Community based touristry has been promoted as a agency of development and as such environmental, societal and economic additions for local communities are reached through the touristry merchandise. The undertaking identifies the positives and negatives every bit good as the deductions that this merchandise could do.

There are several factors that attracts tourer to the Caribbean basin. Factors such as clime, affordability, easiness of entree, scenery and repute among others are covered in the research.

A comparative analysis of service industry in the cordial reception and industries, the pros and cons of community based touristry and the impact of engineering in the development of the touristry industry.

Cordial reception industry or otherwise people passing their money expect nil short of the best when it comes to having quality service. Though the value they seek is of their ain cognition or outlook at the stoping of the concern behavior clients or invitees must be satisfied.

Since quality can be perceived, what does quality service means to the cordial reception industry as opposed to other concerns?

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“ Quality is run intoing or transcending client outlooks ” ( Kapiki, 2012 ) , harmonizing to a cordial reception focal point while concerns define quality as, “ The civilization that maintains that value is the responsibility of all employees and that all workers attitudes and actions should be directed towards accomplishing client satisfaction ” ( Singh, 2007 ) .

Both definition aims towards accomplishing the same terminal no affair the standard they use to get at the addition. All concerns primary end is to make a net income and these are the criterions of excellence in both cordial reception industry and other concern. It should be so established that there is no discernable difference between the bringings of quality. All concern should encompass the thought of doing quality service their first precedence as this is indispensable in any concern.

Quality service is a go oning attempt ; it should ne’er be on suspension by any affair and should be merely bettering with age. The ( ISO ) International Organization of Standardization clearly outlines quality control as “ all activities of the overall direction map that determines the quality policy, nonsubjective and duties and applies them by agencies such as quality planning, quality control, quality confidence and quality betterment within the quality system. ” ( Kapiki,2012 ) .

Entire quality is the duty of all the workers from top to bottom in any concern. There is no 2nd opportunity in service bringing. Customers are the 1s who check the service as it is consumed. This so means that bar becomes a precedence, since the cost of hapless quality is huge in footings of personal, indirect, immediate and long scope effects ( Donald, 2000 ) . There may be an chance to rectify a state of affairs in some concerns ; for illustration, interchanging defective goods or remaking a service. This is non so in the cordial reception industry. One context of such, in a recent visit to Bahamas my experience was non a friendly one and even though I met some friendly people who tried to demo me an first-class clip, I still see this event as a bad 1. The experience I had from making the state as a visitant has left a acrimonious gustatory sensation in my oral cavity.

Businesss require certain elements to be or stay feasible ; keeping the quality confidence they need. These include:

Sending a positive attitude to others

Identifying the demands of the clients, invitees or clients

Supplying for the demands of the invitees or clients and

Guaranting the clients and/or clients wants to return.

Taking these stairss will ensue in the industry recognizing how valuable presenting quality service can be. Donald, 2000 lineation four chief benefits deducing from the importance of presenting quality:

Growth of the service industry: more concerns are set uping every twenty-four hours as the growing of service related organisations continue to develop.

Increased competition: quality client service will supply platitude in deriving a competitory border ; as it relates to merchandise quality and the degree of service provided to the client and cost.

Greater apprehension of clients: clients want to experience particular. That is a given quality service doing them experience like male monarchs and Queenss of the concern.

Quality client service makes economic sense: the line of life of any concern is repeat concern. It is indispensable to pull new clients but besides lament to maintain bing 1s.

One should be cognisant of the deductions of non presenting quality services:

Business will lose clients due to a bad experience

The repute of the concern can be destroyed particularly in this engineering age one negative remark on chirrup or face book could stultify a concern.

Service quality sets the base between a satisfied and a dissatisfied client, therefore a sensible land for any concern success must concentrate on service quality.

Community Based Tourism

Community based touristry has, for over three decennaries, been promoted as a agency of Development whereby the societal, environmental and economic demands of local communities are met through the offering of a touristry merchandise. However, whilst many undertakings have been funded in developing states, their success ( or otherwise ) has non been widely monitored and, hence, the existent benefits to local communities remain mostly un quantified.

The Chief Information Officer at ( TPDCO ) Tourism Product Development Company, Yvonne Gardner said community based touristry is a civil interaction that enriches both hosts and visitants, back uping and advancing responsible touristry besides set uping sustainable supports. She besides stated that it provide linkages through local touristry value concatenation and creates societal, cultural and environmental benefits for local communities. ( Gardner, 2012 )

Community touristry harmonizing to ( Wallace, 1996 ) is “ based on the apprehension that members of the community have a vested involvement in continuing touristry ” . This signifier of touristry should function as a accelerator for the sustainable development of the touristry industry. ( Jayawardena, 2002 )

The Professionals

Community touristry surely has tonss to offer to the host community and its people. The benefits harmonizing to ( Donald 2000 ) can be categorized in three chief countries societal, environmental and economic.


Community base touristry brings in outside money or foreign exchange for the support of community installations and services which if manage efficaciously can extinguish poorness and illiteracy.

It encourages community engagement and satisfaction since the community owns and run the concerns, either in whole or through joint ventures transforming regular citizens into enterprisers.

