Any organisation consists of its employees which work together to obtain peculiar mark and have a common end in their head. All these esteemed employees are termed as Human resource in the proficient linguistic communication. As justly said that Peoples, non the edifice make a company, the Human resource of a company are the karyon of the company ‘s cell. Its their part that enables a proper flow of work thereby obtaining the coveted mark. Human Resource Management by John Storey ( 1989 ) is “ a set of interconnected policies with an ideological and philosophical underpinning. Human resource direction ( HRM ) refers to all of the dedicated activities that an organisation uses to impact the behaviours of all the people who work for it ( Briscoe and Schuler, 2004 ; Jackson and Schuler, 2003 ) ” In simple words it is the ability to pull off the employees by the employer. Recently this Human resource direction has migrated from its traditional administrative map to a extremely strategic work force direction. The Human resource section of any organisation helps to extenuate the peoples struggles, keeps a path of the employee paysheets, recruits the new employees, and keeps integral the legal formalities like the conformities under several Acts of the Apostless like Labour act etc. The Human resource direction is besides a cardinal function participant in maintaining a low employee turnover rate by actuating the people to work. The development of organisation prevarications in the development of employees. therefore the tradition of client centric doctrine is driftly switching to Employee oriented. Because worlds are non trade goods but societal existences, there is a separate Ministry in India known as Ministry of Human Resource Development which focuses on the calling development of each citizen of the state by guaranting instruction to all of them thereby making them fit to work in the organisations.

Functions of Human Resource

The human resource section of any organisation demands to execute several undertakings to supply for and organize the work force. Some of the cardinal maps of Human Resource are:

Fulfillment of the employment chances and the authorities duties

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Forecasting the human resource necessities to obtain a long tally Goal & A ; the aim of the organisation

Enrolling & A ; choosing forces to make full specific occupations within the organisation

Orientation and Induction of the new employees in the organisation

Forming an assessment system for mensurating the public presentation of the persons

Concentrating on the employees Career Development by helping them to develop their calling programs

Execution of the compensation system for all the employees.

Career Planning

Career planning means helping the employees to construction their calling in footings of their capacities with context to the organisational demands. It involves a formation of a systematic attack of calling motion and employees growing chances from the starting of his first occupation to his retirement stage. It is the unearthing and sweetening of the ascertained endowment of an person and execution of the discover endowment in the hereafter advancement in the calling way of an employee. The calling planning of an employee gives a brief of what he/she will be in the following 5-10 old ages in the company. One characteristic of calling planning is that it is a ne’er stoping procedure. It is like puting marks to accomplish a end and when that end is achieved the following marks is by default apparatus for a better calling advancement. Career planning is a sub-section of calling direction of calling direction. It involves the procedure to Strategic Planning to take charge of one ‘s professional patterned advance in his close hereafter. Recenetly major organisations have clearly specified their calling way theoretical account. These way theoretical accounts have been designed to steer the person about their calling patterned advance in the organisation. The alone characteristics of these calling theoretical accounts are the importance laid on Job rotary motion and prove their adaptability.

Career Development

An effectual calling development system efforts to unite a series of an persons calling planning and organisational calling direction. The calling Development of an employee can be either a Personal calling development or and organisational calling development. A survey by Keller ( 1987 ) reviewed that 44 % of the decision makers of Fortune 500 companies found the calling appraisal really helpful. The organisation besides aims at a lower employee turnover rate therefore focuses on the calling Development of each person.

The cordial reception industry is doubtless a labour-intensive industry, its success depends “ on the societal and proficient accomplishments of its forces, their inventiveness and difficult work, their committedness and attitude ” ( Anastassova and Purcell, 1995, p. 175 ; Gabriel, 1988 )

Career direction

Career can besides be stated as ‘the person ‘s development in acquisition and work throughout life ‘ ( Collin and Watts 1996 ) , and therefore includes voluntary work and other life experiences. Career direction is an active, structured and a uninterrupted procedure in 1s calling flow. Its chiefly set uping ends, tracking the divergence from the established ends and so piecing the deviated path in the end accomplishment in 1s life. Career direction is a long term procedure that involves both the employee and employer to enable one accomplish his coveted end in the life.

