Could it be what he writers of the “History of Ghost Stories” define to be a ghost, a specter or a spirit that lives separately from the human body (History of Ghost Stories)? You can never be too sure about these types of things and that’s a mystery that plagues the human mind. Can an inanimate object be haunted is still the main question that needs to be answered and with the story that I’m about to share it’s up to the reader to determine that. This story is about a woman who goes by the name of Janice. She’s what some of you might call a “Packard. She sees something likes and there’s a good deal on it, you teeter believe she will pick it up to carry home. Janice likes to collect old antique type things like, flower pots, vases, clocks and things of that sort, but this certain particular purchase that Janice makes on this day I’m pretty sure will change her mind about always picking up everything that you see and that, that type of shopping isn’t always best. The local Salvation Army is where Janice frequents often. They’re close and that’s really convenient for her, they don’t tend to be too price, and they also tend to have some pretty good deals going on.

It was an ordinary summer day in Georgia. There were only a few people in the store shopping along with Janice. She happened to be looking at the glass items, like the typical flower vases that the local florist has on sale for like 65 cents. When she looked behind some of them she spotted this beautiful 20″ crystal vase. It was very heavy when she picked it up and it had the Mimosa label on the bottom of it, so therefore this was some good quality stuff. It was 100% Australian Crystal for only $5. She was so excited and she thought she had found the deal of the day little did she know.

On the next day the vase was sitting in he kitchen along with Janice while her 14 year old daughter Saran was in her room. Janice thought she saw someone walk behind her she thought she saw a shadow out the corner of her eye. She turned to see if there was something there and of course… Nothing was in sight. Then her chocolate lab starts barking frantically exactly where she thought she saw the shadow. The cable on the television blinked out and then the lights flicker on and off, and not Just the lights but the entire power to the house.

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That was on a Saturday night and scared out of their minds they decided to stay way from their house that night. On returning that Sunday morning, Janice notices that her teeth whitening trays are all sprawled out on the floor in the middle of the hallway with their protective tray still on the bathroom sink where they all should have been. Also that night her daughter claimed to be hearing voices and noises like something falling off of the shelf in the bathroom.


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