Provides an exchange of Jamaica ‘s rich civilization between locals and visitants climaxing a true Jamaican experience through appeal, civilization and heritage.


Community based touristry will promote attention and care of natural, cultural and historical resources. Example The Seville Heritage Great House in St Ann.

Encourages community beautification and revival of natural resources for illustration Parkss.

Encourages cleaning programmes in communities maintaining topographic point cleaner looking than traditional as members make an attempt to pull visitants


Helps diversify and stabilise the local economic system as criterions of life are raised.

Contributes to province and local revenue enhancement base which will increase the state ‘s Gross Domestic Product and budget standing.

Creates employment and concern chances straight illustration, ticket agent and indirectly husbandmans.

Encourage foreign exchange or money through service offering or trade of goods and services.

Community base touristry promotes local value concatenation through linkages where appropriate ; to agriculture, humanistic disciplines and trades and nutrient services among others.

The success of community base touristry is entirely dependent on the community as a whole as everyone must subject. It offers a alone chance for Jamaicans and can convey out the best in them. ( The University of the West Indies, 2012 )

The cons

As with every scenario in life there are the positives ( pros ) and the negatives ( cons ) so while community base touristry has so many parts to the local community one demand to be cognizant of the opposite consequence. Community basal touristry affects communities in the undermentioned ways:


Visitors life styles and thoughts may conflict with that of the host community as the experience diverseness

Herding and congestion may ensue in these countries for illustration locals migrating for rural countries to fall back country.

May compete with occupants for available services, installations and bing diversion chances locals could go irritated.

The increased offense rate is evidences for visitant torment and sex touristry


The value of sensitive natural or historical sites may be degraded due to in inordinate usage by visitants or attempts by people to better the site.

There is a hazard of taint whether by land, air, noise or H2O ; among others. The hard-on of immense hotels or construct boards adds a corrupt expression to the natural beauty of the land.

The possibility of dirt eroding for case is likely as developers dig in to the Earth upseting rooted workss and stones.


The development of societal services and substructures could put a heavy demand on revenue enhancement grosss to back up expanded services.

Locals will no longer be able to afford belongingss since there will be rising prices on belongings values and monetary values of goods and services

If outside involvement owns the touristry developments, economic benefit will go forth the community ensuing in escape.

Most communities are non in an constituted province for touristry as administration constructions are unequal and there is grounds of deficiency of community togetherness and trust.


Community base touristry has its negative and positive deductions. In the positives, the community will bring forth employment, exchange of foreign currency, development of substructures among others. On the other manus nevertheless, the state writhes from serious cardinal civilization issues that need to be addressed to do it sustainable. The success of a sustainable community based touristry industry needs careful analysis and policy preparation ( Gardner, 2012 ) .

One of the primary benefits of CBT is the proviso of occupations and income to households. However, this cause people to go excessively dependent on the touristry industry and sulky in taking up regular occupations. It besides promotes certain behavior ; the fast money outlook turning immature people into cocottes or rent-a-dreads and the most current and commercial swindlers are illustrations of such a instance.

The gross touristry provides to the authorities through revenue enhancements and fees ; may non be plenty to maintain the state and back up the development and care of community constructions therefore puting a load on the community besides the state. This is when seaward investors stairss in and the money ends up go forthing the state.

There is nil like a beautiful landscape, a carefully cultivated park, the free idea of being able to research about on tractors or motor motorcycles and Equus caballuss without even recognizing the harm or impact all this development has on the environment. The uninterrupted break and extra use of the land all in the good will of development causes the value of the land to deteriorate. Very shortly the reefs will be inexistent ; the beautiful H2O, excessively polluted for swimming and the fish home grounds destroyed. All the episodes of hotels and golf tribunals cause land debasement.

The experience of visitant ‘s life style and sharing ours through civilization and heritage can be educating, but it can besides be intrusive and forceful as immature people particularly become adaptative to the “ American life style ” burying their ethical motives, value and rules. Annual jubilations have been less meaningful ; people no longer put a value on these important day of the months.

Community based touristry can be an educational and an unforgettable experience for invitees and people of the community. The host community, nevertheless, has to volunteer their portion as they all contribute to their ain sustainable development.

Main factors that attract tourers to the Caribbean

Tourism can be dated back to every bit far as the 18th century when travelling was merely for the prestigiousness nevertheless this has changed drastically with the development of mass touristry. Visit to the Caribbean islands have been frequent by Americans, Canadians and Europeans. Tourists travel for assorted grounds but these are the chief factors act uponing their trips to the Caribbean: First, Ease of access- for one to four hours, the Caribbean provides the fastest pickup experience for colorful bluish skies, beach and sip on some spirits. Peoples in Florida for case like to go to the Bahamas due to its close propinquity. Flights are accessible to the assorted Caribbean finishs by several air hoses illustration, JetBlue, American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines and Spirit to call a few. There are besides cruises if people wish non wing, these could include Royal Caribbean or Disney Cruise Lines among many others.

