This paper seeks to place and discourse the development of the touristry industry in Port Antonio, Jamaica. Information was gathered utilizing assorted beginnings. A visit was made to Port Antonio in order to better understand how touristry was practiced in this resort country, both occupants and visitants were interviewed to acquire a feel of what was traveling on in that country and cyberspace beginnings were besides used.

Tourism is the travel for recreational, leisure or concern intents. ( ) , it is the operation of holidaies and visits to topographic points of involvement.

Tourism can besides be defined as a complex of activities, services, and industries that delivers a travel experience to persons and groups going 50 stat mis or more from their places for intents of pleasance.

The concern sectors consisting the touristry industry include: transit, adjustments, feeding and imbibing constitutions, stores, amusement locales, activity installations, and a assortment of cordial reception service suppliers who cater to persons or groups going off from place. Tourism merchandise is non produced by a individual concern, non-profit-making organisation, or governmental bureau ; instead, it is defined as “ a hearty visitant experience. ” This definition encompasses every activity and experience that a tourer brushs during his or her full trip off from place. ( Pileus Project )

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History of Tourism in Port Antonio

Portland officially became a parish in 1723 by order of the Duke of Portland, who was so Governor of Jamaica and after whom it is named. The bing port was to be called Port Antonio and was slated to go a naval fastness. To that terminal, by 1729, the British began to construct Fort George on the peninsula dividing the twin E and west seaports known as the Ticthfield headland. The garrison was intended to protect colonists from onslaughts by sea ( from the Spanish ) and from the hills ( from the Maroons ) . ( Pieces of the yesteryear )

In 1739 the Maroons signed a peace pact with the British and this led to a new period of development in Portland. Settlers started pouring in, accepting the Governor ‘s offer of free land and slaves. Many began big graduated table sugar cultivation. By 1779 there were 38 big estates and more than 100 cowss pens and little retentions. ( Pieces of the yesteryear )

Portland ‘s lucks were to take a bend for the better in the late nineteenth century with the development of the banana industry. Portland ‘s dirt and heavy rains were well-suited to banana cultivation and about any size husbandman could turn banana for net income. Banana, a speedy turning harvest that can be ready to harvest within a twelvemonth, besides had another advantage over sugar ; it can be harvested throughout the twelvemonth. ( Pieces of the yesteryear )

Lorenzo Dow Baker, the adult male credited with single-handedly jumpstarting banana production for export on the island, arrived in Jamaica in 1870. The island was sing a diminution in sugar production and increased competition from Beta vulgaris sugar. Its protected market was gone. ( Pieces of the yesteryear ) A new export harvest was needed. Baker turned popular attending to the banana, long regarded as a beginning of local nutrient, peculiarly for black Jamaicans slaves had been its chief agriculturists in their proviso evidences. Famed phytologist Sir Hans Sloane ( who founded the British Museum ) noted the being of bananas in Jamaica from as far back as 1688. ( Pieces of the yesteryear )

Baker, who owned an 85-tonne seafaring ship, left Port Antonio with some 450 Bunches of banana. Baker encouraged Jamaicans to works banana with the challenge, “ the first adult male who has ten acre of bananas will be rich! ” Baker ‘s Jamaican bananas were so sold in Boston for US $ 2.50 each! In 1879 Baker became the agent for a freshly formed transporting company that enabled him to spread out his transit of bananas. ( Pieces of the yesteryear )

Again demoing great foresight and entrepreneurial spirit, Baker began to utilize his steamers to transport tourers every bit good as bananas. Those ships were for a long clip the lone signifier of travel between Jamaica and other states. Guesthouses built for his workers and officers were besides used to house these early Portland visitants. As the trip to Jamaica increased in popularity, Baker built the brilliant Titchfield Hotel on Titchfield Hill in the early 1900s and shortly the streets of Port Antonio were filled with tourers, giving Portland claim to the rubric of “ place of birth of Jamaican touristry. ” In 1905 the hotel boasted 600 pess of plaza and 400 suites. It was said that “ no hotel this side of the Atlantic is provided with more of those comfortss that curate so mostly to the pleasance of travellers. ” The Titchfield Hotel became known for its afternoon tea on the plaza and bathing in bath houses. One of Titchfield Hotel ‘s great claims to fame is that it was one time owned by celebrated Hollywood daredevil Errol Flynn who died before he could set any of his programs to develop the hotel into topographic point. In the late 1960s the hotel was destroyed by fire. Today merely the ruins of this great landmark still stand. ( Pieces of the yesteryear )

