The Aeneid was written during a clip of great political alteration in Rome. Civil struggle had brought about the autumn of the democracy and its replacing with a strong executive that was given the rubric of emperor. In 31 B. C. E. . the emperor Augustus. who controlled the western half of the Roman imperium. would win a decisive triumph over Mark Antony. the swayer of the eastern half of the imperium. and unite Rome under one authorization and convey about a long period of peace. However. these alterations caused many of the people to lose their religion in the illustriousness of Rome. Virgil wrote The Aeneid in an effort to convey back traditional Roman values and to legalize the regulation of Augustus Caesar by linking him to the origin narrative of Rome through the posterities of Aeneas. Virgil’s The Aeneid. shows that Aeneas is the ideal Roman swayer because he follows the Roman virtuousnesss of moderateness. be aftering in front. and stamina. Aeneas shows moderateness when he leaves Dido. he shows his forward planning by seting all other involvements in his life behind the undertaking of set uping the metropolis of Rome. and he shows his stamina in his journey to the underworld.

Aeneas is a paradigm for the ideal Roman swayer because he follows the virtuousness of temperantia. or moderateness. He shows this moderateness in his go forthing Dido to travel set up the great metropolis of Rome. Aeneas does non desire to go forth Carthage or his love. Dido. but it is his undertaking “to found the Roman people” and he is “devoted to his mission” ( Virgil 797. 796 ) . Aeneas displays moderateness because he controls his desire “to composure and comfort [ Dido ] in all her pain” . but he “took the class heaven gave him” ( Virgil 815 ) . Furthermore. the queen was really rich and had given him gifts of “yellow jasper” and a cloak with “gold yarn in the fabric” ( Virgil 811 ) . However. his value of moderateness thrusts him to set his ain passions and wants in subjugation to his responsibility. This is a determination that few people could do themselves and if they did they would experience a great sense of loss. Aeneas pushes his feelings aside and does what has to be done for the hereafter of Rome.

The Aeneid shows that Aeneas is the theoretical account Roman swayer by his usage of wisdom and planning in front. His go forthing Dido shows frontward planning every bit good as moderateness because Aeneas cuts all ties with her. Even though he was “shaken still with love for her” . he “went back to his fleet” ( Virgil 815 ) . If he had given her any mark that he still wanted to remain or if he had given in to her supplications to remain merely a small longer it would hold been harder for him to go forth. He is looking to the hereafter by go forthing every bit rapidly as he can before he gets to attached to her and can’t brand himself leave. Besides. he shows his wisdom through ground. Dido is the voice of natural emotion in this circumstance and Aeneas doesn’t allow her emotions or his emotions to take over. Aeneas’s wisdom is besides shown in the underworld because he allows himself to demo emotion at the sight of Dido. He is able to state her how he truly felt without giving his responsibility because there is no manner for her to be with him any longer. Aeneas is giving in to his emotions at the one clip that it is safe for him to make so.

Aeneas is the paramount Roman swayer because he portrays the traditional Roman virtuousness of stamina. Aeneas had to be tough to go to the underworld ; a topographic point few of all time return from. Virgil describes the underworld as a topographic point where “grief and revenging attentions have made their beds” and a place to “diseases and sad age” ( Virgil 825 ) . It would take strength to knowingly travel into a topographic point that was so dark and suffering. The underworld is besides the place to many monsters. such as “Centaurs” . “hundred armed Briareus” . and “Chimaera external respiration unsafe flames” ( Virgil 825 ) . Aeneas is “swept by sudden fear” and pull his blade. but he does non let his fright to maintain him from traveling on to see his male parent ( Virgil 825 ) . Aeneas besides shows his stamina after his male parent has shown him what Rome will go by go oning to work towards doing Rome a great imperium. Aeneas knows that he will ne’er seen Rome come to its full glorification. but that doesn’t cause him to bury his ain fate. He returns from the underworld and still settles Italy. It must hold been hard to hold sacrificed so much for Rome and go on to give for Rome and knowing he would ne’er see its illustriousness.

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Aeneas is the ideal Roman swayer because he follows the traditional Roman virtuousnesss of moderateness. wisdom. and stamina. His rigorous finding to follow these ethical motives is what makes him an heroic poem hero. He shows his moderateness and wisdom by go forthing Dido the manner that he did and he shows his stamina in his journey to the underworld and his willingness to work for the hereafter of Rome even though he will ne’er see its glorification. Aeneas’s strength in the subordination of personal desires to responsibility is what makes him so iconic and the ideal Roman swayer.

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