Cordial reception and touristry industry nowadays has become one of the big and indispensable industries that contribute to Malayan economic system. With more and more occupations on offer, cordial reception and touristry industry are among the growing industries in the universe. The Malayan Department of Statistic has reported that Labor Force Participation Rate ( LFPR ) in touristry industry is 7.4 % . So, this indicates that workers participation in this industry is rather high and same of import with other industry in Malaysia. Hospitality and touristry industry has grown from the yearss of the late 80 ‘s until 2012. Hospitality is between invitee and host and a service that includes in footings of adjustment, eating houses, event planning, casinos, catering, resorts, subject Parkss, transit, sail line, and extra Fieldss within the touristry industry. Each unit cordial receptions like hotel or eating house has its ain direction as servers, receptionists, cleaners and others. However touristry can be define as the leisure, concern intent and besides the recreational clip for people that need remainder.

In Malaysia, statistics show foreign tourers come to Malaysia increased from twelvemonth to twelvemonth. As in 2009, foreign tourers coming to Malaysia is 23.6 million while in 2010 it rose once more to 24.6 million people. For 2010, Malaysia earns the net income of MYR57bn of the entire outgo from foreign tourers. In 2011 Malaysia had recorded a sum of 24.7 million foreign tourers came to this state and it showed a little addition from 2010. Gross from foreign tourers, this state has been incurring a entire MYR58bn in 2011. Malayan Association of Hotels ( MAH ) was established in the twelvemonth 1974, it is intended to farther enhance hotel service and this besides show Malaysia authorities take a serious action in pulling foreign tourers to come and demo this industry will go one of of import industries contribute to national economic system. Par with the current engineering, the authorities has implemented a development program and the advancement of the cordial reception and touristry industry, it besides includes the betterment of the hotel industry in Malaysia.

Hotel industry is dining in Malaysia, particularly in topographic points that have an attractive force to tourers, such as in coastal countries and historic sites. Malaysia is celebrated for its state has many islands such as the island of Langkawi, Redang Island, Perhentian Island and others. Focus country for foreign tourers is in Malacca, because Malacca have many topographic points to see every bit good as the history of the formation of this state is in Malacca. Mentioning to the hotel industry in Malaysia, the rapid development in every province has led the industry besides be involved, it is spread outing from clip to clip. In the Klang Valley country, there are 100s of hotels for tourers, it is made up of budget hotels, 3 star hotel and above. Among the celebrated hotels around the klang vale between them is Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, Quality Hotels, Holiday Inn Hotels, Hilton Hotels, DePalma Hotel, One World Hotel, Sunway Resort Hotel & A ; Spa and more. There are assorted installations provided by the hotel such as a gym, swimming pool, watering place, household karaoke, saloon, engineering centre and convention suites. It is because around the hotel there are interesting topographic points to see for tourer such as KLCC, KL tower, National Museum, I-City, Sunway Lagoon and luxury shopping composite. These topographic points have attracted tourers to come to Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The province authorities said the inflow of foreign tourers promote the building and hotel to provide for the project of these tourers.

Existing hotel needs many people to pull off and supply services that are consistent with the aims of the hotel. A hotel 3 star hotel and over has more than 50 employees to guarantee smooth running of the hotel direction. The jobs was faced by the hotel direction is about worker turnover. This is raises concerns to all hotelkeepers. So, this research is conduct to analyze and analyze the ancestors of workers turnover in cordial reception and touristry industry in Malaysia specifically in the country of Klang Valley. After make some reading and analysis from old survey, it is found that there are some factors act uponing to this state of affairs which is worker turnover. Remuneration system, occupation satisfaction, inducements and working conditions are considered as the determiner. However, the concern and attending of this survey is the most of import factors that act uponing to workers determination to come in and out from the industry.

