The first event of Olympic took topographic point in Olympia about 300 hundred old ages ago. Olympia was located in the south West of Greece, it was a field surrounded by olive grove. The history mentioned that people come to see the topographic point worship Zeus and his married woman Hera, the male monarch and queen of Grecian Gods. The first Olympic consisted of merely one event which was a running race. The game consisted of 20 smugglers side by side. Merely work forces took portion of the games.

From 776 BC, the games were held at Olympia every four old ages normally the month of August. The four twelvemonth clip period was called an Olympiad. The games were really popular and witnesss from the neighbor state came to watch the spectacle which includes states like Syria, Italy and Egypt. After 100 old ages of the games, other games have been added to the original running games which led to 18 events took topographic point that twenty-four hours. The first even that took topographic point was the chariot followed by one of the most popular events the pentathlon, which was made up of five different featuring activities. During that clip victor were awarded a Crown of olive foliages.

In 1896, the Olympics were international and took topographic point in the Grecian metropolis of Athens. A Frenchman called Baron Pierre de Coubertin started the thought of modern Olympic games and besides designed the superb logo with five colored rings which represent the continents of the universe joined in peace and harmoniousness.

Nowadays the Olympics are the biggest featuring event in the universe, months before the Olympics Begin, a fire is lit to the bowl and is passed through a relay of torches. The fire is ever firing during the games. In the modern Olympics, victors are presented with decorations in gold, Ag and bronze based on the participants public presentations. The Olympics ever get down with an gap ceremonial where all participants from all over the universe meet in the same topographic point work forces or adult females to take portion of the competition in different games of penchant which happens every four twelvemonth in a choosing state during summer and winter. The last Olympic was held last twelvemonth in London where participants competes in different subject to win rubrics. Among the participants in London, these are some names of the glorious victors such as: Michael Phelps from USA in the swimming subdivision, Usain Bolt from Jamaica, Missy Franklin besides from USA and others.

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The Olympics have for aim, to construct a peaceful and better universe by educating new coevalss through athleticss competitions among different jocks from all over the universe with cultural differences, linguistic communications and faiths. Another point is to pattern the games without any favoritism or unfairness among participants, to distribute the Olympic spirit all over the universe, a spirit of common consent and a spirit of friendly relationship, just drama and solidarity to do the universe a better topographic point to populate and advance adult females engagement in athleticss at all degrees.

How concerns gain from Olympics.

The Olympics are seen as benefit for concerns in a choosing state because the games are genuinely planetary and companies can profit from it to demo a positive trade name name. An illustration is Samsung when it was one time a large company merely in its local part in South Korea. In 1997, it piped Motorola to go a planetary Olympic patron. Small concerns will see an addition in their net income for over a certain period as many people around the universe will be sing the Olympic hosting state. Companies such as Bankss will besides profit from it because many aliens will desire to open nest eggs account during their period of stay. Cab companies besides will see an addition of clients which will perfectly derive from high net income. For other concerns such as Shops, Hotels and Restaurant across the state will besides construct more hotels and eating house because the figure of new clients will increase as the biggest event is go oning to their state, building companies will besides profit large amounts from the authorities to construct more roads to ease the transit of everyone and to demo a good image of taking state to the universe.

Harmonizing to the diary ‘The Economist ‘ ( 2012 ) , planetary patrons known as Olympic spouses such as Coca-Cola and Panasonic pay fat amounts to the international Olympic commission to let them to utilize the Olympic trade name to advance their merchandises, coca-cola for its soft drinks and Panasonic for telecastings and so on. This means that any concern who will a amount of money merely to utilize the Olympic trade name when publicizing their merchandises on telecastings will profit from it by allowing whole universe know about their merchandises and trade name, and consciousness of a concern merchandise ever lead to an addition of clients and a rapid addition in net income. Other concerns spend sums of money to patronize the event, athleticss practiced, squads and single because they believe that in return they are traveling to acquire the money back plus a bigger budget.

Talking about the recent Olympic games which happened in London, concerns which are engaged internationally became more competitory, concern who meet the planetary competition caput on are the one who wins, survive and win. Business people from around the universe might be coming to watch the games may be able to run into each other to see whether or non their partnership and trades to be done.

How hosting states gain by hosting Olympics.

