1. The book is made in form appropriate to 9-10 twelvemonth old kids. A large advantage is the fluid sequence on the book for 3 twelvemonth Story Magic 1. 2. The methodic is set absolutely – each from 9 lections is methodically divided to 8 hours. If the instructor wanted to catch everything. what is specified in methodics. the lesson would hold to be longer than 45 proceedingss. That’s why the choice is needed – what to take. 3. A on the job list is set to the book on high degree. It is ready for usage really good to utilize with the book.

4. The whole book is designed. that kids learn English intuitively – they aren’t limited by grammar and grammatical constructions. Following to recordings emmet with the aid of synergistic Cadmium. the kids can comprehend the manner in which kids learn their first linguistic communication. 5. Although this book isn’t discussing and explicating single grammatical marks – it comprises them and kids are larning merely intuitively. 6. The book is filled up by flash cards with vocabulary. which can be used in many ways. 7. The book is divided to 9 thematic units / I attach clip thematic program with spliting in addendum. 8. On website macmillan. sk is accessible a vocabulary to book excessively. 9. The book is picturesque and diagrammatically right reclaimed.

10. Each lection starts with motivational vocal. All vocals are manipulated by right signifier for childs. 11. Individual articles are manipulated by sketch signifier. The book in bubbles is consecutive and clear. it doesn’t alteration incline and it is every bit big – they are based towards kids with disfunctions. that the texts would be easier to read. 12. To all activities in book are inserted exercisings in working list. 13. The involvement of this book is. that each lection comprises one needlecraft excessively – some punching or booklet. Kinds like doing this activity and they are looking frontward to it.

14. In each lection is inserted a portion with production of the undertaking excessively. This portion teaches kids to fix on similar activities in following old ages of survey on the 2nd phase ( stupen ) . 15. Plumbless portion of each lection is a portion preparation pronunciation excessively. 16. Whole lection concludes mini consecutive Mag and Miggle – short amusing gag with simple apprehension. 17. Whole lection is concluded by a little trial in working list I can make it. These are the trouble adapted to the age of pupils. How you sure have understood I am large fan of this book a all its constituents: music Cadmium. synergistic Cadmium. brassy cards with vocabulary with links and of class working list and with the methodic revised in deepness.

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