In 1903 Portland was devastated by a hurricane. The banana Fieldss were ruined. In 1929, an interesting development occurred. Banana husbandmans came together and formed the Jamaica Banana Producers Association to move as one organic structure and protect their independency and forestall big companies like the United Fruit Company from presuming complete control of the trade. With the aid of the authorities, within a few old ages the Jamaica Producers Association was managing a significant part of the trade and running its ain transportation line. In 1936 the Association became a private trading company but is still mostly owned by and identified with the banana husbandmans. ( Pieces of the yesteryear )

The banana industry peaked in 1936 with exports of 355,000 metric tons. In a few old ages, nevertheless, it went into diminution. Today, the Jamaica Producers Group of Companies, along with the All Island Banana Growers Association, continues to function the involvements of the island ‘s banana husbandmans an industry confronting the abrogation of protected trade understandings in the following 5 old ages. ( Pieces of the yesteryear )

Types of Tourism practiced in Port Antonio

Impacts of Tourism in Port Antonio

Environmental Impact

Tourism has frequently flourished in this parish. Because of its natural attractive forces, any enlargement into this sensitive country might damage the environment. Port Antonio is extremely dependent on its natural resources from which it generates its income. In this parish ‘s present province, the mountains, rivers and coral reefs serve as home ground for many workss and animate beings ; nevertheless there is demand to develop proper resource direction systems relevant to the inflow of tourer. When it rains it gives exuberant flora but besides leads to drainage jobs to tourist countries. ( Mcintosh )

Port Antonio offers an enrapturing holiday experience even though it ‘s still in demand of proper substructure. Hurricane Sandy has cause terrible harm to the environment in Portland but with aid from the authorities Port Antonio has managed to acquire back on its pess. Other environmental impacts include, pollution, torment to visitants, air and noise pollution and deforestation.

Social Impact

The civilization and the local population ‘s values are respected every bit good as the community ‘s individuality. There are several historical memorials there which they are seeking to continue. One of the more of import societal facet is the betterment in the services and installations, bays, Parkss, conveyance, etc. On the negative side, the occupants have become retainers of the tourer and this has created bitterness towards the visitants and appears countries of societal tenseness.

Because touristry involves motion of people to different geographical locations and constitution of societal dealingss between people who would otherwise non run into, cultural clangs can take topographic point as a consequence of differences in civilizations, cultural and spiritual groups, values, life styles, linguistic communications and degrees of prosperity. The attitude of local occupants towards touristry development may blossom through the phases of euphory, where visitants are really welcome, through apathy, annoyance and potentially hostility when anti-tourist attitudes begin to turn among local people. ( Coast learn )


This speaks to factors such as employment, income, involvement rate, productiveness and wealth.

Surveies show that many occupations have working and employment conditions that leave much to be desired: long hours, unstable employment, low wage, small preparation and hapless opportunities for making ( ) . In add-on, recent developments in the travel and touristry trade ( liberalisation, really tough competition ) seem to reenforce the tendency towards more unstable and flexible employment conditions. Children are sometimes recruited for such occupations, because they are inexpensive and flexible employees ( Coast learn )

All parties involved ( the citizens, the touristry industry and the visitants ) have a vested involvement in the direction of the environmental resource base and an duty to make their portion to back up this direction. If the environment is degraded all parties stand to lose – visitants will neglect to come ( or will be willing to pay less ) and the states will lose an of import beginning of economic benefit. In other words the environment will bring forth decreased economic, ecological, and agreeableness benefits. ( Edwards, 2009 )

Role of touristry centres

A touristry information Centre is an organisational construction where workers assist tourers, locally and internationally with the engagements of adjustments, rubber-necking and transit services. ( Hayward, Marvell, Reynolds, & A ; Stewart, 2005 ) The Jamaica Tourist Board, established in 1955 has on three subdivisions located across the island ( Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios ) . The function of the Jamaica Tourist Board is to market and endorse Jamaica as a finish. ( Jamaica Tourist Board )

Presently there are no touristry boards or centres located in Port Antonio harmonizing to a representative working at the Jamaica Tourist Board Information Centre, but I do believe there is a demand for one in that peculiar locality and every parish to be exact being as how they operate as a usher for serving tourers who may desire to research the country. Tourists are traveling to necessitate information of attractive forces that suit their involvement to see and how to acquire at that place. Therefore, the development of one would be most convenient for them.