Taj Hotels: Indian Hotels Company Limited.

Started in 1903 by Jamshed Naval Tata of the Tata group. The company boasts a 109 hotels in entire which include the international belongingss excessively. The hotel is listed in the NSE & A ; BSE excessively. The group operates four strategic concern units which are Taj castles and Resorts, Vivanta by Taj, Gateway and Ginger hotels. Started with the first hotel in Mumbai the Taj Mahal, the company is spread outing at a distinctively high velocity. It plans to open 50 more hotels by the terminal of 2013. Bing headed by Mr Raymond Bickson presently as the Managing Director, the company comes under the leading of the Chairman of the TATA Group, i.e, Mr. Ratan Tata. In add-on to the four SBU ‘s under the IHCL umbrella, Taj SATS-Air Catering & A ; Taj AIR-Private Luxury Jets are besides a portion of it. A recent acquisition of 100 % in the Orient Group of hotels has given IHCL a large ball in the international market. Some of the international locations where the hotel has its belongingss are UAE, United States of America, Sri Lanka etc.

Career @ IHCL

One key factor behind the success of the company is its focal point on the human side of the endeavor. Bing the innovator in the cordial reception industry in India under the Service Based industry, the company focuses on the overall development of the employees. The trade name amalgates the ionic tradition of Values inculcated in a shield of Excellence with huge potency for their bright callings in their lives. The group considers of its employees every bit of import as its stakeholders. The ‘Taj Magic ‘ a Doctrine at TAJ ( TPP ) tells us about the passionate employees who feel included as an of import portion of the organisation. Taj employees proudly makes the difference between a Job in other Hospitality companies and Career with IHCL.


The company started with its employee trueness plan called STARS acronym for Particular Thankss and Recognition System. It was aimed to actuate the honored employee to add on merriment during their work. Though the employees were non entitled with any pecuniary awards, they received a acknowledgment on the degrees they gained by grade of cordial reception with the invitee. It ranged from Level 1 ( Silver Grade ) to Level 5 at which they were entitled to be a portion of the MD ‘s nine. This programme witnessed an overpowering response from the employees and thereby ensuing in employee acknowledgment.STARS was besides used by the organisation as an extra habitue pattern to the basic KRA assessment system.

Career Development @ Taj

The Taj group of hotels has tie up with the Mi Univesity and E Cornell with more than 200 classs to offer for the overall development of the employee. The organisation believes in the academic growing of the employee even after fall ining and working for the organisation. Education is a ne’er stoping procedure therefore the company has a steadfast belief in this respect. Any employee who has worked for 5 old ages in the company is entitled to use for the farther survey at the foreign university. The employee on the blessing of the application is permitted a sabbatical leave for six old ages to a month depending on the continuance of the class. The E Cornell enables the employees to develop their competences by accessing to the assorted classs. Each employee is provided with a alone login ID and Password to Log into the university ‘s web site an entree the survey stuff. There is particular employee development through the battle through battle that consequences a ne’er stoping larning. Associates KRA ( Key Result Area ) are derivative in coaction with them to enable appropriate Performance Measurables, functional action programs and guarantee and advance sharing and lovingness of the employees. The engagement method comprises of Leadership e-communication, Peoples Track, 3 tier reappraisal system and Briefing methods. The effectivity of these employee battles is done by Employee Satisfaction study, Review, I -Com Index and Tajbuzz hits. At IHCL there are personality growing plans such as EL -TAJ: Emerging Leader at Taj plan in which the new endowments are appreciated. The plan recognizes emerging leaders and besides facilitates the superior low-level mutualism to better the comprehensive leader skillset through enterprises and feedback. Appraisal system at TAJ runs on a 360 grade feedback system which is conducted every two old ages to supply a valid feedback about the managerial accomplishments and effectivity of the directors. This in- bend helps in planing and developing the directors competences.

