Thrown into the mix are some intriguing concepts of greed, integrity, and intellectual property rights, elevating “The Social Network” to a critique of our culture. Mark Seersucker developed and made a decision of creating this social network that affected many people in many ways. First, After being dumped by his girlfriend, Mark at the time a student at Harvard, takes revenge by setting up “Faceless. Com”, By hacking into the Harvard student image directories, he was very intelligent and he used his intellectual advantage for creating a website enabling guys to rank girls based on their “hotness. His project is wildly successful the flood of network traffic that eight brought the Harvard campus network to its knees. Impressed by his work, the two Winkles brothers contact him with an idea oftener own: an elite, Harvard-only online social network primarily for dating purposes. But Mark along with his friend and roommate Eduardo Andrew Garfield is not interested in creating a mediocre Misplace imitation. He took the Winsomeness’ idea and modified it, crafting a similar website but without using any of the brothers’ code.

He worked very hard in this idea and Tablecloth. Com became a massive success inside the campus. Second, innovation requires money, so Mark appoints Eduardo as the company’s Chief Financial Officer, so he became the person that was dealing with the financial management of the company. A conflict soon mars their relationship. Eduardo believes the company needs on site advertising in order to remain viable, while Mark feels advertising will make Tablecloth “uncoil” TO settle the dispute, Mark calls in Sean parker famed founder Of the illegal music sharing website Anapest.

Sean has plenty of suggestions for “Tablecloth” he recommend to Mark to change the name from “Tablecloth” to just “Backbone”. Eduardo is uncomfortable with Jean’s involvement. The resulting disagreement sends Mark and Eduardo to opposite sides of the country: Mark moved to California to continue developing Backbone with Sean and a team of programmers and Eduardo moved to New York in an attempt to solicit financial support for the website. Both of them were trying to improve and become entrepreneurs with “Backbone” but the only problem was the little disagreement between them because of Sean.

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From this point, the story follows the pattern of many corporate dramas. I won’t spoil any key plot elements, but suffice it to say that he actions taken by Mark and Sean made a mistake bringing a fight between them and his friend Eduardo. Perhaps the most interesting element of “The Social Network” is the way in which the director depicts Mark’s transformation from a naive, nerdy college student into a ruthless, cold-hearted businessman. This is accomplished because of the toxic influence of Sean, whose “cool” person is hopelessly alluring to Mark.

Sean was a person that he had lack of concern for the welfare of other he pushed Mark on the same position, leading to the breakdown Of his relationship with Eduardo. “The Social Network” also serves as a sharp critique of our society’s obsession with success. Even at Harvard, Mark’s fixation with Backbone oriented projects alienates those around him. He gains some measure of notoriety after the initial releases of “Faceless” and Tablecloth, but such popularity ultimately proves superficial.

By the end of the film, he has emerged as an arrogant businessman with no real friends, he became a lonely billionaire. But he was a person that work very hard on this idea and developed it. That is why this idea became really important for the society. Issues of faith and worldview are never directly addressed. Mark and his business partners frequently act amorally, making decisions without considering their ethical consequences. Despite their attitude they were working a wonderful idea and doing their best.

In conclusion, Mark Seersucker developed the idea of the Winkle’s brothers. He worked very hard and he did not steal anything because he did not use any code from them. He create his own weapon by using his knowledge and the help of his friend Eduardo and his coworker Sean that became a problem on his relationship of him and his only friend. It was not fare the judgment that he had because he did not steal the idea, but everything end up in that the Winkle’s brothers received a lot of money that it was not fare because they did not contributed in the success of “Backbone”.


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