Manners of transits

Port Antonio is accessible by land, air and sea but the most favourable manner is by land. There ‘s a transit centre that extends along the waterfront where coachs and taxis leave on a regular basis, transportations from the airdrome to this country is offered by JUTA.

Ken Jones Aerodrome ( 913-3173 ) , 9km West of Port Antonio, was no longer having flights from Air Jamaica Express at last visit. These yearss the lone entrance flights are private planes and hired flights of International Airlink and TimAir. Most upscale hotels offer free transportations to and from the Ken Jones Aerodrome for invitees. ( Alone planet )

The Errol Flynn Marina, accessible by sea, offers imposts clearance for private vass ( Lonely planet ) . This marina is besides being used by the seashore guards of a nearby constabulary station.

Support Services in Port Antonio

Tourism is a really of import portion of Jamaica ‘s economic system. Peoples from all over the universe travel to Jamaica for vacation annually to see the island ‘s pleasant clime, twelvemonth unit of ammunition sunlight, the lovely white sand beaches and beautiful landscapes.

Port Antonio is a major resort country in the state of Jamaica. Many might non cognize that touristry was chiefly started in this country and is still a chief resort where tourer from all over the Earth wants to see. Port Antonio, which is the capital of Portland, has all the necessary support services to ease touristry. The country has many attractive forces, equal transit for tourer travel and many eating houses that tourer would wish to banquet at. The country besides provides keen adjustment for tourer stay. One of the hotels located in Port Antonio is the Goblin Hill Villas. This resort is a really fantastic and pleasant topographic point for tourer. Many tourers, when sing Jamaica and desire to remain in Port Antonio, make reserves to remain at the Goblin Hill Villas. The resort offers many installations to act upon tourer stay. One of these installations includes: a white sand beach protected by a coral reef, perfect for snorkeling. It was said by a visitant to the hotel, on trip adviser, that “ beautiful belongings, full of character ” .

Most tourist visit Jamaica to see the fantastic attractive forces, do Jamaican activities or merely to populate the Jamaican life style that they hear about. In Port Antonio there are many attractive forces and activities that tourer would love to see for themselves. Most tourers, when sing this resort country in Jamaica, make it a responsibility to hold the experience of rafting the Rio Grande River. Rafting on the Rio Grande River was purportedly started by the legendary Hollywood star, Errol Flynn, to entertain his invitee. Rafting on the Rio Grande is safe, and is done by a skilled, accredited raft captain. While tourers are on their rafting escapade on the Rio Grande River, they will go through through lover ‘s lane ; this is besides a tourer favourite. Rio Grande rafting provides some of the most beautiful positions in Jamaica and on your 3 hr, 6 mile escapade ; you will certainly hold on cognition of the fantastic island of Jamaica.

Another favourite attractive force of tourer who visits the Port Antonio resort country is the Boston bay beach. Boston bay beach is celebrated throughout Jamaica and even the universe, but non for its white pearly sand, nor for its clear and beautiful H2O, but chiefly for the nutrient. Boston bay is said to be the topographic point where dork nutrient was originated from. When tourer are in the resort country of Port Antonio and are hungry for some tasty dork nutrient, this would be the topographic point they instead to travel. Boston bay hosts the Portland dork festival one time a twelvemonth. Boston bay beach is besides said to be a good known breaker topographic point, possibly even be the best in Jamaica.

