It was six a. m. when I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I quickly hopped out of bed and threw on my orange hunting clothes. Surprisingly, my parents were dressed and ready to leave. We jumped in my father’s silver Dodge and drove west. We finally made it do our destination, a low field full of washes and sagebrush that we locals call James’s. My father put the truck to a halt, and he raised his binoculars to his eyes. “Deer,” I heard him say. My mother and I also put our binoculars up.

We saw about fifteen Does, which are female deer that we can’t shoot. My dad still decided to sit and watch for a while, and we ended up seeing one with antlers, a two point. Undecidedly as if I wanted to shoot it or not, we sat for about an hour longer just watching. The deer all laid down in a low wash where they were no longer visible. Finally, I decided I would go after the small two point. I got out of the truck and walked a big loop around the herd of deer, so I could sneak up behind them.

As soon as I got to where I thought they would be, I started walking very slowly, rolling my feet from my heels to my toes. Finally, I saw an ear poke up from behind the brush about twenty feet away. It was a doe. I stopped and kept quiet for about five minutes until she bent back down to continue eating. I continued walking towards the deer, I felt like I had never been quieter in my life. I was ten feet away from those deer, and they had no idea I was there. I still couldn’t even see the rest because they were still laying down.

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I purposely made a noise with my foot, just to startle them so I could get a good look at what my options were. A deer stood up right in front of me, with one single pointed antler on the right side of his head. I pulled the radio from my belt and said, “Should I shoot it? ” My dad replied, “no I wouldn’t he’s pretty small. ” So I didn’t. And to my surprise after all that noise I was making that dumb deer was still standing there looking at me, still ten feet away. A few seconds later I saw the two point get up.

He started bounding away. I took the shot, and dropped him instantly. I went to make sure he was finished off, so I poked his eye with the end of my barrel. He didn’t even twitch. Still to be sure I cut his throat, that’s kind of the normal thing to do for us hunters. My parents finally made it to me to see what I had shot. We all knew it wasn’t a very big one, but it was the hunt that made it all worth it. Just being that close to all those deer without them sensing your presence is such a rush. And after all, there’s always next year.


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