiness for visitants through creativeness, great leading and a passionate dramatis personae ( Hong Kong Disneyland, 2009 ) Besides, heighten Hong Kong ‘s international image by pull more tourers a twelvemonth, enrich the quality of life, and make 1000s of occupations, Besides, brings the first amusement experience to all people, with its diverse civilization have inspired visitant ‘s to make a assortment of amusement which can convey the unique to Hong Kong Disneyland resort.

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Harmonizing to Hong Kong particular administrative part authorities indicate that in order to heighten Hong Kong as a really attractiveness finish ; other undertakings are being taken frontward under consideration such as to spread out or extent the range of installations and besides touristry experiences available in Hong Kong.

Research Objective

This survey is aimed at analyzing the growing of Disneyland in Hong Kong since 2005, In add-on, this survey aims to look into the impact and economic in which Disneyland bring to Hong Kong since 2005. Last, to look into people perception about the first Disneyland located at Asia Pacific state.

Research method

This survey will carry on based on qualitative method. First, this survey will utilize literature hunt which is a really cheap method to garner information where stuffs are all get ready. The stuffs can recover from the company information/profile, magazines, newspaper, one-year studies, trade publications company literature, and on-line database. For illustration, one-year study and company profile can be found from Hong Kong Disneyland functionary web site. Besides that, some utile information or intelligence can be found from leisure or subject magazine which published late. In add-on, the on-line database such as Informaworld Taylor & A ; Francis, Emerald and so on. Furthermore, the survey can be conduct from assorted types of diaries. The research worker has decided to take 30 diaries to carry on this survey. For illustration, the diary related to the development of Disneyland in different state is selected to carry on this research. Furthermore, diary related to the economic status of Hong Kong besides are selected. The research will recover and garner all of these facts hence to make up one’s mind the infinite for Hong Kong Disneyland to continuously turn. In add-on, it besides helps the research worker to make up one’s mind whether the Hong Kong Disneyland ‘s concern will impact by its cardinal rivals such as Ocean Park Hong Kong and other Disneyland located at other state. Besides that, it besides helps the research worker to understand the of import of variegation of civilization to uninterrupted invest in the Asia Pacific state.

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