Training at TAJ:

The Taj Group of hotels and resorts offer two Management Trainee Programme which comprise of Taj Management Trainee Program ( TMTP ) and Hotel Operations Management Trainee Program ( HOMT ) . These intensive plans are designed to enable the immature professionals the obtain the complete skillsets of a director. These plans are at par with Management in BusinessAssociation ( MBA ) which enables the budding professionals to be into future existent directors. The HOMT is a two twelvemonth plan which involves the managerial, tactical and interpersonal accomplishment development of the trainee. One such Career way in the procedure is as follows

Alumnus from Hospitality School ( B.A Hons HM/ BHM )



Head of Department ( F & A ; B, Housekeeping, or even can come in into corporate house )

IHMA- The Taj group of hotels in coaction with the Maulana Azad Educational Trust operates the Institute of Hotel Management Auranagabad offering a four twelvemonth B. A Hons class in Hotel Management and Culinary Arts. The institute is in confederation with the University Of Huddersfield, UK. The institute is the preparation Centre for the HOMT ‘s and TMTP ‘s excessively. The module at the institute are extremely experient and have worked in the Hospitality industry.

Oberoi Hotels & A ; Resorts ( EIH )

The Oberoi Hotels and Resorts was initiated by A Rai BahadurA Mohan Singh Oberoi in 1949. The EIH group comprises the Oberoi Hotels and Resorts with its trade names like ‘Oberoi ‘ & As ; ‘Tridient ‘ . The group besides holds a strong place in flight catering presenting the In Flight nutrient to Major Airlines like Jet Airways. The company earned a entire gross Rs 1147.33 crores in the fiscal twelvemonth of 2011-2012. The group operates 29 hotels worldwide and is known for the first-class service. Headquartered in Delhi, the group visions to present its cordial reception all the manner from in-between E to asia Pacific. A The Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambore which is a heritage belongings has topped the universe ‘s best hotel in Travel and Leisure Readers Poll for 2010. Presently the group is headed by Mr P.R.S Oberoi with 32.11 % portion in the EIH group. The Oberoi School of Hotel Management which is now OCLD ; Obeoi Centre for Learning & A ; Development was opened in 1966 with an purpose to germinate immature endowments who could take Executive Positions at the group.

Career @ Oberoi

The Oberoi School of Hotel Management which is known as Oberoi Centre of Learning & A ; Development is believed to be the best in Hospitality Management Training. The Oberoi group offers a sheepskin grade certified from IGNOU Indra Gandhi National Open University. The hotel group clearly specifies under its calling development that work load with professional expertness, long hours are no exclusion at the Oberoi group. The group devotes a batch of hardwork in developing their people.


Oberoi Centeral Employment Register ( OCER ) is a Database of fresh campaigners who aspire to work with the Oberoi group. The HR section uses OCER to apportion occupations to new appliers at vacant occupation places. On being found appropriate as an Operations Assistant, the OCER sends a verification missive for the registration. A penchant amongst F & A ; B service operations, Front Office, Hosukeeping & A ; Culinary Arts is given. The choice is based on the handiness of coveted section at the preferable location.After being a portion of the Oberoi group, the OCER entitles the employee to be a portion of international hotel chian. The employee preparation is done by the Pioneers in the Hospitality Industry. Furthermore the employee enjoys a discounted repast monetary value, late hr rewards, conveyance allowances and much more.The journey at Oberoi after choice through OCER starts as a Supervisor. Furthermore depending upon the handiness of chance & A ; employee ‘s possible and public presentation, the employee will be promoted to operation executive so to Head of Department and other Higher Positions. The Executive degree could be achieved after finishing the programme at OCLD.


Acronym for Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development, this institute was established by the laminitis of the Oberoi group ; Mr Raj Bahadur M S Oberoi. Loacted in Delhi at the Maidens Hotels which is a portion of Oberoi group merely, OClD provides an overall Professional & A ; Personal growing to the budding hotelkeepers who aspire to fall in the group. It besides acts as the KPO or Knowledge Nucleus for the EIH group. It is to the full facilitated with all learning resources and development cognition to all its employees with a broad scope of many National and international resources. The undermentioned programmes are offered at OCLD

Guest Service Management ( GSM ) : It emphasises on calling in invitee related section i.e Food & A ; Beverage Service and Front office operations. These graduated are applicable to go a general director in close hereafter.

