The Impact of Tuition Increase at the University of the Virgin Islands on Current and Prospective Students.

There have been a figure of mutters being spread about an addition on tuition being implemented at the University of the Virgin Islands. This is a current state of affairs that would non merely impact one as a current pupil but, incoming pupils every bit good. This research serves as an rating of how an addition in tuition rate at UVI will impact us all as current or prospective pupils. The addition in tuition rate here at the University of the Virgin Islands will do prospective pupils to be deterred and to digest economic strains.Current Students will run a greater hazard of fiscal instability every bit good as show contagious negative attitudes towards the University on a whole.

In this epoch, it is about imperative that one acquires a certain degree of instruction in order to procure a significant occupation that provides for their basic demands. As a consequence, there is a great demand to achieve a third degree of instruction and because of this an increasing figure of pupils travel abroad to analyze. Deeno Cumberbatch is a member of the pupil authorities association at the St. Thomas campus of the University of the Virgin Islands. In an informal interview, Deeno Cumberbatch stated that tuition will be increased at a rate of 5 % . He farther elaborated that this addition will be effectual from March ( fall semester ) in 2015. From the questionnaires that were conducted, 85 % of the pupils indicated that this addition will decrease the consideration of prospective pupils to go to this college. 15 % of the pupils further noted that as a consequence, this will give the pupils extra inducement to research other colleges. When asked ‘what do you believe about tuition cost at UVI compared with other Caribbean and US colleges more than 90 % of the pupils indicated that it was cheaper compared to most colleges they know. One pupil farther noted that UVI is known as a reasonably inexpensive college in comparing to others and so, to cognizing that tuition is on the brink of being increased will automatically discourage them and take them to seek for one that is less expensive.

First, to increasing tuition rate by 5 % at the University of the Virgin Islands, prospective pupils will except UVI as a potencies means for their undergraduate grade. Some pupils will be deterred from inscribing in this college after detecting the addition on tuition rate. Hazel and West highlighted that “students’ attitude towards debt is of import in finding whether or non they are more likely to continue to a higher degree of education” ( 132 ) . In this instance, it is non merely the fact that prospective pupils will be moved to research other options but some may even change their determinations in prosecuting a third degree instruction. A research was carried out to analyze the relationship between societal category and college costs ( St. John and Paulsen 2005 ) where the research workers argued that if low tuition costs were perceived by pupils to be of importance in their pick of university, this ‘cost consciousness’may besides be straight associated with their determinations to go on in higher instruction.

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Second, prospective pupils will besides digest economic impacts. Based on the informations collected from the questionnaires, international pupils have an approximative tuition fee that ranges from $ 3,500- $ 6,000 per semester whereas occupant students’ scope from $ 2,000- $ 2,500 per semester. 26 % of the pupils indicated that their current tuition fee was ‘low-cost’ , 56 % said that it was ‘excessively expensive’and 18 % indicated that it is ‘truly cheap’. The 56 % that indicated their tuition was excessively expensive was correlated with international pupils, the 26 % who claimed that their tuition was low-cost was chiefly resident pupils and the 18 % who indicates that their tuition was truly inexpensive was 100 % resident pupils. It is apparent that international prospective pupils will hold a higher tuition fee than prospective occupant pupils based on the tuition fees of the current pupils. In footings of those geting loans or even personal nest eggs and has already set a mark, this will interrupt any readyings made already. Three pupils responded to the inquiry ‘how do you believe the tuition addition might impact prospective UVI pupils? ’ , by foregrounding that it will do them to take more loans or increase their loan sums to run into the new demands of increased tuition.

Similarly, in the interview that was conducted, Deeno Cumberbatch stated, ‘I believe that tuition addition will hold a negative impact on prospective pupils in footings of their economical standings’ . Most people who were decidedly interested in university said if they were to come on they would take out a pupil loan ( Moore, McNeill and Halliday 63 ) . The research workers further stated, ‘when it comes to schemes to manage an addition in tuition fees, the Aimhigher group was less likely to react by accepting increased debt.’ This supports the claim that most people are interested in inscribing into universities, nevertheless, are cautious about being economically impacted by fluctuations in tuition rates that would do them to necessitate to seek fiscal options.

In add-on, increasing tuition at the University of the Virgin Islands non merely affects prospective pupils but current pupils as good. Current pupils would run a greater hazard of fiscal instability should the tuition rate at UVI be increased. 89 % of the respondents to the questionnaire when asked what their positions on the new tuition addition were indicated that it was dearly-won with the staying 11 % indicating that it was just. No 1 nevertheless, in response indicated that the new tuition addition was low. Of the 89 % that indicated that the tuition addition rate was dearly-won, 50 % ticked loans, parental support, personal support or a combination as their major beginning for tuition payment. The other 50 % selected scholarships/grants or fiscal assistance as their beginning for tuition payment. When farther asked, ‘how would tuition increase affect you? ’ , 67 % of the respondents more or less stated that it would do them to use for more/greater loans every bit good as ensuing in more money to be repaid to Bankss. The staying 33 % were all scholarship pupils or pupils who received fiscal assistance and grants and they indicated that this addition in tuition would non be of direct impact on them. Loans, nest eggs, budgets etc… have already been acquired by these pupils and a alteration in figures will falsify persons who are short of the needed financess for tuition therefore ensuing in current pupils going financially unstable.

Furthermore, tuition addition can impact current pupils, nevertheless, those of a peculiar category or of a different geographical beginning will incur greater impacts. Due to this fact, there is a great demand for policymakers to take into history demographical alterations in college registration in general. ‘Low income pupils, who are already under-represented in Engineering and Sciences, could be negatively affected by targeted tuition increases’ : ( Cheol, Shin and Milton 733 ) . Cheol et al farther argued that using different tuition rates for different big leagues is more toothsome to pupils and parents than merely increasing tuition at a individual rate for all undergraduate pupils. As stated by ‘the pupil crucial for countervailing impact of university tuition fees’ , ‘Grants and/or loans are important for countervailing negative effects of fees or fee rises’ . Current pupils hence will be impacted merely every bit much as prospective pupils will be.

Furthermore, current pupils who are having direct impact as a consequence of execution will get down to expose a negative attitude towards this establishment on a whole. This could be a really contagious posit which will hold a correlativity between prospective pupils. Prospective pupils upon hearing that tuition will be increased will be even further swayed when having this Intel from current pupils and acquiring primary information from beginnings of experience. Prospective pupils will now get down to expose a negative attitude as good by acquiring inside information on the affair by the current pupils.

Finally, this research sought to measure the impact that the tuition addition rate at the University of the Virgin Islands will hold on both current and prospective pupils. The research worker found that both pupils will be negatively wedged such as fiscal instability, disincentive, economic strains and holding a negative attitude towards the University. However, current pupils will hold a greater impact as prospective pupils will be able to research and go to other establishments. A huge bulk of current pupils, because they have already been enrolled in this establishment will non see the demand for them to turn away from UVI as they have started already and will be less inclined to get down over once more at a different establishment. The research worker besides concluded that international pupils whether current or prospective will be more wedged by the addition than residential pupils. In decision, the negative impacts significantly outweigh the positive on norm every bit good as if the prospective and current pupils were separately weighed. Tuition addition will hold a drastic toll on both types of pupils.

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