March 26, 2004 I got up at 7 am and took me a good hot bath. After my bath I put me on some clothes to go to the hospital in Rutherfordton. On this day all I could smell was the scent of hot spring air, birds chirping, and fresh spring flowers. This was the day my labor was induced and I gave birth to my first son. I was 17 years old not expecting to jump head first into a teenage life as being a mother. Leaving home going to the hospital was my husband, grandmother, and my mother. When I got there, a nurse by the name of heather signed me in.

After that is when everything got real interesting. They put me into a wheel chair and rolled me to the third floor which was the prenatal floor of the hospital. At 9:00 they took me into a room and put a pill inside me that would make me contract within 2 hour from the time they inserted it. I started to have contractions at 11:00, by 12:00 I was in the delivery room dilated 8 centimeters. Then the anesthesia came in and started to insert my epidural which was placed into my spin, and all I felt was a small pinch and it was over.

The whole time my grandmother was crying, praying, and never once did she stop coaching. To me it was so funny. My husband never said a word the whole time it was as if he was in a state of shock when that supposed to be my reaction because he wasn’t the one pushing out a baby. So after I got my epidural I was relaxed didn’t feel like pushing or nothing because I couldn’t feel anything because the medicine had numbed me from the waist down. So it was like I felt it but I didn’t feel it. But I still had to continue pushing, about 15 minutes later I give birth to my first child.

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After I gave birth to my child I felt different. I felt weak but hungry, happy, and weird; I was also sleepy from the medication, but relaxed at the same time. It was amazing because I had just had a baby. All I could smell was blood, but it never turned my stomach because I still wanted to eat. As soon as my baby came out of me both of the granny’s kissed him and loved him up. He was 8lbs and 7 ounces, 21 inches long his head was 19 inches. He split me I had to get 8 stitches in me. After they titched me up they took me to my main room where I would be the remaining of the time at the hospital. My baby went to the nursery so they could run test and make sure he was ok. I remember waking up but I don’t remember going to sleep but I took a nap and when I got back up there was my baby, husband, and my sister. My husband was watching TV, and my sister was holding my baby. I felt so cold but sore from the stitches so I got up and took a hot bath. The water felt so good but it smelled medicated, like they had put some type of medicine in it.

But sit in the water for an hour or so and when I got out I had to pee and from the stitches it burned so bad because of the stitches. So after I came out the bathroom I called the nurse to give me something for the burning and she brought so burn relief spray and it felt so good. The burn relief spray stops the burning at the time but every time I used the bathroom it would still burn like crazy. So I stayed in the hospital for three days, I call it the baby and mother bond time but I wasn’t the only one that stayed them three days it was also my sister and my husband who didn’t leave until I left. and it is nothing like having the support of family when you need them. The third day I left which was March 29, 2004 at 2:00. They gave me baby milk, diapers, diaper bag full of different items, and magazines. Before I left my husband and I signed the birth certificate, which states that we are the parents of this child. When we got home everybody was their waiting on the baby all excited. But I wasn’t up for all that I wanted to take my baby and go to bed; but I just stayed up for like 2 hours and let everybody see the baby and admire him.

Then I went to bed and sleep like I was a baby, I felt like I was in heaven I felt so comfortable just being in my own bed with my new baby. I didn’t take long to comprehend I was a mother and that I couldn’t give it back because it was mine. But it took a while for me to adapt to the situation and that I had a beautiful baby boy and was happy. This was one of the most exciting times of my life. It was like everything I had dreamed for in life. Yeah it held up my career but it didn’t stop it because I am continuing it right now and loving every moment of it.


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