The bluish laguna is the following major attractive force in the resort country of Port Antonio. The bluish laguna is a natural laguna, located seven stat mis east of Port Antonio. The laguna was thought of to be bottomless, but frogmans have discovered that it is 180 pess in deepness. Tourist from all over will seek to see the bluish laguna to see the beauty of the laguna or merely to take a swim in it. The most attractive characteristic of the laguna is its cryptic bluish coloring material, which changes throughout the twenty-four hours, depending on where the Sun is. If you spend a twenty-four hours on the bluish laguna, you will see a color alteration of turquoise to sapphire. The Blue hole was the original name of the site, but because of the cinematography of the move Blue Lagoon, the name was so changed. The bluish laguna has attracted many tourers from all over the universe sing Jamaica. No affair which resort country tourer corsets, they tend to desire to do a trip to the Blue Lagoon.

Great huts in another delighting hotel in the resort country of Port Antonio. It is located in Boston bay, near to the Boston bay beach. Great huts Villa is really different from most hotels. Alternatively of the normal modern, mundane hotel suites, great hut gives to the tourers huts that are really comfy and looks really antique. There are now windows in the suites at Great huts, the suites are merely unfastened to nature. Staying at Great huts Villa, you will besides acquire a beautiful position of the ocean, merely outside your window is the Boston bay beach. Great huts Villa provide installations such as a swimming pool, a library and wash installations etc. comfortss include: in-room massage, housework, arrange of nuptials services, providing etc. Great huts Villa is the right topographic point for you, if you want something different and off from the normal tourer finishs.

Port Antonio provides equal transit services to ease touristry in the country. One such agencies of transit is auto leases. Most travellers will lease a vehicle before they arrive in Port Antonio, to do their travel easier and more comfy. It is easier to acquire through Port Antonio than other resort countries such as Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

Another agency of transit that is carried out in Port Antonio is the cab services. Not as many taxis are in Port Antonio as the other resort countries, but this is still the most popular manner of transit for visitants. Cab rates in this resort country are done by auto, non by rider. Menus would be every bit low as US $ 5-7 for 10 stat mis, so a tourer must hold to a set monetary value by the cab driver, before vehicle moves off to the needed finish.

Bus service is another popular agencies of transit that is provided in Port Antonio. This means of transit can be palling, slow and crowded. Majority of the coachs does n’t incorporate air conditioning and this could be a negative stimulation for tourer who chose this agencies of travel. Bus menu is about US $ 1 for 30-40 stat mis.

This means of transit is chiefly used by tourer to research and acquire familiar with the country and its attractive forces. Guided Tourss will supply guided hikings for travellers of all degrees of fittingness. Along with bird observation, Tourss take visitants to historic sites in the country such as Mooretown, to working banana plantations and to local waterfalls.

There are many eating houses in the resort country of Port Antonio that tourer like to travel, but harmonizing to trip adviser, a topographic point called Bush Bar is the figure one eating house, ranked by tourers. The Bush Bar eating house is located at the Geejam hotel. They serve an mixture of Continental and Jamaican dishes like akee and saltfish with plantains, grilled center and Greek salads. The eating house besides has a beautiful position of the ocean in Port Antonio.

Another celebrated eating house in the country is the Juicy Beef Patties. Tourists love to eat cakes and the Juicy Beef Patty eating house would be the perfect eating house for patty lovers on holiday in the resort country of Port Antonio. The Juicy Beef Patty eating house is ranked figure three on trip adviser for eating houses in the resort country of Port Antonio.

Selling of Port Antonio

Port Antonio is marketed through a well-known traveling web site created by the Jamaica Tourist Board where they promote the country through excessive exposure and picture. They provide possible travellers with entree to brief descriptions of the locality every bit good as a list of assorted merchandises and services available within the country such attractive forces, adjustments, eating houses, activities and events to capture the tourer ‘s involvement. ( JTB Information Portal )


Based on what we have seen, heard and read we can safely state that Port Antonio is one of the best unbroken secrets in the Caribbean has ever been Port Antonio, a tropical Eden and the gem in Jamaica ‘s Crown. Portland offers visitants alone natural beauty aa‚¬ ” rugged, exciting coastlines, romantic beaches, concealed coves, rivers, and waterfalls with the Blue Mountain scope supplying a dramatic background. Port Antonio, as the capital of Portland, has retained its appeal as a quiet rural township and is place to one of the most beautiful seaports in the Caribbean. ( htt1 )


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