The seven organisational attacks to analyzing the human organic structure are body planes and organic structure waies. organic structure pits. quarter-circles and parts. anatomy and physiology. microscopic to macroscopic. organic structure systems and medical fortes. Body planes and organic structure waies are the division of the organic structure into subdivisions from forepart to endorse. right and left. and top and bottom. These subdivisions are called the mid-sagittal plane. the coronal plane. and the transverse plane. Body waies province the manner in which something is traveling. For illustration if an arm is being is turned in a median way. it is traveling toward the center of the organic structure. These planes and waies come in usage during X raies for illustration. This attack is used when analyzing variety meats and its map or specific countries with in the organic structure like lungs. encephalon. and joint and sinews. ( McGraw Hill. Chap. 2 ) “In order to visualise and analyze the structural agreements of assorted variety meats. the organic structure may be sectioned ( cut ) and diagrammed harmonizing to three cardinal planes of mention. ”

The Body pits attack is used to analyze the countries in the organic structure that contain internal variety meats. There are two chief ( Posterior and Anterior ) chief pits in the human organic structure which house five sub-cavities. These are confined infinites within the organic structure. which contain variety meats that are protected by associated membranes. The cranial. spinal. thoracic. stop and abdomino-pelvic pits are within these. Doctors that specialize in internal variety meats such as a Cardiac or Neuro sawbones would utilize this attack to assist run on and /or explore the country within those pits patients for things such as encephalon tumours or fix and arteria. The quarter-circles and parts divide’s the lower trunk into four subdivisions and nine part subdivisions to place the countries where internal variety meats are placed. The quarter-circles and parts attack is used to split the organic structure into parts such as upper left and upper right for illustration. when a patient receives diagnostic testing and processs. It’s besides used to accurately analyze a specific country of the patient’s organic structure by medical forces.

The anatomy and physiology is the survey of the constructions with in the organic structure and how they function in the organic structure. This attack is good to be used when analyzing the construction of and how cells work on the nervous system for illustration. if a physician were seeking to name an Immune upset such as Multiple Sclerosis. Microscopic and macroscopic is the survey of the smallest parts of the organic structure and how they come together to do larger parts and more complex constructions or systems. ( Turley S. . 2011 ) “Tissues and variety meats are macroscopic. that is. they can be seen with the bare oculus. ”

Whereas other cells and their related constructions can non. you must visualise them through a microscope. This attack is good to utilize when analyzing how cells combine to do variety meats and can besides observe the effects of disease on the organic structure. The Body systems attack is the survey of the body’s variety meats and how they function together in the organic structure. This attack is good to be used when analyzing the organic structures systems such as the Circulatory. Cardiovascular. Respiratory and Lymphatic systems and how they function in the organic structure together. The Medical Specialties attack is the survey of the human organic structure for medical intents. This attack is besides divided in to many different classs which are for the survey of anatomy. physiology diseases. diagnostic trials. medical and surgical processs. and drugs. All of which make up the pattern of medical specialty.

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