Every minute that the Olympics games are organize, the Olympic Games pull the universe attending and the host metropolis gets monolithic media exposure. It has been a good beginning of money for the hosting states. Hosting the Olympics games is a immense award for a state merely because it has many advantages to the state. Hosting the Olympics is non a simple undertaking but a immense undertaking where locales must be built, better the substructure and hosing must be provided for the fans from all the states. Hosting the Olympics helps to bring forth income. Many visitants will come as tourers to watch the games, the tickets sold to a big figure of people to help the games by back uping their place state. The tickets sold can be considered as an income for the state. The hosting state authorities will construct hotels, eating houses, any substructures that can ease the visitants stay and the authoritiess will general income from what the physique. Another point is besides hosting the Olympics attract tourers in the state as the biggest show around all the universe is go oning at that place, so many people from different states will be excited to go and see the topographic point. The hosting state will hold a immense sum of acknowledgment and stature, the state will go more well-known and this will assist to increase touristry and travel activities to that state and exactly in that metropolis or state. Real fans from all the portion of the universe will come to that event. Hotels, tourer stores, eating house and shops will do tonss of money during the games and there will be besides the media which play an of import function of the events. The Olympics bring a batch of touristry and hotel gross to the hosting state. It besides gives the metropolis promotion on telecasting. Some of these promotions attract tourers to the metropolis because it would profit the metropolis greatly. So I do believe it is a great benefit.

A Job chance is another great benefit that will come as a consequence of hosting the Olympics. The creative activity of occupation chance is high ; such beautiful event can convey many chances to the host state. The employment chances may either be short term or long term. Harmonizing Kollewe, J. ( 2012, August 15 ) , the figure of people populating in Britain out of work has decrease to its lowest phase in about a twelvemonth, with the diminution in portion due to the creative activity of occupations chances by the recent London Olympics 2012 every bit good as an addition employment sector. So it is one of the cardinal benefits of hosting the Olympics as it increase the occupation chance and many people ‘s societal position will alter because they are gaining money.

Negative impacts of Olympic gamess

Every state would desire to host the Olympic Games but the standards do n’t let some states due to the high cost of hosting the games in a state. It cost a batch than anyone can conceive of in carry throughing some buildings and substructures by constructing the Olympic bowl that will hold to take a large sum of fans coming from all around the universe, besides construct some hotels so that all the people can hold a topographic point to remain until the event coating. So it has a negative impact of hosting the Olympics in some states and even pip for hapless states. Even in some other states called rich, have faced a entire failure because the consequence was a negative impact. The negative impacts of Olympics are assorted but among them we retain some of them such Security, when people from all over the universe are run intoing in one metropolis for such even, the country will be crowded around the states and there will be deficiency of security to protect every individual which lead to offenses or terrorist act onslaught during games where the bulk of people are connected and basking the public presentation of their states jocks. Such instance happened in 1972 in Munich where many of Israeli jocks were taken surety by the Palestinians, and the following failed to deliver the sureties which consequences to their decease due to the political struggle between the two states. Another impact is Debt, it happens when an Olympic hosting state put a batch of money in bettering the installations necessary for the jocks, fans, and tourers during the event, spend more than what the state have as resources. That will impact the state really bad before they recover from it and it besides lead to unemployment plus the economic system will drop down. Such scenario happened when Canada hosted the Olympics games in 1976 in Montreal where immense lost were produced and the population of the metropolis suffered for many old ages because of the debts.

Disadvantages of hosting Olympics particularly for hapless states

Hosting the Olympics games have been ever a large trade in hapless states. Continent like Africa ever considered the bulk of the hapless states in the universe ca n’t yet hold the possibilities to host the Olympics games because of their economical position and the major job the state is confronting mundane do n’t fit with the standards of been chosen to host the event. All African states have for challenge to confront the jobs of their states such as insecurity, poorness, corruptness, instruction, hungriness, struggle, diseases such as malaria, TB and other environmental challenges. These effects are increasing insecurity, terrorist act, and migration that besides have an consequence on developed states. Another factor is that the instruction degrees is non high compared to other states and for them to recognize all the undertakings of buildings they will necessitate high educated people like expert in their field. All these will be them a batch if they hire adept and the cost for constructing the substructures is extremely expensive because one million millions of people will be sing the host state to back up their states. The transit installations really low, such event should hold all the conditions needed in topographic point to avoid any struggle between the people because the people who are traveling to run into their have different civilization, faiths and race or avoid any political issues among the states which lead to war between states. Technologies are non developed in Africa it will hard for any African state brand happened such Olympics games as we saw in this recent Olympics games in London and engineerings are bettering every twenty-four hours. After all, in this minute the African states do n’t hold the fiscal capacity to form the Olympics games, possibly they can take step to extinguish the jobs they are confronting foremost so they will believe about hosting the Olympics games.


In some, hosting the Olympics has been a great benefit economically but besides a negative impact on in some states. Research shows that hosting the Olympics games has been a greater benefit than loss economically. It better the installations of the metropolis, attract touristry to see the state, better occupation chance for the local people by using the young person because many occupations will be available and peoples position will better. It besides help the hosting state to demo a good image of the state because a mass of media will the present during the event and the undermentioned states that are traveling to be chosen following to take a good illustration from them. The Olympics game is a good thing because it promotes peace and unit states around the full universe.



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