Rotary kiln belongs to constructing material equipment. and it can be divided into cement kiln. metallurgy chemical kiln and calcium hydroxide kiln harmonizing to different stuffs. Cement kiln is used for doing of cement cinder and there are dry and wet methods to do cement. Metallurgy chemical kiln is used in metallurgy industry and ironworks for thin Fe ore. Cr ore and ferronickel ore calcimine. The application of rotary kiln originated from the cement production.

British cementer J. Asp invented dirt shaft kiln of intermittent operation in 1824 ; A German invented multilayer shaft kiln of uninterrupted operation in1883 ; British E Ransome invented the rotary kiln in 1885 which was put into production after obtaining the patent in England and America and gained considerable economic benefits. The innovation of rotary kiln makes the cement industry develop quickly and promotes the survey on application of rotary kiln. The rotary kiln is used in many industrial Fieldss and takes a more of import function in these productions. The rotary kiln becomes the nucleus equipment in endeavor production.

The proficient feature and service behaviour of rotary kiln are indispensable to the quality. end product and cost of the merchandise. “As long as the large kiln is running. the money is coming. ” This lay is a graphic description on the importance of rotary kiln in production. The rotary kiln is most frequently used in cement industry. The whole production engineering of cement is summarized as “two grinding and one burning” . “One burning” means the technological procedure of firing the land and prepared natural stuff into cinder by the high temperature of rotary kiln.

So the rotary kiln is the chief engine in cement production. and is normally referred to as “heart” of cement mill. In constructing stuff industry. besides roasting cement cinder. the rotary kiln is besides used for roasting clay. limestone and drying scoria. etc. Rotary kiln is used for calcimine of high aluminium vandal oche in stubborn stuff industry ; for calcimine of calotte and aluminium hydrated oxide in aluminium maker ; for claiming of chrome sand ore and chrome pulverization ore in chemical works. Lime kiln is used for baking active calcium hydroxide and dolomite in the steel mill and ferroalloy mill.

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