Housekeeping Management -HM: It focuses on the housework and suites care procedure of the hotel. The alumnuss have a calling option to go the Executive housekeeper in the hotel

Kitchen Management – Kilometer: The culinary skillset and the managerial ability to manage the kitchen operations is the premier focal point of this programme. The alumnuss could go an Executive Chef in the hotel depending on their public presentation and their dedication.

Choice for OCLD


hypertext transfer protocol: //

Preliminary interview

( one on one )

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Quarter Final interview

( by an adept panel )

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Semi-Final interview

( by OCLD panel )

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Final interview

( in Delhi )

ITC Hotels

ITC hotels is the India ‘s 2nd largest Cordial reception Chain after Taj with more than 100 hotels. The hotel group is a subordinate of ITC Limited which is an Indian Public Conglomerate. The Company was founded in 1910 as Indian Tobacco Company of India by Mr Henry Overton Wills.Presently the Chairman of the company is Mr Yogesh Chander Deveshwar. The headquarter of the company is at Gurgaon.The hotel operates under four trade names ; ITC Hotels-Luxury Collections, WelcomeHotel|Sheraton, Fortune Hotels & A ; WelcomeHeritage. It was the first hotel to acquire the Platinum LEEDS Certificate and is advancing and practising the GO GREEN Agenda. The group is besides good celebrated for its Specialty nutrient ventures like Bukhara, Dum Phukth, Dakshin. The company is besides listed at the NSE & A ; BSE.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide is an American based hotel company with its caput office at Stamford, CT. The company is the 2nd largest in its room stock list worldwide with 1128 belongingss universe broad having 334239 suites till day of the month. The company is turning at a growing rate of 5.7 % ( approx. ) in the last fiscal twelvemonth of 2011-2012. The hotel runs its operations under nine major trade names: St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, W Hotel, Westin, Le Meridien, Sheraton, Four Points, Aloft & A ; Element. Frits Van Paasschen is the current President & A ; Chief Executive Officer of the group. The group has a steadfast Service Commitment and they adhere to the three Values System consisting Travel the Extra Step, Play as Team, Do the Right Thing.

Intercontinental Hotels Group

Intercontinental Hotels Group refferd to as IHG is a Britain based hotel company headquatered in United Kingdom. The hotel group boasts it largest no of belongingss with more than 4500 hotels in more than 90 states worldwide. The hotel comprises of trade names such as Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, InterContinental and Staybridge Suites. The company earned a gross of $ 1768 million in 2011 fiscal twelvemonth. A recent trade name launched under the IHG umbrella is the EVEN HOTELS which chiefly focuses on health and promises to present the demands of Health concerned travellers. The company operates on a mantra of believing its employees as their bosom of their concern. The group is headed by David Webster as the Chairman of the company.

Career at IHG

The company offers a broad pick in the Career pick of an employee. The company offers an 18 month Training semen Graduate programme. The programme clearly outlines its six month larning faculty which comprises of sections like suites division, nutrient & A ; Beverage, Gross saless & A ; Marketing, Administration & A ; Kitchen. Henceforth, the trainee is to take the country of specialisation. This supervisory degree programme enables a deeper apprehension in the functional country of the chosen field.

Choosing your ain way diagram

Training & A ; Development

ALDP- The accelerated Leadership Development Programme ( ALDP ) focuses on the development of leading accomplishments. The programme include instructions such as Leadership Fundamentals, Peak public presentation and the Coaching and Mentoring counsel to be a leader.

PDP- The Personal Development programme purposes at an overall development of the employees personality. It aims at in interpersonal accomplishment development which includes bodylanguage, communicating, etc.

My Learning- The component K is a aggregation of many online classs which have a really high repute. These classs can be accessed at any topographic point and clip to supply a hassle free acquisition to the employees.

eCornell- It is a aggregation of 21 certified programmes in the Fieldss like strategic direction etc. It besides offers IVY League excellence enfranchisement to the participants of this eCornell programme.

Choice At IHG.

Online application atA

Telephone interview

Face-to-face interview

Assessment Centre

Online ability proving

Final interview

Executives, Staff and Full Time

Contractual ( FTC ) – has increased from 3.25

in the old twelvemonth to 4.31 in this twelvemonth


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