Directions: Please read the affiliated article about Horton Technique and reply the undermentioned inquiries utilizing complete sentences. proper grammar. punctuation. and capitalisation.

Modern Dance pioneer Lester Horton ( 1906-1953 ) pioneered dance in Los Angeles from 1928-1953. Today. Horton’s technique is taught in changing versions at legion establishments in the United States and Overseas. By the fiftiess. the Horton technique had evolved through several stages into a monolithic organic structure of motion vocabulary that included exercisings for every portion of the organic structure. even the eyes and lingua. Horton was at the tallness of his creativeness in the early 50s when he re-codified his dance technique ( after 15 old ages of coaction with Bella Lewitzky ) . He used the pupils and their diverse physiologies. instead than his ain. to develop a technique that works to broaden a dancer’s scope of motion and look. non define or bound it. “The technique strengthens and increases the expressive scope of every organic structure. non merely classically proportioned 1s. ” said Milton Myers. Director of the Modern Program at Jacob’s Pillow. Lester Horton’s purpose was to indue terpsichoreans with strength. extension. lyricality. fluidness and. most significantly. versatility.

The Horton technique can be separated into six motion classs. For each class Horton developed elaborate exercisings. that he called “studies. ” Projections are surveies that trade with varied and specific qualities of motion. for illustration. ‘Leg Slices’ and ‘Hip Pushes’ . Locomotions are going stairss ( walking. running. jumping. jumping. glide. jumping. etc. ) . for illustration. ‘Accented Runs’ and ‘Arch Springs. ’ Preliminaries are short phrases of motion designed to rapidly excite and chant the psycho-physical instrument. Rhythms are music dance forms. beat of work and drama. plus emotional manifestations of rhythmic effects. Improvisations are used to rouse the pupils ain motion esthesias. Fortifications are long combinations of phrases designed to guarantee protection and maximal efficiency of the body’s capablenesss. for illustration the Hinge and Balance Studies.

The munitions are considered the nucleus of Horton technique. They set up a model of motion mechanics. of muscular development and coordination. snap and scope. beat and timing of phrasing. and motion quality. Horton’s purpose was to do the whole organic structure dance so he developed a system of installation. non a manner. “A good trained terpsichorean shouldn’t expression trained. ” said Kristina Berger. Horton teacher at Marymount Manhattan College. Horton wanted to see the dance. non the attempt behind it. As a consequence. many of the surveies. when put in combination nowadays like etudes full of dynamic contrasts and wide. sweeping motions. such as Spiral Falls. where a terpsichorean moves from standing to the floor in one fluid gyrating gesture. The technique is non separate from the act of dancing. In order to put to death the technique decently. you must dance it. Therefore. his technique addresses every possible motion that a choreographer might desire a terpsichorean to execute.

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What most people have non experienced about the Horton Technique is the round. lyric and unstable gestures it insists on. Everything stays connected unless it’s meant to be percussive or disconnected. such as the ‘Percussive Stroke Studies. ’ Regardless of how we view the Horton technique today. it is neither a geometry category nor a series of airss and places. It is a force of communicating where the organic structure is the exclusive medium of articulation. The Horton technique should ne’er be studied merely for its strengthening or limbering effects. To truly encompass its innovations. a terpsichorean must utilize each exercising to research its expressive qualities. For Horton. larning to dance was non about the executing of a measure but how the measure spoke. This thought besides manifests itself clearly in the appellative devices of the Horton Studies. such as ‘Torso Language’ and ‘Deep Floor Vocabulary. ’

The Horton Technique is a nonliteral and actual oak of organic growing and expounding that stems straight from the mighty bole of Dimensional Tonus ( yawn stretch. ) This survey begins with consumption of breath. so returns to make for every dimension and possibility of bodily extension. Its motions invariably balance freedom and control. Horton’s inclusion of Native American signifiers such as the ‘Figure Four’ and ‘Smiling Figure’ . every bit good as Caribbean. Balinese. Javanese. African. and Afro-Brazilian influences create a monolithic scope of motion vocabulary. His ‘Isolations’ . in peculiar. from the percussive to the animal. include many of the kineticss that we encounter today in the survey of traditional cultural dances.

Horton’s technique. like the concert dance barre. moves from simple to more complex exercisings – it is progressive. “It begins with axial rotation downs and level dorsums. It culminates with munition surveies. many of which Teach pupils to passage from the floor to articulatio genuss to standing. ” said Ana Marie Forsythe. Horton Director at the Fordham Ailey Dance Program. One of the most accepted facets of Horton preparation. Flat dorsums. are meant to prosecute and warm up the abdominals and hamstrings at the beginning of category. They are non meant to be used as beef uping exercisings before the organic structure is even warm. “Horton Technique is the actual antonym of those who insist on technique as an terminal. those who subscribe to the tumblings instead than the spirit of dance. ” said Frank Eng. Horton’s long-time concern spouse. “Lester Horton’s lifelong and career-long expounding and development of a dancer’s alpha and omega… of the possibilities of the human skeletal muscular structure organic structure as an instrument of motion in infinite and clip transcends mere technique. and. as such. really much embodies the really kernel of “art” itself. ” It is this alpha and Z of look that Horton was looking for and created his technique to assist us happen.


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