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1.2 Problem Statement

Presently, cordial reception and touristry is one of the universe biggest and fastest growing industries particularly in Malaysia. This industry offers huge occupation chances but still have job of worker turnover, there are many factors that contribute to workers go forthing their work. The job to be analyzed in this research will be the grounds on workers are turnover. It is surprising given that cordial reception and touristry industry has been characterized in footings of high turnover rates, a parttime and causal work force and an absence of the internal labour market ( R.D. Iverson ) . Estimates of mean one-year employee turnover scope from around 60 to 300 per centum ( B. Ronra ) .

1.3 Purpose of survey

Each of research and survey should hold their ain grounds and intents. The intent of this survey is conducted in order to derive more apprehension of the relationship between the wage strategy, occupation satisfaction, and inducements with workers turnover rate go on to employees in this industry. The consequence derive from this survey will demo whether all the factors will effects to workers turnover in Hotel industry.

Research inquiries

Is there any relationship between workers turnover rate with the wage strategy given to employees in cordial reception and touristry industry?

Is there any relationship between workers turnover rate with the occupation satisfaction degree among workers in cordial reception and touristry industry?

Is there any relationship between workers turnover rate with the working environment given to employees in cordial reception and touristry industry?

Is there any relationship between workers turnover rate with the inducements to employees in cordial reception and touristry industry?

What is the most of import factor that consequence to workers turnovers rate in cordial reception and touristry industry?

Research aims

To place whether workers turnover rate in cordial reception and touristry industry can be effected by the wage strategy, occupation satisfaction, working environment and inducements.

To place the most of import factor that contributes to workers turnover rate in cordial reception and touristry industry.

To propose some recommendations for future survey.

Research Hypothesis

A series of testable hypothesis were developed from the proposed research theoretical account, as shown below:

Hypothesis 1

Holmium: workers turnover in cordial reception and touristry industry was non influenced by

the wage strategy.

Hello: workers turnover in cordial reception and touristry industry was influenced by the

the wage strategy.

Hypothesis 2

Holmium: workers turnover in cordial reception and touristry industry was non influenced by

the degree of occupation satisfaction of employees.

Hello: workers turnover in cordial reception and touristry industry was influenced by the

degree of occupation satisfaction of employees.

Hypothesis 3

Holmium: worker turnover in cordial reception and touristry industry was non influenced by

working environment status to the employees.

Hello: worker turnover in cordial reception and touristry industry was influenced by working

environment status to the employees.

Hypothesis 4.

Holmium: workers turnover in cordial reception and touristry industry was non influenced by

other inducements given to the employees.

Hello: workers turnover in cordial reception and touristry industry was influenced by other

inducements given to the employees.

Significant of survey

1.7.1 Policy shaper

The consequence obtain can assist policy shaper ( authorities ) to do a needful action to any job incurred in labour force engagement particularly in cordial reception and touristry industry.

1.7.2 Hospitality and Tourism industry

The consequence of this survey can let the direction of hotel and touristry industry to understand more and besides to be closer to the existent state of affairs about worker turnover issues. They besides can implement any suited action in order to better workers arrangement in their direction system.

1.7.3 Research worker

Researcher can understand deeply about the existent state of affairs in labour force. This cognition is utile in future when this research worker enter the labour force and possibly he/she can supply ain sentiment and advice to his/her employer sing worker turnover job.

1.8 Restrictions of Study

Every research will hold ain restrictions. This survey besides has limit by some factors.

The restriction is as follows:

1.8.1 Population

First factor is population, as the sample is merely focal point to the respondents who works in the country of Klang Valley. This survey may hold different consequence or can be more reinforced if the sample country is enlarging to other hotel around Malaysia. A item empirical analysis among variable that have multiple classs can be perform when the sample size is to be addition.

1.8.2 Lack of clip

Following restriction in this survey is about the clip. There is about 5 months to finish this research and it will do to the deficiency of clip in order to roll up more information and to decently fix the full study for it. More clip may supply with more item and better research.

1.8.3 Lack of experience

Because this is the first single research to the research worker, so the survey will be conduct in the really minimal cognition and lack many of experiences. It besides may do the researcher make many misidentify farther demands for disciplinary action.