Second, Cost- acquiring to the Caribbean like easiness of entree is really low-cost as oppose to going to Europe for illustration. Competition allows for low-cost tickets particularly in off seasons. Some islands that are hub for air hose bearers like Puerto Rico tends to offer inexpensive tickets all twelvemonth unit of ammunition. Even if tourers wish to travel shopping they still get to salvage and to the full bask their holiday without traveling broke. Affordability plays a major function in the factor of regional touristry growing.

Third, Accommodations- tourer from all economic and societal background can see the Caribbean due to the huge sum of adjustments provided: from epicurean five star evaluations resorts to bed and breakfast. Tourists are attracted to the competitively priced adjustments.

Fourth, Reputation- Since the 1800 ‘s the Caribbean took the bar with its narratives of romantic pickup, rare beauty, aureate littorals, bluish skies and the relaxation that comes with the experience. This repute has preceded itself has tourers maintain going back to the Caribbean repeatedly for holidaies. During the civil war the Royal Victorian Hotel was built in Bahamas, one of the first developments in the Caribbean. ( Sydelle John, 2007 )

Fifth, Climate- the all twelvemonth round tropical clime endowed by the Caribbean skies make the finishs a first pick for vacationists. The precipitation form of the conditions, sunlight, temperature and air currents are all responsible for their part to warm tropical Caribbean clime. Particularly in winter season tonss of tourer from Europe, Canada and the Americas chose that clip to getaway for holiday to bask the cool zephyr and glittering sunlight on their tegument.

Finally, Scenery- Everyone appreciates good scenery and natural beauty. The Caribbean islands are celebrated for its beautiful seas, rivers, waterfalls, workss, landscape, mountains and hilly terrains. Jamaica for illustration is blessed with its juicy flora and natural olfactory property like the resort country Port Antonia which host the rubric, “ Naturally ” or celebrated waterfalls such as the Dunn ‘s River in St Ann, or YS Falls in ST Elizabeth.

Other factors such as Sporting installations be it horseback equitation, swimming, golfing, river tube or rafting for case besides if the finish is hosting World Cup ; Attitudes towards tourer whereas locals are friendly and warm towards visitants ; Entertainment such as festivals for illustration the celebrated Reggae Sumfest or Jazz and Blues Festival hosted in Jamaica ; Historical Prominence show casing links to of import events or fables such as Bob Marley or even a simple factor such as Shopping or tourers installations.

Bottom line is tourist demands to acquire off from their cells and concrete jungle every now and once more and what better topographic point to pass a holiday than the Caribbean which provides easiness of entree, affordability, beautiful sceneries and most significantly enjoy non merely warm tropical clime but besides a topographic point where the cordial reception is reassuring and positive.


The research worker suggests the undermentioned recommendations:

That the cordial reception industry seek ways to better its quality service continually in an attempt to recognize more net income, maintain return invitees and put a competitory border over its competition through the proviso of quality goods and service.

Monitoring and ratings should be done on regular intervals as this will guarantee will work as a motivation for guaranting workers in the industry stay on top of their games.

Workers should ever be authorising themselves, endeavoring to be better persons as they are at the first terminal of covering with clients, they should ever cognize and believe that they are the first point of contact and that they are a representation of the cordial reception industry. Workers should besides do an attempt to handle clients merely the manner the want to be served.

The sectors responsible for touristry development in the communities for illustration TPDCo. ( Tourism Product Development Company ) should to a great extent weigh the pros and cons of community based touristry before they start any development.

The community members should do better attempts to affect in their community activities non merely or merely because it relates to tourism but in an attempt to be a set of more rounded and productive set of people. They should recognize they are the community and the most critical facet of it. They are the civilization and should do attempts to continue that.


If quality should transcend clients ‘ outlook, why are so many concerns both in the cordial reception and service industry non handling it as such?

In reasoning the research is of the sentiment that many times the service and cordial reception lose their manner due to miss of professionalism, untrained staff, bad client service and hapless quality bringing in goods and services. Example a cook store functioning tiffin in an country with several other nutrient articulations but the cook store is making so good and the other concerns merely can non understand. It is non the gustatory sensation of the nutrient that truly keeps them traveling back it ‘s the warm personality of the workers, the common etiquette and the overall service from the chef right back to the cleansing lady. It is better for clients to state the merchandises are bad but the quality service keeps them traveling back.

Quality service is a drug. Once you are used to a- category intervention nil else will fit up to that merely quality. Customers like to experience like they are the male monarchs and Queenss. Guests at a hotel privation to experience like it is their first visit even after ten old ages. Businesss in the service and cordial reception industry should do quality their first precedence.

Community Based Tourism is an first-class chance for persons to authorise themselves, recognizing their entrepreneurial abilities and seting their accomplishments and endowments to wheel of success. The Oklahoman community members acknowledge that the touristry industry is an inclusive one instead than sole ; they will be better able to take a spring to success and community development which non merely profit the community but the state on a whole.

The Caribbean harnesses a aureate egg of rich and alone civilization, exciting escapades, tropical clime, and luxury of green flora and islands that eagerly awaits and welcomes visitants from all over the universe. The factors act uponing tourers to the many Caribbean shores are undeniable.


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