Please keep this in your notebook. You will use it for all your responses. Answer different questions for every book. You should not answer the same question twice, even for a different novel. 1. Look for a list of other books by this author in the front of the book. Do the titles of the books seem to have anything in common? Are they structurally similar? Does this indicate anything to you about the author or the books? 2. Check the oldest copyright date in the front of the book. While reading the book, what indicates that it is from this time period?

How do you think it would be different if it had been written 15 years before or after it was? 3. Name someone who would or would not like your book; explain why you think this; tell what would have to be changed about the book so that the person would change his/her opinion? 4. Time warp a character to the Atlanta area today. How would his/her life change? Be specific. WSDL it be difficult for that character to adjust? What would your friends/family think about this person if they met him/her? Explain. 5. Discuss how something that a character did affected himself and/or other people in a way that was unexpected.

Have you ever been surprised at the results of something you did. Explain. 6. Pick a character to give a present. What would it be? Why? 7. Discuss the one thing that one of the characters would not want others to know about & explain why he/she would want to keep it a secret. 8. What is the most offensive thing about your book? Explain why it bothers you. Why do you think the author included it? If it had been left out, would it have improved the book? 9. Discuss a similarity or difference between you and one of the books characters. 10. Describe your favorite part of the book or your favorite harasser and explain why you like that. 1. Criticize your book or its author or a character and give an example of what you don’t like about that. 12. What does your book or something in it remind you of or make you wonder about? Explain. 13. Describe a setting in the book. What made you choose that one? How does it affect the characters or you? Where does it remind you of? If the setting had been some place completely different from this one, how would it have changed things? 14. Put yourself in a character’s situation & tell what you would do if you were this person. Explain. 15. Discuss what/who you think is the major influence on the main character.

Explain why this influenced him/her like it did & the difference it made in his/her life. 16. Describe the major strength and/or the major weakness of the main character. Explain how this characteristic affects the other people in the book as well as the main character. 17. Explain the reason that you think the author chose the title. What does it have to do with the rest of the book? Did it lead you to expect something different about the book than you found after reading it? 18. In the write-up about the author, find where the author lives. What do you know about that place?

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Does anything in the book reflect his/her home or anything else from the author’s life (race, religion, politics, social level, nationality)? 19. Choose actors/ actresses to play the characters in the book. If a movie already exists, change the actors/actresses. Explain why they would do a good Job 20. Re-read t sentence or first paragraph. Explain why it does or does NOT do a good Job of getting the reader’s interest. Does it mean more to you after you have gotten further into the book? 21 . Change your books ending. Explain why you would make these alterations. 22. Plan a sequel.

Begin it five years after your book ended. What has happened in the meantime? What event will you begin the sequel with? Will you add any new characters? Explain your choices. 23. If a person from another country read this book and did not know much else about the people in the country it describes, what would that person’s impression of the people there be? Do you think it is a true or a false stereotype? Explain. 24. What is the funniest event/person in the book? Give an example. If the book lacks any humor, explain why you think the author left it out. 25. Are there any animals or pets in the book?

What kind? What do they add to the book? If there aren’t any pets, pick one that you think would fit your main character. Explain. 26. Re-name your book. Explain how your choice fits. 27. Compare this book or its characters to a TV show or a movie that you’re familiar with. How are they alike or different? 28. Pretend that someone has objected to the fact that you have been allowed to read this book in class. What would your response be? 29. Are the names of the characters common or unusual or some of both? Give examples. Do the names give any indication of the person’s character or Tyler?

If you had to choose another name for yourself, what would it be? Why? 30. If the author of this book agreed to an on-line dialogue with this class, I would ask you to devise some questions for our interview. What are two questions about the people, plot, setting, or anything else in the book or in the author’s life that you would like to have answered. Explain why you are curious about those things. 31 . Out of all of the Jobs that the books characters have, which is most interesting to you? Explain why ; explain what makes the character good or bad at the Job. 32.

If the main character were to step out of the book and spend a weekend with you, what would you do here to entertain him/her? Choose specific places/things that he/she might enjoy and explain why you think so. 33. Pretend that you are a reviewer of the book and have to recommend it for a certain age group. What is the youngest age group that you think should read the book? Give two reasons. 34. Compare the first paragraph with the last paragraph. Which is more interesting? How are they alike? Does the first give a clue as to what is to come? Does the last paragraph reflect the iris one?

How? 35. Are the chapters within the book like short stories that could be published alone, or do they need the rest of the book to make sense? Explain why you think so. 36. Pick minor character in the book. If the story were told from this person’s point of view, how would it change? Give an example of one thing that would be different. 37. What amount of time does the book cover: a day, a month, a year, or what? Why do you think the author chose to cover that amount of time rather than some period longer or shorter? 38. Move the story too different place or time period.

How different would it make the plot and the characters? 39. What motivates the major character(s)? Why do you think the character wants this so much? Is it a selfish motive or one that benefits others, too? 40. How does the main character change between the beginning and the end of the book? Is it a good or a bad change? Is it believable? What causes it? 41 . Are the characters stereotyped? True-to-elite? Romantic? Exaggerate Explain what that adds or takes away trot the story. 42. Are the characters restricted to one social class? If so, what? How would they be different if they were in a different social class? . During the first semester, we will study epics, legends, ballads, and satire. Does your book have anything (characters, conflicts, humor, magic, superstition, plot, etc. ) that reminds you of any of the selections we have studied? Explain specifically how they are similar, and point out differences. 44. Before you get to the end of the book, make a prediction about what you think will happen. Give two logical reasons that this should occur. 45. If you were to make a movie from this book, name two ways that you would change things. Explain how each change would improve it. 46.

If a movie erosion of the book already exists and you have seen it, compare the two. Explain which you like better and why. 47. What is the purpose of the book? Is it to entertain? Is it to inform about facts? Is it to teach a lesson? Is it a combination of these? Prove you are right, using the books details. 48. WSDL you like to read another book by this author? Explain why or why not. 49. Is the book realistic, optimistic, or pessimistic? Give good examples from the book to support your answer. 50. Pretend that you work for a publisher, and this book has been sent in for you to read and edit before publication.

Write two suggestions that you would make to the writer before you will give him a contract. Your suggestions must be specific changes that will improve book sales by making it more appealing to a wider audience. 51. As you read, if there is a statement that makes you think or that you agree/disagree with strongly, write your response to it. 52. As a current senior who is reading the novel, write your opinion about its being added to the summer reading list for next year’s senior class. Include what you think its appeal and its value would be to these students. Could they comprehend it ? WSDL it be interesting?

What might parent’s or students object to? Is it a better book for teaching rather than for free reading? 53. What motivates the characters? What do they say they want? Is that different from what they really want? Do their actions match their words? 54. Is there something irrational, illogical, or conflicted about the way a character behaves? What could be the source of this behavior? 55. What is the nature of the human relationships in this story? What do the characters base their choices of friends, enemies, partners on? 56. Are there repeated patterns in the story (language, action, images)?

Why do you think they are there? What is the author’s purpose in repeating them? 57. Are there things not discussed in the novel that should be? Explain. 58. Are there any characters who do not conform for “normal” behavior for their gender? How are they affected by this behavior? How do other characters look at them for this behavior? 59. How much attention does the author pay to the details of the characters’ everyday lives? Is this representation realistic? Does the author misrepresent reality? Why would he/she? 60. How would the story be different if it were told from the perspective of a minor character?


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