1.9 Definition of term

1.9.1 Worker turnover

Cited in Minyen Ku, harmonizing to Phillips and Connell ( 2003 ) this term can be define as “ the per centum of employee go forthing the organisation for whatever grounds ” .

1.9.2 Wage

An exchange of service performed by employee in footings of pecuniary or besides refers to as rewards and salary.

1.9.3 Job satisfaction

Different perceptual experience felt by every employee of occupation that is entrusted, whether it is satisfied with the occupation or non.

1.9.4 Working environment

Factors that can find an employee ‘s public presentation analyzed as physical environment, equipment provided, great installations, stuffs used and others.

1.9.5 Incentive

The wages given by employer to his worker and illustration like a fillips, holiday bundle, insurance screen and wellness attention.

Chapter 2


Presently there is a batch of people come in and out of labour force. Harmonizing to F.B Puteh ( 2011 ) every person in their life will follow five chief phase of calling development. The first phase of the calling development is get downing in the age of 16 to 25 old ages old. At this phase an person is seeking to happen a suited occupation in labour force. It is followed by the 2nd phase when that person has chosen the best occupation and enters to any organisation. Following phase of calling development is begin when single reach an age about 25 to 40 old ages old. In this phase, early calling for an single Begin beside they try to accommodate with the work environment and status at this clip. Further continue with the 4th phase when an single start to set some attempt and trusting for appraised by others people in an organisation they work. However, at this phase there might be many things to go on and do a workers turnover to be occurs. Last phase is the growing of the calling until the twenty-four hours of retirement.

The Malaysian Department of Statistics has revealed in their latest study 2010, Malayan sum of population is stands at 27,565,281 ( K.S. Chen, The Star 2011 ) , with around 11,517 of them is in the labour force. In Malaysia, the touristry industry has been identified as the key driver in the growing of the service sector ( Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister ‘s Department, Malaysia ) .

2.1 Positions of worker turnover

The hotel industry is one of the sectors that contributed to the economic growing of a state. Throughout the universe there are 1000s of hotels antecedent labours. This is to suit the reaching of tourers from inside and outside the state. However there is a job faced every hotel direction around the universe is about worker turnover. Globally, the turnover rate in the hotel industry is estimated to run from 60 per centum to 300 per centum yearly, far higher than the 34.7 per centum reported in the fabrication industry ( Foley, 1996 ) . Many organisations in the hotel industry face troubles in retaining employees since they are unable to place the factors that contribute to both employee satisfaction and trueness ( Rahman, 2011 ) . Annual turnover rates every bit high as 50 per centum remain the criterion in the cordial reception industry, and many hotel operations have chosen to merely accept this as a fact of making concern ( Levine, 2005 ) . Harmonizing to Cornell University estimations, turnover in the cordial reception industry averages more than 100 per centum with the cost of turnover at about $ 5,000 per associate in lost productiveness and rewards ( Davies, 2006 ) . Consequence of worker turnover included to all system or direction of hotel industry. From the organizational position, employee turnover can stand for a important cost in footings of recruiting, preparation, socialization and break every bit good as a assortment of indirect costs the higher the turnover will do more force per unit area placed on recruiting because it increase cost of preparation, loss of productiveness plus its take clip. ( C.Y. Chang, 2010 ) .

