The right to a physician assisted suicide is a very controversial subject in the United States. Throughout the United States this topic is bringing two different lights upon it. While others may believe it is a way to stop the suffering of terminally ill patients, there are still those who believe physician assisted suicide is murder. Yes, there are patients who are misdiagnosed. but there are those who believe that you have the right to die when you have been diagnosed terminally ill, and are suffering from painful and incurable diseases. But after looking at both sides, a normal, compassionate, loving person must conclude that terminally ill patients should be given the right to a physician assisted suicide to end suffering, to reduce financial effects of hospital care on their families, and to protect the right of individuals to choose their own fate.Over the past century medical technology has drastically improved. Since 1943 Dialysis machines have been saving approximately 650,000 people per year. Many people using this machine or machines like this are suffering from: short term and long term illnesses, major and minor injuries, and terminal illnesses. For people who are and were diagnosed terminally ill just see a way to prolong their suffering. In 1997 Oregon Country passed substantial safeguards to prevent deaths that unnecessary deaths could be avoided. “They include the patient to be: an adult; diagnosed to be terminally ill (i.e., likely to die within six months, even with treatment); suffering from an unbearable and irreversible physical condition or illness; fully informed about his or her diagnosis, prognosis without treatment, possible treatment alternatives that might improve that prognosis, along with their risk and benefits…”. In finish, this will not prevent suffering but it will certainly not prolong suffering of terminally ill patients.Meanwhile, the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health say “…that total expenditures of patients who died of advanced cancer ranged from less than $5,000 to more than $50,000 per patient, with an average cost of $21,718. These high prices include: treatments, medication, doctor services, intensive care, hospital accommodation, dressing and bandages, blood tests, x-rays or CT scans. Terminally ill patients may not prevent the hospital and medical expensive from pilling up, but they certainly do have the option to halt their suffering. But they can certainly prevent the medical expenses from piling up by choosing to partake in a physicians assisted suicide.


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