2.2 Positions of wage.

Every the occupation done whether related with the service, production, direction, rewards paid with, whether they are paid harmonizing to the hours worked or monthly. In the hotel industry, most workers are paid by the hr. If the rewards paid to non-favourable, it can do worker turnover. Remuneration strategy is one of the factors that will act upon worker turnover in hotel industry. Harmonizing to Jichul Jang, B.S ( 2008 ) the nature of hotel work such as labour intensive, low in pay, and publicity chances are limited will automatically increase worker turnover in hotel industry. Not worth it income or wage and besides hours worked will be the strongly ground for cordial reception and touristry industry will do worker go forthing the organisation ( Pavesic and Brymer, 1990 ) . ”Highest act uponing factors impacting employees ‘ turnover was the deficient tools and resources to make the day-to-day occupation, followed by unequal acknowledgment and wagess for a occupation good done, the benefits received were non met with the employees ‘ demands, the wage and duties were non compatible and the calling way promotion was non compensate for deficiency of salary addition ” , ( Boondarig Ronra and Assoc. Prof. Manat Chaisawat, 2011 ) . Furthermore, based on Assoc. Prof.Cengiz demir, the ground why many employees quit the occupation because deficiency of rewards. Most employers assume that higher workers turnover reflect of lower paying occupation and it if proved that workers turnover is really dearly-won ( Mobley, 1982 ) .

2.3 Positions of occupation satisfaction.

Harmonizing to M. M. Alam and Jamilha ( 2009 ) stated that occupation satisfaction is an attitude of an single towards his occupations that widening to the feeling of different perceptual experience. Hospitality and touristry industry has face some troubles in retaining and keeping loyal employees since inability to place the factors lending to employee occupation satisfaction and trueness ( Rahman A. , et al 2011 ) . Workers turnover is assumed related to the degree of occupation satisfaction. Satisfied workers normally become more loyal towards their employer. Whether met or unmet, employees ‘ outlooks of the occupation itself will act upon their subsequent occupation satisfaction ( Wanous,1992 ) . Knoop ( 1995 ) stated that occupation satisfaction is found to be a important forecaster of organisational committedness and besides go an of import factor to the purpose of workers turnover. As cited in Boondaring Ronra the absenteeism and high workers turnover is reported to be related to occupation dissatisfaction degree. While lower absenteeism is associated with high occupation satisfaction. The research besides survey and shows a consistent relationship between leading support and occupation satisfaction which is besides impacting employee turnover. Another component and factor to make up one’s minding occupation satisfaction is career motive ( Jichul J. , 2008 ) . Higher degree of direction should understand what motivates their employees in their occupations for the intent of increasing occupation satisfaction and cut downing employee turnover.

2.4 Positions of working environment

Since the cordial reception and touristry industry is labour intensive in nature, the client keeping and desertion are extremely dependent on how the frontlines trade with client ( M. A. Hemdi, 2006 ) . The employees experiencing towards their work environment will impact the degree of service they may supply ( Yin.T. C, 2008 ) . The more satisfied workers to the work environment are presuming to give and function their client better than those who are less satisfied. “ Stress theories assume that single can seek to get by with the emphasis they are sing ” , Desmette and Gaillard ( 2008 ) . Workers normally have leads to go forth their occupation if they feel uncomfortable. O’Reilly et Al ( 1991 ) in their consequence revealed that employees will hold reduced committedness and higher purpose to go forth if they do non suit the organisation ‘s cultural demand. Harmonizing to Terry Lam et. Al ( 2002 ) decrease of work – related emphasis, increase occupation satisfaction and motive, and better public presentation is usually reflected by a positive perceptual experiences of workplace relationship.

2.5 Positions of inducements.

Incentives for employees go a long period of clip in increasing the productiveness and thereby take downing the worker turnover. Incentives for employees such as flex hours and/or telecommuting, wellness and health plan, insurance bundle, paid vacations and relaxation, societal and networking events and others. If hotel direction non offers good inducements for their worker, it will do worker turnover to guarantee their trueness to the hotel. The director should keep societal activities as a wages to them, it was therefore able to increase their trueness to employees ( Catherine, 2002 ) . From the diary Executive White Paper, they said “ turnover is less when employees have a high degree of value for their work, these employees persist more than co-workers who report low degrees of value, employers can assist employees value their work through consistent congratulations, acknowledgment, and particular inducements ” . A publicity is one of the best inducements to promote employee ‘s trueness. Furthermore, publicities serve two regulations in organisation. First, they help delegate people to the functions where they can outdo contribute to the organisation ‘s public presentation. Promotion serves like inducements and wagess is a 2nd regulation ( Fairburn and Malcomson, 2001 ) . Other than that, if direction unable to offer more money, so that give inducements is the best manner to coerce up the employees. Other word, inducements is benefit to the employees. The batch of benefit that direction provided will do employees to remain. Harmonizing to Heneman and Schwab ( 1985 ) defined benefits as most employees view or examine the benefits of a company given, it is non a signifier of money, but like insurance, wellness attention, holiday bundle and so on.

Chapter 3


3.1 Research Model

The theoretical account examines the relationships of human determination in labour force which is workers turnover in cordial reception and touristry industry with all the independent and moderate variables shown in Figure 1.











As shown in Figure 1 above, the workers turnover in cordial reception and touristry industry will be the dependent variable for this research is analyzed for the intent of deducing the consequence and reply to the research inquiries. Meanwhile, the independent variable for this research is the wage strategy, occupation satisfaction besides working environment. Incentives will go the moderate variable for this research.

3.2 The Data Collection

Because this research is about the perceptual experience among workers in the industry the information for this survey will be gathered in November 2012 by utilizing primary informations aggregation method which is a self-administered questionnaire. The set of questionnaire will be passed around and administering to selected workers in cordial reception and touristry industry in different gender, age, race, instruction degree and section merely in the country of Klang Valey, Kuala Lumpur. An appropriate questionnaire will be building and administering to all suited respondent.

3.2.1 Primary Data Collection Method

A set of questionnaires adopted from the combination of several old surveies has been building. The first portion of the questionnaires included five inquiries about the demographic features of the respondents such as their age, race, gender and others and this portion will be answered by utilizing class graduated table which is by merely clicking an appropriate reply. Further portion including and will be ask in the questionnaire is Part B which is the respondent ‘s perceptual experience and ain sentiment about the most factor that contribute to workers turnover in the industry in Malaysia. The chief portion of questionnaire is portion C and it can be use to steps and deduce the consequence that we want to prove in this research. Likert graduated table which is the scope from 1 to 5 is to be usage to reply this portion. This subdivision is besides used to prove the hypothesis and step the relationship of dependant, moderate and independent variable of the research.

3.2.2 Secondary Data

This research is besides completed by utilizing a secondary information and it is usage for placing other job. Secondary information is besides used as mentions in the literature reappraisal. Useful information and needed information is besides obtained from assorted diaries, articles, research methodological analysis and labour economic sciences text editions, economic bulletins, web sites, booklets and newspaper.

3.3 Sampling Techniques

3.3.1 A sweet sand verbena technique has been used and the sum of 100 set of questionnaires will be distribute to respondent which is a workers that work in this cordial reception and touristry industry in Klang Valley. The respondents will be comes from different degree of section in order to acquire any different perceptual experience towards workers turnover. The distribution of questionnaire is specific to the respondent from the age of 15 to 58 old ages old, worked in Hospitality and Tourism industry, and they will come from different sort of race, age, gender instruction degree and section.

3.4 Measures

3.4.1 Procedure for analysis

Further measure of this research is to treat the gathered informations. All informations will be cardinal in and procedure by the package of SPSS to analyze the frequence, mean, standard divergence and others. This is truly helpful in order to acquire the most influential grounds contribute to workers turnover in the industry. This research besides provides a descriptive and frequence tabular array for all the demographic profile information in order to analyse the information. It is use to find the types and feature of respondent. The value of Cronbach ‘s alpha will be deducing to prove the consistence and dependability of this research. This method will guarantee whether all the inquiries ask in the questionnaire is consistent and suited. Correlation analysis is to be usage for the intent of deducing the positive or negative relationship and besides the important of all independent and moderate variables with the dependant variable. R- Square, F statistic and t- trial can be performed by mensurating the arrested development analysis. Using the Multiple Linear Regression and looking at the t -test of the analysis, the research hypothesis and the most of import factor that contributes to workers turnover can be determined


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